General Hospital Spoilers: Stella’s Buried Bio Mom Secret – Curtis Learns Auntie Is Actually Mother?

General Hospital Spoilers: Stella’s Buried Bio Mom Secret – Curtis Learns Auntie Is Actually Mother?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) may have a buried bio mom secret. Could Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) learn his auntie is actually his mother? Let’s mull over some story clues and consider where this hot plot might be headed next.

Curtis confided in Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) on the October 18 episode, which led to a deep discussion that was all about Stella and his parents.

Portia wound up with a new admiration for Stella, who had really stepped up for Curtis and his brother during a chaotic time.

Stella used to take Curtis and Thomas Ashford on all sorts of outings to distract them from their troubles at home.

Curtis remembered the museums in particular as he reflected on Stella helping him see the beauty in the world.

Stella gave up her relationship with Marcus, who she considered the love of her life, to focus on the children after their father’s fatal heart attack.

Of course, Curtis’ story raised questions about whether that heart attack was even real.

Curtis was only a kid, so he just knew his father never came home one night. It’s not like Curtis had evidence this heart attack happened.

Curtis only knows what he was told by Stella and presumably his mother – or at least the woman he believes to be his mother.

However, there could be far more to the story here. Stella has always been quite maternal toward Curtis, so maybe there’s a reason for that – one beyond just being an overprotective auntie. We could certainly buy that Stella is actually Curtis’ mother instead.

Days of Our Lives is doing a similar storyline at the moment involving a character who handed her child over to her sister to raise.

Maybe Stella did the same thing after she got pregnant with Curtis – only to find herself forced to take on a motherly sort of role after all.

Stella stepped up after grief took a toll on her sister, so maybe she was so willing to walk away from Marcus and help because she had a true obligation. That certainly would’ve been the case if Curtis was Stella’s son.

This could also mean Stella cheated with her sister’s man. It would’ve contributed to all the heartache if Stella got pregnant by her sister’s husband.

Perhaps there could’ve been an agreement that Curtis’ father would raise the baby with his wife following the birth – that is until he potentially bailed on the family.

Of course, it’s also possible Curtis’ father was someone else entirely, but all signs seem to be pointing to this GH mystery man (Robert Gossett) as Curtis’ not-so-dead bio dad.

Maybe this man will finally reveal the whole truth, which could expose any secrets Stella’s keeping as well.

General Hospital spoilers say twists and turns are in store for Curtis, so stay tuned.

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