Outdaughtered Premiere Recap 02/23/21: Season 8 Episode 1 “Escape From Quarantine”

Tonight on TLC Outdaughtered the reality show starring the Busby family returns with an all-new Tuesday, February 23, 2021, premiere episode, and we have your Outdaughtered recap below. On tonight’s Outdaughtered Season 8 Episode 1 “Escape From Quarantine,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The Busbys are ready to salvage the rest of the summer when local quarantine restrictions are lifted; things take a turn for the worse when they discover a huge issue lurking in the kitchen walls; Parker faces an old fear; Dale surprises the family.

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In tonight’s Outdaughtered premiere it’s an exciting week for Texans. They were beginning to lift restrictions for Covid-19 and so that was great news for the family. They finally have some wiggle room to do their projects. Both Danielle and her husband Adam realized that needed more space. It was imperative that they get a bigger kitchen. Their current kitchen was simply too small for a family of eight and that alone was going to be a big project.

They were going to add to their current kitchen by removing the second staircase. They were also going to turn the official dining room into a large pantry and their current pantry will be turned into a mudroom. The adults had the girls help out in tearing up the old kitchen. It got the kids excited about what’s happening and it had the added purpose of using up some of that never-ending energy.

The adults also arranged for a visit to their in-laws. They wanted their girls to see their cousins and after being cooped up so long – the parents wanted that break as well. Danielle and Adam were so happy when restrictions were lifted. They made plans to visit family and the kids got to enjoy themselves around a pool. There were also plans to go camping.

The family hadn’t been able to celebrate the quintuplets turning five because of the restrictions and so they had to scrap the huge party that was in the works. The girls instead got quiet time at home with their parents. They were disappointed and so were the adults. Hence the camping trip. They were going to pack up the girls and drive them down to the beach. They invited their family along as well and unfortunately, not everyone could make it because of previous plans.

The family was later ready to travel when they received bad news. Danielle and Adam found out there was a leak in their ceiling and that it might push back their renovation schedule. There was also the fear of black mold. They did see something blackish around the water damage. It could have been mold or hopefully something else and so the adults chose to ignore it for now because clearing out was more important.

The construction crew still had to demo the place. The family couldn’t be home when that happened and so they continued on to the beach. The girls had been so happy to see the water. They built sandcastles and did headstands. Blayke also got the chance to play with kids her own age.

Blayke was older than the quintuplets. She was stuck right in the middle between her younger sisters and her parents and so being with her cousins who were her own age was a great opportunity for her. She finally got to be a kid again. The adults’ scheduled activities for their mini-vacation and one of them was horseback riding. The girls had loved riding horses. The only problem is Parker.

Parker suffers from anxiety and she was doing better until the pandemic hit. The pandemic pushed back her progress. She was now suffering more than ever and so her parents had to check in with her to see if she could go horseback riding. She didn’t go last time because of her nerves. Her nerves might act up again and so Adam spoke to Parker about what she’s capable of. He thought she could ride the horses and she was pretty unsure if she could.

Parker went riding with Adam. Sharing a horse with her father helped her get out of her head and she was able to relax. She later told the cameras that she wasn’t scared this time because she was five and she was all grown up. Later, Adam and Danielle had a night out to themselves. They left their kids with their family and they just focused on a night without kids. There was a situation that did come up. Hazel admitted to her uncle that she felt lonely and so he planned a party for her and the rest of the kids. And in the meantime, the uncle took it upon himself to make sure that the kids got to truly enjoy themselves. They were off having fun while Danielle and Adam were hearing back from the contractors.

They didn’t have mold. They had mold with their last house and it was such an uphill battle that time that they never want to experience anything like that again. So, no mold was good. There was still the leak that needed to be investigated because the contractors have to find out where the water was coming from and if there was a leak in the roof and so the house saga isn’t done just yet. Danielle and Adam were later able to forget their troubles.

They went out drinking and, by the time they rejoined the kids, it was onto the next activity. The adults took the kids out on the water to go look at the dolphins. The kids all loved that. They especially loved the party they returned to at the house. Their Uncle Dale had come through for them. He filled the house with balloons and beachballs and the kids loved their party.

They also loved that there were hamburgers, hot dogs, and cookies for them to enjoy. The party was a great idea on Dale’s part and it was made even better that got to enjoy it with their cousins. Its been isolating having to stay home all the time. But returning the house and seeing it gutted was just as hard too. The construction crew ran into more problems and so the renovation was going to take longer than everyone originally believed.

The family is going to have to move and the adults didn’t want to be in someone else’s home like they did last year.


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