Shameless Series Finale Recap 04/11/21: Season 11 Episode 12 “Father Frank, Full of Grace”

Shameless Series Finale Recap 04/11/21: Season 11 Episode 12 "Father Frank, Full of Grace"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, April 11, 2021, season 11 episode 12 called, “Father Frank, Full of Grace,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. In tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Ian and Mickey shop for furniture; Kev and V seek buyers for the Alibi; while Lip settles for a new job.

Carl finds his calling on the force. Debbie plunges into a dangerous world when she meets someone; Frank faces his mortality.

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In tonight’s Shameless episode, the family is all around Frank, he overdosed again. He did a lot of heroin, Debbie asks if they should call the paramedics. Lip says no, he has done this before. Liam says he has been depressed because of dementia. Ian says they wait, to see if he dies or not.

They all leave Frank and head to the kitchen for coffee. Debbie’s new friend comes downstairs and checks Frank’s pockets in front of Franny. V tells everyone they are having a yard sale, they should drop by. Kev mentions that at 7 pm they are having half of the drinks for loyal customers.

Debbie says to Lip, “so the big plans to sell the house went through,” lip tells her not to look so happy. Lip and Tami leave, Liam tells Debbie to stop being dramatic. Mickey tries to take some utensils for the apartment and Ian tells him to leave them there, they will buy their own for the apartment.

Tami goes outside and finds Lip on the steps, he is not happy about what Debbie said. Tami asks if he is ok, he says he stopped caring about Frank years ago, he stopped caring about them. She asks him if he is going to join Fred and her, move into her dad’s house. He doesn’t answer, then she says they call to move back in here, meaning their home with Frank.

Tami tells him that she thinks she may be pregnant again, she is late, she will pick up a kit on the way home from work. She asks him if they should keep it, she says she doesn’t know if they should, it’s hard enough to keep a roof over the one that they have. She says they are still there and surviving. She says she has to get to work, call her if something happens to Frank and she is cool on wherever he decides they will live.

Lip lights a smoke and looks over at the two houses besides his that are sold. Then he sees Mickey taking a mattress out of his father’s home.

Frank is awake, he looks over and then gets up and sits up on the couch. Frank then heads outside in his socks. Franny comes back to the living room and finds him gone, she goes outside and looks around, doesn’t see him, so she goes back in.

At the Alibi, Kev is making cocktails for Tommy and Kermit, he testing out drinks before he starts his new job. V is showing around an agent who tells her that the buyer will probably not want to use the space as a bar, but maybe a cage or an escape room.

Franny goes to see Liam and shows him that Frank is gone. They go upstairs and tell Lip that Frank is gone, meaning, left the house. Meanwhile, we see Frank on the street, without a mask and a lady shouts at him for not wearing one. Frank picks up a dirty mask off the street and puts it on, he walks across the street and almost gets run over. HE is in front of Patsie’s Pies and bangs on the door, but the place is boarded up.

Carl is on duty, he sees a girl park her car in a handicapped space, she comes out and tries to get him to not give her a ticket. He gives her a ticket anyway and drives away.

Liam comes out of the house and tells Lip that he is going to find Frank. Brad is with Lip, he asks him if he is ok. They talk about working on motorcycles after hours to make some extra money, Lip nods yes.

Mickey and Ian are out shopping for furniture and Ian get into an argument with the sales rep regarding politics and they end up leaving with nothing.

Debbie’s girlfriend gets her to underground parking, she says she is looking for her car, a Mercedes S Class. She finds a red one, it’s a BMW and she tells Debbie the same difference. She walks up to it and smashes the windows, steals the car with a dog in the back, and asks Franny if she likes dogs. Debbie says she thinks she is in love.

At the Alibi, the place is being shown to a buyer and Kev starts freaking out when he overhears that they may tear the place down, Kev is not happy. V tells him to chill, they put a deposit already on the condo.

Liam is out looking for Frank, in and under garbage containers. He heads to an area of homeless people and thinks he found Frank until the guy turns around and it’s not him. Next, Frank is outside a church, he goes in and says “wow” to a statue of Jesus and tells him he looks pretty good up there. He hears the organ playing and says he has to go, he is late. Frank goes in back, puts on a priest robe, and when father comes in, he says he can’t find the matches, he has to light the candles before the procession. Father tells a lady who works in the church, to call an ambulance.

