Masterchef Recap 09/08/21 Season 11 Episode 15 & 16 “Semi Final – 3 Chef Showdown”

Masterchef Recap 09/08/21 Season 11 Episode 15 & 16 "Semi Final - 3 Chef Showdown"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef returns with an all-new episode on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, season 11 episode 15 & episode 16 called “Semi-Final – 3 Chef Showdown,” and we have your weekly Masterchef recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The remaining four semi-finalists are challenged to a “3 Chef Showdown” — a brand-new culinary triathlon that sees the home cooks making three dishes back-to-back — alongside three different Legendary chefs.

This is a window into the fast-paced world of a professional chef, with each round’s prize being a guaranteed spot in the finale. The cooks must keep up with Nyesha Arrington, Michelin Star chef Suzette Gresham, and finally, the biggest culinary legend of them all, Chef Ramsay.

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In tonight’s Masterchef episode it is the semi-finals. The final 4 will fight for a spot in the finale. The challenge will be all about timing, speed, and pressure. Autumn is thrilled to be at the Top4. Kelsey, Autumn, Alejandro, and Sue stand before the judges. One of them will be going home. The first legend they will cook with first tonight is Nyesha Harrington. She has one of the best restaurants in L.A. They welcome her.

Tonight they will cook a pan-seared steak and sides made with a Robuchon-style side. This request a certain technique. They take their stations and begin cooking at their own stations per her instructions and demonstration. Nyesha is moving extremely fast as they cut potatoes. Sue is having trouble keeping up. Alejandro has to be reminded to pay attention. She moves on to the steaks and then the herbs.

Sue’s milk is boiling and not simmering. The chefs tell her to focus. Throughout the process, Nyesha tells them to listen over and over. She moves on to the Demi glaze. Sue asks more questions. Chef Ramsay tells her to listen. Alejandro’s potatoes are not cooked. Autumn realizes hers are also not cooked. She gets flustered.

Chef Nyesha whips her potatoes. Kelsey is on time with the rest behind. Alejandro cannot whip his potatoes as they are soupy. They begin to plate. Kelsey’s potato has too much butter. She is mad at herself.

They test Kelsey’s plate first. Her steak is cooked great. Her potatoes need some work but her sauce is great.

Alejandro’s plate is tasted next. His steak is rare and looks boiled as it is grey on the bottom. He is devastated and Chef Ramsay is disappointed. The potatoes are not seasoned enough. Sue is up next. Her plating and sauce look great. Her potatoes lack seasoning. Her steak is raw. The greens look good.

Autumn is last. Her dish looks great. The steak looks rare and after cutting into it they see the blood-red. The sauce is perfect though and the seasoning of the potatoes. The chefs all meet to decide. They announce Kelsey is the winner with two more challenges to go. Kelsey is thrilled.

Up next is the cooking legend, Suzette Gresham. She has a surprise for them. They will be cooking squid ink risotto with fried calamari. They head to their stations. Alejandro wants to impress the chef. She begins at a very fast speed. Kelsey watches from the top of the room from the balcony. Sue is nervous. She isn’t familiar with this dish. Chef Ramsay tries to get Alejandro to focus.

Suzette tells them to use their ears to listen to her and the food. She explains her technique with her risotto, adding stock slowly. They add squid ink to the rice before moving on to cutting the squid. Kelsey cheers them on. Alejandro grabs Sue’s calamari by accident. The chefs all yell. This makes him stumble to fix the situation. They move on through the cooking process. They are called to wrap up and plate quickly.

Alejandro’s plate is tasted first. His risotto is undercooked and his fats are not absorbed right. Ramsay has grease on his lips. Sue is up next. Her plating needs to be more fluid. Her rice is good but she is missing tomatoes and wine. She feels like her chances to get to the finale are slipping through her hands.

Autumn brings her dish up. It looks lovely, they tell her. Chef Ramsay loves her rice but the calamari is a little overcooked. Suzette loves the seasonings and stock’s flavor. Autumn is quickly awarded for her win in this challenge. She is moving on to the finale. They say goodbye to Suzette.

On to the next legend, it’s Chef Ramsay! Alejandro and Sue take to their stations. They begin by filleting a turbot. Autumn and Kelsey watch from the balcony. They are impressed with his skills.

They move on to making gnocchi. Alejandro is behind, working on his fish. He catches up. Sue has a lot of questions. They tell her to listen and focus. Ramsay is moving fast. He has 6 pans going and is moving back and forth between the fish and making the gnocchi. He moves on to the spinach. He reminds them to watch their butter.

Alejandro burns his hand but keeps moving. He begins to plate the mushrooms, gnocchi, and spinach. He adds the turbot with herbs. It’s the end. Alejandro and Sue hug. They did it!

Alejandro brings his dish up first. He did great but his fish is overcooked, his mushrooms undercooked. He does have great seasoning. Sue’s dish is tasted next. They like her fish but her gnocchi are not soft and pillowy. She seasoned well but she is missing acidity. Her mushrooms are charred nicely.

It is time for the chefs to decide between the remaining two. Sue is in tears. The chefs meet to speak. They announce Sue is the winner of this and is headed to the finale. She cries. Alejandro hugs her. They say goodbye.

The chefs say goodbye to Alejandro and tell him he is great. He has a bad night but they can see his joy with food. They all hug goodbye. Everyone claps as he leaves.