General Hospital Spoilers Update: Friday, January 15 – Sonny’s New Life Begins – Sasha & Willow Talk Men – Tracy Loses Control

General Hospital Spoilers Update: Friday, January 15 – Sonny’s New Life Begins – Sasha & Willow Talk Men – Tracy Loses Control

General Hospital (GH) spoilers update for Friday, January 15, teases that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will want to make sure Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) knows what she’s getting herself into.

Olivia doesn’t buy Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) story about Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) running off the road while drunk. Sam and Olivia did some subtle digging at Alexis’ place, so now they’re close to proving Tracy made the whole thing up.

Sam’s got an idea involving Alexis’ alarm system that she thinks will expose Tracy’s deception. Olivia just has to decide if she’s in or out. Sam will wonder if Olivia has considered the consequences that could result for Tracy – and as a result, Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth).

This is getting more complicated by the second, but Olivia’s desire for the truth will win out. She’ll remain in Sam’s corner, but Sam will still take the lead on this next part. One setup deserves another, so Sam will plot a setup to reveal that Tracy’s been lying.

At GH, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) will spot Tracy and note that someone doesn’t believe she’s been truthful. That’ll leave Tracy unsettled and curious about who’s accusing her of telling tales.

Finn might bring up his previous encounter with Alexis and how she denies guilt in the drunk-driving crash. As Finn talks about Alexis’ strong denial, he’ll rev up Tracy’s guilt and stir up some fears.

Tracy will realize she’s in over her head, but she’ll hold out hope that she can ride this out and get Alexis in rehab eventually. General Hospital spoilers say Tracy’s in for a rude awakening once Sam tricks her and calls her out on her deception.

In the week ahead, Tracy will face a grilling session from Olivia and could put Ned’s secret hookup in jeopardy.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) will discuss the men in their lives. Sasha will acknowledge her lingering love for Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), but she’ll assume their romance isn’t meant to be.

Willow won’t be so sure about that and will suggest Sasha still has a chance to make it work with Michael.

Willow is Michael’s wife and will be trying to nudge Sasha toward him, so Sasha may think that seems weird. From Sasha’s perspective, she’ll think Michael and Willow need to get everything out in the open.

Sasha will contend that Willow needs to be fully honest with her herself and share that honesty with Michael. She’ll think Willow needs to look in her heart and decide if her future lies with Michael or back with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard).

Speaking of Chase, he’ll get serious about something during his discussion with Michael at the Metro Court. Chase will feel like it’d be a mistake if he didn’t give Michael all the facts.

Michael will hear about Willow locking lips with Chase during their dinner and then deciding she couldn’t do this due to her marriage.

Michael will realize Willow’s having a hard time making a choice, which he can certainly relate to. Chase will give Michael a warning – perhaps to say go easy on Willow and to make it clear he’s not ready to accept defeat.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) won’t be ready to throw in the towel on getting his memories back either, but his mind will remain murky. Someone will quiz Sonny, but he won’t have satisfactory answers about his past since he just can’t remember.

Fortunately, Sonny made a fast friend in Nurse Phyllis Caulfield (Juliette Jeffries). A guy named Lenny is Phyllis’ significant other and happens to own a bar, so Sonny will head there eventually.

General Hospital spoilers say a robber will cause drama, but Sonny will take care of him! He’ll help Lenny, who’ll feel like he owes Sonny a favor or two.

It looks like Sonny will tackle the role of bartender and live in a small room above the place for now. While Sonny keeps trying to recall his old life, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will still be in charge back in Port Charles.

Cyrus Renault (Renault) just appeared at Pozzulo’s, so it clicked for Jason and Brick (Stephen A. Smith) that Cyrus must be behind the warehouse attack.

That attack was a good thing for Sonny’s organization – at least in a sense of it stopped product from being moved. However, Jason won’t like the fact that Cyrus took such swift and deadly action.

It’ll seem like Cyrus is flexing his muscles and showing that even when he does a favor, there’s power behind it. Cyrus has made a statement that it’s his way or the highway, so Jason won’t approve.

It doesn’t look like Cyrus will flat-out admit he ordered that ambush, but he’ll take credit in a cryptic way and suggest Jason should offer something as repayment.

Brick (Stephen A. Smith) will try to back Jason up, but Cyrus may want him to butt out. This is between Cyrus and Jason now that Sonny’s out of the picture.

Cyrus may note that if his mother, Florence Grey (Annie Abbott), is returned, perhaps an agreement could be reached that benefits both sides. Jason obviously won’t trust Cyrus, so it’s doubtful any kind of compromise will happen regarding the leverage Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) secured.

General Hospital spoilers say Cyrus and Jason will end their confrontation on a tense note. There’ll be an understanding that neither one of them is backing down, so stay tuned for more mob mayhem.

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