General Hospital Spoilers: Bryan Craig Reveals Reunion with TV Dad Maurice Benard – Morgan’s Return, Sonny Surprise Teased

General Hospital Spoilers: Bryan Craig Reveals Reunion with TV Dad Maurice Benard - Morgan’s Return, Sonny Surprise Teased

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) recently made a big announcement on social media. In a new Instagram story, Craig teased a special project he’s got in the works with Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos).

Craig hinted that Benard would be making appearances on some of his upcoming Cameo videos, so that’s led to excitement about what they’re cooking up.

There was also a tweet on Craig’s Twitter account that served as a little teaser. “Btw gonna be doing something special with @MauriceBenard tomorrow so if you send me a @BookCameo request you may get a surprise guest,” Craig said.

Benard chimed in by quoting the tweet and suggesting they were actually getting together for a couple reasons. “I can’t freaking wait!!! We’re actually doing two things,” Benard said.

Of course, Benard may have invited Craig to speak on his State of Mind show. That’s something some of Benard’s fans have been asking for lately.

However, we can’t ignore the mounting evidence that Morgan is coming back from the dead. There have been an abnormal amount of Morgan mentions – and that’s the kind of thing that often signals a character’s return.

Craig also recently headed back to Los Angeles and has been teasing fans about having lots of great news soon.

Since Morgan’s return is such a huge deal, that doesn’t really seem like something General Hospital would let Craig and Benard announce themselves. Nevertheless, this effort to put Cameos out together and create this father-son TV bond again is interesting.

It could easily be a way to generate buzz without revealing too much or spoiling the surprise twist of Morgan’s upcoming return.

Speaking of twists, General Hospital spoilers promise that a huge one is coming up by the end of February sweeps. Could that be the first sign of Morgan’s return?

There’s some bombshell GH is saving that’ll blow fans’ minds and really shake up the canvas. Bryan Craig’s comeback as Morgan Corinthos would certainly fit the bill!

In recent weeks, both Craig and Benard have liked tweets about Morgan getting back in the action. The story has felt like a buildup to Morgan’s return for quite some time.

Now that Sonny is a presumed dead amnesiac, we’re probably going to see Morgan come back on the scene with memory loss, too. Like father, like son!

Bottom line, Benard and Craig are working together again in some capacity. They may not be able to divulge Morgan’s return news just yet, but it seems like a done deal that Craig will reprise his role down the road.

We’ll bring you updates as other GH details become available. General Hospital spoilers say some shocking moments are ahead in Port Charles, so stay tuned. CDL will have other hot General Hospital spoilers, updates and news to check out, so stick with us.