Lip is working, his new job is delivering food. Carl is still on the job and he catches another driver in a handicapped parking spot, this one takes out a wheelchair. His old partner drops by to see him and Carl asks him to look someone up, his sister’s new girlfriend, Heidi Cronch. He looks her up and she has a rap sheet as long as the screen.

Heidi drops the vehicle off at a place where she sells it, the guy is not happy, he wanted a Mercedes; he starts yelling at her, she runs to the truck and tells Debbie it is time to go, Franny is sitting in the truck as well with the dog.

Lip stops at a guy’s house to deliver his food and the guy is on the phone, he is having problems with his router and Lip fixes it for him and the guy makes four thousand. The guy gives Lip a ten percent tip, and Lip is upset, he leaves, and outside he writes on the back of the guy’s car, “honk if you like pussy.” Lip leaves and is behind an ambulance, little does he know that Frank is inside with the father.

V gets an offer, after taxes and what they owe the bank, they will come out with thirty thousand. Liam shows up to see if anyone has seen Frank, which they haven’t, they ask them to call him if they see him.

Frank is in the emergency room, he tells them that he doesn’t feel very good. Meanwhile, Ian and Mickey drop by Kev and V’s house, to see if anything they want to get rid of, they can use for the apartment. Ian sees a crib and he is interested in it. Mickey tells him that they can’t have a baby, nobody is going to let two ex-convicts adopt a baby. Mickey says he would be a crappy dad, Ian says he won’t. Ian hugs Mickey and tells him that he is going to be a great dad.

Lip arrives at home, Liam is on the steps and tells him that he couldn’t find Frank. Lip says he is not surprised, lots of times he couldn’t find him either, but he always comes back. Shelby walks buy and he wants to buy the house, Lip asks him how much she has.

Debbie and Heidi are in bed, she tells Debbie that she is thinking of going to El Paso, she has some friends there and they can Thelma and Louise it. Debbie asks about Franny, Heidi says to bring her as well.

Franny finds a red envelope, the one Frank left for the family, she opens it and starts to crayon all over the letter that he wrote for them.

In the hospital, Frank says he feels better, but he is running a fever. He calls the nurse, Fiona. She gives him oxygen and tells him to try not to talk. Frank thinks about Fiona, when she was living at home, the kids were younger.

At the alibi, Carl comes in with Arthur, he says it is a great place. V says they got an offer on the place and are thinking about it. Debbie walks in with Franny and Heidi. Next, Lip and Tami with Carl who is pretty upset about Frank not being there. Frank is in the hospital, and he has COVID, the nurse finds that on his chest it says “do not resuscitate.” One of the nurses recognizes him, she says his last name is Gallagher and there will be information in his file, he is a frequent flyer a the hospital.

Mickey and Ian arrive at the Alibi, Ian asks him if he seriously doesn’t know what today is, Mickey, says no. Ian says it is their wedding anniversary, Mickey says let’s go in I’m thirsty. Inside, everyone shouts Happy Anniversary. Ian says he loves Mickey and kisses him.

In the hospital, they are looking for an emergency contact number for Frank when he thinks back again to when the children were younger. He is in his hospital gown and looking around at all the family. Meanwhile, at the Alibi, Arthur tells Carl they could buy the bar and make it a good cop bar. Lip tells Ian that Tami could be pregnant again, he says Mickey and him and can take it off their hands. Lip says Shelby might want to buy the house, he only has seventy-five grand, they would get fifteen each. It’s not much, but it is something. Ian tells him to take his fifteen, they are doing fine. Lip says thanks but no thanks. Ian tells him to do whatever he wants, he was the closest thing to a dad that they ever had.

Frank is now seeing himself at the Alibi drinking a beer and it just keeps filling up. He looks over, sees his family, Kev, and V, and smiles. A car is on fire outside, everyone heads out to look at it. A white Tesla is on fire. Everyone starts singing, Frank is inside the Alibi and he starts elevating. At the hospital, the nurse turns off the monitor, Frank is gone.

Frank reads the letter that he wrote, he tells them to stop worrying so much. He says he wished he had partied more, their home was a garden of Eden, but he is proud of all of them. He tells Lip he has to get out of his own way, Ian is industrias, Carl he could never figure out and cannot believe that he turned against the family and became a cop. Debbie reminds him of her mother and is not in a good way. Liam reminds him of himself. Kev and V he says always stuck their noses in their business, he is happy they are moving. He says people say you can’t drink their troubles away, he says you are not drinking enough. Time is precious, have a good time.

We see Frank being cremated, he blows the doors of the chamber because he has so much alcohol in him.