Law & Order SVU Recap 05/27/21: Season 22 Episode 15 “What Can Happen in the Dark”

Law & Order SVU Recap 05/27/21: Season 22 Episode 15 "What Can Happen in the Dark"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order SVU returns with an all-new Thursday, May 27, 2021 episode and we have your Law & Order SVU recap below. On tonight’s Law & Order SVU season 22 episode 15 “Post-Graduate Psychopath,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Garland asks Benson to investigate an unusual domestic violence case when his neighbor is found injured.”

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In tonight’s Law & Order SVU episode, the episode begins with a father, Andy, who is left home alone with his son Charlie. When his wife leaves for work, he dumps out his coffee in a sealed mug and replaces it with alcohol.

Garland is getting ready to leave home, his daughter has a fever. His wife can’t stay home, so he does.

At work, Andy is drunk and drops some wood almost knocking a fellow worker over. The man is angry and takes 2×4 and hits Andy in the back of the legs with it, Andy and the man get into a fight.

Charlie knocks on Garland’s door, he says his dad fell and can’t get up. Garland heads over to Andy’s house and finds home laying on the floor face down, Garland checks for a pulse and calls 911.

At the hospital, Garland finds out that Andy is in bad shape – he told the doctor he fell down some stairs. The doctor thinks Captain Benson should speak to Andy, he suspects something else happened.

Benson shows up at the hospital, Andy has a black eye, he is bruised and blood loss, they also had to stitch him up. Whatever happened to him, he is not ready to talk. Benson and Garland find Andy getting dressed and ready to leave the hospital, he is in no shape to leave.

He admits to Benson that he got into a fight with a guy on the construction site but it was as much his fault as the other guy’s fault. Just then, Andy’s wife rushes into the room. She speaks to Andy and tells Benson that they don’t want to pursue this. Benson tells Garland in private that she is going to send some officers down to the construction site to nose around.

Tutuola and Kat head to the construction site, the manager says two guys had too much red bull he sent them home. There is security footage, but it doesn’t explain Andy’s injuries. Benson and Garland head to Andy’s house, tell his wife that something else happened to him.

Andy comes downstairs and he says he was clumsy at work, no big deal. Benson goes to speak to Andy alone, she tells him that his wife doesn’t have to know, but if someone did this to him, they can do it to someone else. He tells her this is a private matter and to just go. Benson is suspicious of his wife.

At the station, Tutuola asks Carisi if he can get a warrant for Andy’s house, he says there is not enough justification. Tutuola says sadly no complaint, no case and no guy wants to talk to this. Carisi says that if he is in an abusive relationship, then somebody must have seen something.

Garland residence, Garland says he is giving Andy space. Garland’s wife says that Andy’s wife is the breadwinner and she makes the decisions. She is mostly worried about Charlie, he is polite but shy.

Kat and Tutuola approach Charlie’s nanny, Joy. Tutuola tells her that they know she takes good of Charlie, she says that his parents would never hurt him. Joy says Diana is high-strung because her job is stressful. He asks for ice sometimes, she saw his eyes filled with tears.

Rollins goes to the art gallery where Diana works, Rollins tells her because there is a minor in the house this may be a bigger issue. Rollins asks her if there are other reasons that he could have been hurt. Diana tells her that the last year their sex life got weird, angry, he needed more stimulation to get off. One night she came in and he was masturbating to porn with a belt around his neck.

At the station, Tutuola says they need to find out from an ER doctor what kind of sexual injuries they have seen solo men inflict on themselves. Rollins thinks it is classic victim-blaming. Benson tells them to fight for the victim. Just then, Rollins finds out that there was a 911 call from Andy and Diana’s house.

Richard’s residence, Diana called 911, she says that Andy cut her neck and went crazy. Benson goes into the kitchen and finds Andy handcuffed and sitting in a chair, he says whatever she said I did, I did.

Diana is at the station in front of Rollins and Kat, she says that she said something that set her husband off, he was drunk. She says that they got into an argument, he took a knife and pressed it to her neck, told her that if she leaves, he will kill her.

Garland discovers that Charlie saw his mother have an accident with the knife, she didn’t see him and his dad was upstairs in his room at the time.

Carisi goes in to see Diana, she is in a room with her lawyer. Carisi asks her where Charlie was when all this happened. Rollins asks her if Charlie saw her getting cut.

Tutuola is in another room with Andy, he tells him that his wife is setting him up. He says it doesn’t matter, she loves him. Benson says in these situations, things don’t get better. He says he doesn’t want Charlie to know, Benson says kids know more than we think. He says that she said if this goes to trial, they will blame him and not her. Benson tells him jurys are smart and they figure things out.

At court, Garland arrives with Andy, he notices that he has a flask and takes it from him because the metal detectors will go off. Carisi goes inside the courthouse with Andy. In court, Joy is on the witness stand, she says she saw blood on the sheets and on Andy’s underwear but Diana told her that it is none of her business.

A doctor testifies that Andy’s injuries could have not been self-inflicted. On a break in the courthouse, Andy vanishes. Garland goes to look for him and finds him in a bar and orders him a coffee. Then, Andy’s turn on the witness stand. He says his wife is yelled at, thrown things at him, broke a bottle over his head, and in the bedroom she has always dominated and been aggressive.

She likes to be on top, experiments with BDSM, like tie him up and hit him with a belt or a whip, use sex toys. He could go along with most things. He says all the blood was because when he passed out, she used a sex toy on him vigorously. He was sexually assaulted by his wife. He doesn’t want to be there, but he doesn’t want his son to know that it is ok to be abused. Andy goes to get up from the witness stand and he passes out, drinking in the bar.

Andy sobers up, he is back on the stand. He says when his wife is angry, she goes dark. Diana sends Andy a text eight in court, there is a no-contact order. Carisi looks at the phone, “you stupid bitch, I warned you, you are nothing, a loser, a zero. By the time I am through you will never see Charlie.” In fact, there are seven texts from the day, all threatening.

Diana pleads guilty, she gets year probation and she is on the sex offender’s list until her child is eighteen. Pending checking in with her parole officer, she is free to go.