Little People, Big World Recap 06/15/21: Season 22 Episode 6 “Bromance”

Tonight on TLC Little People, Big World returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 15, 2021, season 22 episode 6 called, “Bromance,” and we have your Little People, Big World recap below. In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Zach contemplates his future on the farm as pumpkin season comes to a close, and the parental roller coaster continues as he and Tori deal with Lilah’s eye issue. Amy and Chris host soup night and share some big news.

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In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode, it’s the last weekend of Pumpkin Season. There were a few hiccups the first weekend and then after that it was smoothing sailing. Matt and Zach even learned to work together. They do enjoy working together because they are father and son and they love each other and so they just needed to remember that before tempers flared. It also didn’t hurt that this year’s Pumpkin Season was a success.

It wasn’t as great as before because they had to have less traffic because of the pandemic but it was still fun and there were a lot more people than everyone thought would turn out. People really enjoyed Roloff Farm. They didn’t let Covid-19 deter them. They came out and everyone was there to welcome them.

Amy was also there for most of it. It’s been odd since she came back because she no longer owns a stake in the farm nor does she live there now and so she was more employee than she’s ever been. Only she had her fiancé. Chris came out multiple times to support her and they also checked out the farm as a possible venue for their wedding. They were planning a wedding. They wanted to do it on a farm and what better place than Roloff farms where they know they’ll get a great deal.

They’d also probably have a larger wedding than other places can give them and so the only problem is the oddness. Amy didn’t want to offend Matt. Matt didn’t want to offend Amy. He was even considering delaying the construction of his new house because he didn’t want it to be an eyesore for her wedding.

Both were doing their best to be very polite to each other. There wasn’t even tension between Amy and Caryn this year because they each had a role and we’re happy to fill it. Jackson also enjoyed himself. The toddler loved dressing up in his pirate costume and wandering around. Jackson doesn’t get excited about much. He was pretty stoic and actually, both of Zach’s kids weren’t impressed by much. Jackson loved the farm because he loves the baby chicks.

He calls anyone that allows him to hold them “Teeter” and so his parents took a photo of him with one of the baby chicks and he loved looking at it. Jackson loved feeding the baby chicks and the goat. It was chicks first and then goat. He was very clear about that when his parents asked him what he loved most.

Zach and his wife Tori were particularly concerned about their younger child Lilah. Lilah currently has cross-eye. She couldn’t look at someone straight and it was getting concerning. It was so bad that they visited a doctor to ask about it. They were told that Lilah has a condition that means her eyes aren’t in alignment and so she either has to fix it by wearing those little baby glasses or if it was too severe then she had to have surgery.

Surgery is never a great option. Especially on someone who lives with dwarfism because it’s harder on them to deal with anesthesia and so both parents were hoping the baby glasses will do the job. They were talking about as Amy and Chris were pinning down their wedding date to at least two days.

Amy left it to Chris to pick which day. He’s never been married before and so she wanted him involved as much as possible so that he could understand how hard it is. Everyone was pushing their 2020 dates to 2021. They were one of the few people that wanted to keep their dates the same and push ahead with it. They also have to figure out how many people to invite. What they’re going to serve and where they’re going to have it. There was a lot of stuff that they had to figure out. They haven’t even moved in together yet. They were still transitioning Chris’s stuff into Amy’s new house. It turns out Chris’s garage was just as messy as Amy’s garage was and so there was a lot of stuff to move out.

Another person moving is Caryn. Caryn is Matt’s girlfriend and she planned on living with him in the new house he was building but there was no telling when that would be built and she was tired of her current townhouse. Caryn was looking at homes. She askes Matt’s opinions about them because she wants him to like her new house and of course he always has a lot to say. Matt doesn’t like stairs.

He uses crutches to get around and stairs would require a lot of work on his part. It was also a health risk because he would naturally have more accidents than someone like Caryn. Matt wanted to be comfortable in Caryn’s new house and so he told her whenever he spotted an issue. They would go back and forth about it and Caryn’s would ultimately have the final say.

Matt was also talking to Chris. Chris had originally reached out to Matt to discuss using the farm as a possible venue and they then sorta became friends. Amy told Chris she doesn’t want him to be close friends with Matt. He told her wouldn’t and then kept the fact the two men have been exchanging stock tips to himself. It was a good thing that Matt and Chris got along. In spite of Matt and Amy’s divorce, they still have kids together.

They also have grandchildren together and so they will forever be a part of each other’s lives. It’s nice that Matt is so welcoming of Chris because Chris is going to become another grandfather to the kids and one day he might have the same relationship with them that Caryn now enjoys.

Chris and Amy later had soup night. It was something Amy used to do all the time and so she’s bringing back the tradition. She also got to share it with Chris now. They invited four people over because of covid restrictions and they told their friends about their wedding date. They settled on an August wedding. It was going to be semi-casual because Amy wanted Chris to wear a suit and they gave themselves eight months to get everything together.


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