New Amsterdam Recap 11/02/21: Season 4 Episode 7 “Harmony”

New Amsterdam Recap 11/02/21: Season 4 Episode 7 "Harmony"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 2, 2021, season 4 episode 7 called, “Harmony,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam season 4 episode 8 as per the NBC synopsis, “Max and Bloom are shocked when a deadly ambulance crash reveals a dangerous plan; Fuentes pressures Iggy to take on patients; Sharpe realizes her cost cutting has adversely affected her department; Reynolds, Baptiste and Malvo try to reach an accord.”

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In tonight’s New Amsterdam episode begins with Floyd having drinks with Lyn and Claude and they talk about Floyd sleeping with Lyn. She says that they never talked about seeing colleagues in their open relationship. Floyd says he hopes they can keep the honesty and harmony.

At the hospital, in the supply closet, Lauren is feeding Leyla breakfast and testing her knowledge for an exam that she has coming up.

Veronica approaches Iggy and tells him that if he doesn’t see patients then she doesn’t know how there is place for him at New Amsterdam. She tells him that he is in a position of prestige and needs to get some patients on the books.

Max is walking with Helen, he tells her that there is a lot that they haven’t discussed. She agrees there are a lot of unanswered questions. She asks about his dad, he tells her that they won’t be visiting him or Arizona anytime soon. He asks her what Luna should call her. He says that Luna asks if she is her new mommy, she doesn’t remember Georgia. The two hear an accident and run to help. On the scene, people are hurt, there is an ambulance involved and Helen is trying to open the door to help.

The ambulance was driving crazy fast and another car cut them off. The victims are all brought into emergency, one of the paramedics, Rob, looks like he is in shock. Floyd and Max have a bleeder, it was the patient in the ambulance and Floyd says they need to know why he was in the ambulance to begin with. Max goes back to the ambulance and thinks back to Georgia. He is looking for the ambulance report, it is torn off a clip board, Max goes and tells Floyd. Meanwhile, Rob is telling Lauren that he belongs in jail for this. She tells him to stop blaming himself, a car cut him off. Rob says he was going too fast, this is on him. Floyd come out, he tells Rob and Lauren that they did all they could, the patient in the ambulance is gone.

Iggy meets Max in the hall, he tells him that he needs him to sign something for him, and he tells him about what Veronica did to him. Max says he is sorry. Iggy says he can’t go back to seeing patients he is no way near ready.

Helen tells a patient, Alicia and Agnes, that they found a blockage in her brain. Her sickle cell anemia is preventing oxygen from going to her brain. Helen asks Alicia’s father if she ever had trans cranial doppler screenings, he says yes, until the program was discontinued at Amsterdam last spring. Elsewhere, Claude is giving Floyd a hard time and he is not happy about it. Then, Veronica confronts Floyd and asks why he shares patients with Dr. Baptiste, she wonders if it is efficient, and she already spoke to Dr. Baptiste and he has some pretty bold ideas.

Max goes to see Rob and asks for the dispatch sheet, it was torn out of the clip board. Max says Mr. St. Angelo did not call 911, he had a fever, he didn’t even need an ambulance. Max says that is why Rob took the report, he knows that a non-emergency should not have been in his ambulance. Rob takes out the dispatch sheet from his pocket, Max says to keep it or give it to the cops.

Veronica pass by Lauren and thanks her for a donation that she found she gave months ago, Lauren tells her that it is confidential, it is a family trust and they make donations like this all the time. Veronica suggests another donation, Lauren says she would have to speak to her family.

Helen goes to find out why the funding was cut for the trans cranial doppler screenings, she is told that it happened during COVID, the money was used to save live then.

Floyd goes to see his patient and sees Claude is already there; there are two patients in the room and both are in distress. Claude has to see his, Floyd is happy that he is busy and can’t put his nose into his business.

Rob tells Max that he was told by his battalion chief to ignore jurisdiction, grab any patient they could anywhere in the city, drive bat out of hell out of the city to do the drop and get back in the city as soon as possible. Private ambulance companies are killing them, this is the only way to compete. And, this was all the new medical director’s idea. Lauren is there and she looks as shocked as Max.

Helen goes to see Veronica and tells her that she cut funding off the doppler screenings for sickle cell patients, it was the peak of COVID and they were moving fast, too fast. She says she takes every part of her job seriously, and her higher duty it to take care of children, she let one down. She begs her for the money so she can reinstate the program. Veronica hears her, and she thinks this program is worth keeping, she will find a way to get her the money.

Iggy is adamant that he cannot see patients, he is going to resign.

Max and Lauren go to see Veronica and she admit what she did. She says they desperately need money to survive so she incentified the battalion chief. Veronica tells Max that he is out of there in two weeks so this is really not his problem anymore.

Lyn overhears Floyd and Claude shouting in the hospital, Floyd tells him that he is trying to edge him out of his job. Lyn tells the two to stop. Claude says he agreed to open marriage because she just wasn’t happy with only him. Floyd says he is sorry, sorry for everything. Claude says the moment Floyd new she was his wife, he should have declined the deputy chair. Floyd says he loves and he knows that Claude does too. They all say they are sorry.

Helen finds out the estetichs department has been shut down, the money from there will be used for the doppler clinic.

Max tells Veronica that he solved the problem, he ordered a fleet of ambulances and they will start their own ambulance company.

At home, Max suggests Luna call Helen mom.