General Hospital Spoilers: Monday, May 24 Recap – Britt Cries Over Huntington’s Marker Confirmation – Peter Kidnaps Gladys

General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Monday, May 24, reveals that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) kidnapped Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) for Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) while Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) cried over Huntington’s marker confirmation.

Fans saw Peter fall down a stairwell before “Seven hours earlier” was put up on the screen. At GH, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) found out that Cyrus planned to conduct interviews for the new chief of staff. Cyrus assured Brando that Dr. Westbourne wouldn’t be returning to work there.

Once Cyrus dashed off to get ready for a meeting, Brando saw Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and worried something was wrong with the baby. Sasha stepped into the stairwell to speak with Brando privately and revealed she was having her records transferred to Mercy Hospital.

Brando thought that was smart and had lots of lovely things to say about Sasha. He felt like they could really be on the verge of something here and wanted to see where it might lead. Sasha reciprocated Brando’s feelings, but she didn’t see how this could work under their dire Cyrus circumstances.

However, Brando seemed determined not to let Cyrus stand in their way.

Peter spotted Brando and Sasha as their meeting was breaking up. He looked intrigued before he paid Cyrus a visit in his office. Cyrus wanted Peter to run a story at The Invader about Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) being in cahoots.

Peter felt they both thought they were above the law, so he wanted Carly and Laura to have their reputations dragged through the mud.

The conversation shifted to Gladys and the news that Diane Miller (Carolyn Henessy) was trying to work out a deal for her. Peter complained since Cyrus said they could count on Gladys, but Cyrus felt they could before this sudden development.

Cyrus couldn’t figure out why Gladys would turn against him now, but he intended to talk to Brando and convince him to talk some sense into his mom.

Peter mentioned that he just saw Brando looking chummy with Sasha, so Cyrus quizzed him briefly before insisting they both had work to do.

In Gladys’ suite, Carly and Diane did their best to convince Gladys that the only way to keep Brando safe was to implicate Cyrus with a full confession. Carly insisted that Gladys had to rat Peter out as the true culprit as well.

Diane intended to get Gladys’ immunity if possible, but she warned that Gladys couldn’t hold back. After Carly and Diane were gone, Gladys lounged on her bed and ordered filet mignon before charging it to Carly.

When she heard a knock at the door, Gladys assumed it was room service and answered it – only to see evil-looking Peter standing there.

Carly came back to Gladys’ room afterward and found that it was a mess following a struggle. Next, Cyrus met up with Peter at a warehouse and praised him for the good, speedy work.

Brando soon arrived, so Cyrus suggested he’d finally found a way to shut Gladys up. When Cyrus stepped aside, Gladys was restrained in a chair with tape on her mouth.

In Canada, Britt tried to meditate in a peaceful wooded area, but Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) presence distracted her nearby. Britt was all wound up about the test results that’d be coming in soon, but Jason calmed her down and got her to listen to the sounds of nature around them.

Jason and Britt looked like they were on the verge of kissing, but Britt was summoned to get her results moments later.

At the doctor’s office, Britt learned she indeed had the genetic marker for Huntington’s disease and ran out of the room crying.

Back in Port Charles, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) tried to pinpoint exactly what was bothering Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). As they talked in Maxie’s apartment, Spinelli ultimately concluded that Maxie was afraid of losing her baby.

Spinelli didn’t think Maxie should let herself get caught up in the fear of the birth and any complications. However, Maxie kept dropping confusing hints and worried she’d have to say goodbye to Baby Louise before she’d even said hello.

Spinelli was struggling to make sense of Maxie’s feelings, but he pushed her to let him help with whatever was going on. Fans ultimately saw Peter take that same tumble from earlier and the show gave a “six hours later” clarification.

In Nixon Falls, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) upset Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) by agreeing to head to a barbecue with Elijah Crowe (Dan White).

Once Nina told Elijah she’d be there over the phone, she encouraged Sonny to break in Elijah’s home and see what other dirt he could dig up. Nina thought her next date with Elijah would be the perfect distraction.

Sonny didn’t like this, but Nina insisted and eventually slipped out while Sonny was in the back. Soon after, a cop showed up and revealed that Elijah had accused “Mike” as well as Nina of breaking in his office.

General Hospital spoilers say Sonny and Nina have more drama headed their way, so keep watching! CDL will have all the hottest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news you need, so make us your go-to GH source.

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