The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thursday, April 15 Recap – Thomas Suspects Baker Already Knows Vinny’s Killer

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thursday, April 15 Recap – Thomas Suspects Baker Already Knows Vinny's Killer

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers recap for Thursday, April 15, reveals that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) was appalled over what Deputy Chief Baker (Dan Martin) was implying.

Thomas pointed out that his friend got mowed down and left for dead like a piece of garbage. Baker noted that someone went to a great deal of trouble to cover his or her tracks, so Thomas asked if Baker thought he killed Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero).

Baker said he didn’t know anything yet and was just gathering information. Since Vinny’s cell phone and wallet were missing, Deputy Chief Baker suggested it was a cover-up and thought it could be somebody close to the victim.

Thomas argued that he’d never hurt Vinny, so Baker asked if he could think of anyone who’d want his friend dead.

Thomas was hesitant to open up, but he ultimately confessed that Vinny was a drug dealer and got his drugs from the hospital he worked at. He didn’t have details, but he pushed Deputy Chief Baker to find the monster who did this. Thomas wanted the culprit to pay severely.

Drug dealer or not, Baker felt like Vinny had done a great deal of damage to Thomas’ family. He questioned Thomas about Vinny’s decision to change the paternity test so it said Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) was the father.

Thomas suggested it was Vinny’s misguided way of helping him since Vinny knew how much he loved Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle).

Thomas added that Liam had an affair with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), so Vinny thought he could make it so Liam and Hope wouldn’t get back together.

At Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont), he found Liam looking traumatized over his vision of Vinny. Liam insisted Vinny was there, but he ultimately admitted he knew it was all in his head.

Still, it seemed so real. Liam wailed about how Vinny said he would pay, but Bill reminded his son that Vinny was dead when they fled the scene.

Bill pushed Liam to pull himself together or else his kids would grow up without a father. He didn’t want to keep going over and over this. Liam didn’t understand how Bill could be so cold, but Bill countered that he wasn’t. Bill was practical while Vinny was the cold one.

After a call came in from Hope, Bill decided Liam had better answer to avoid suspicion. Liam took the call, so Hope mentioned wanting to check in since he took the Vinny news so hard. Liam said it was just crazy – that’s all.

Hope acknowledge that it was and asked Liam to join her at Forrester Creations to discuss the kids as well as their relationship. She thought they could talk about forgiveness and acceptance, though she added it was all about baby steps.

Liam agreed to meet up with Hope, but worried once he hung up. Bill felt Liam had to get back to his life, but Liam countered at the truth always comes out one way or another.

Back with Deputy Chief Baker and Thomas, Hope found them discussing the investigation. She felt the hit-and-run was tragic and couldn’t imagine who would just leave Vinny like that.

Baker insisted he intended to find out the truth sooner or later, but he was betting on sooner. Once Baker left, Thomas suggested maybe someone really did kill Vinny on purpose.

Thomas told Hope that he got a weird vibe from Deputy Chief Baker – like he already knew who killed Vinny and just needed proof.

In the hallway, Liam nearly crossed paths with Baker before ducking back around the corner. Once Deputy Chief Baker was gone, Liam approached the door and heard a voice call out behind him.

“Hold it right there Liam Spencer. I got you,” Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) said off screen. Liam lifted his hands in surrender – clearly thinking he’d been busted.

Meanwhile on Thursday’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) wasn’t interested in talking to Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) about Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes).

There’s a short life of people Carter opens up to when it comes to his love life, but Quinn isn’t on it. Quinn quipped that maybe that’s why Carter had been so unlucky in love.

Eric Forrester (John McCook) interrupted, so Quinn was hoping they could talk over a romantic dinner since she missed him this morning. Eric insisted he had a very important conference call and couldn’t reschedule. Things were pretty tense on Eric’s end as he left.

Carter raised an eyebrow and wondered if everything was all right, so Quinn suggested it was just hard to make time with busy schedules. However, Quinn felt the important stuff was worthwhile – just like Carter and Zoe.

After Carter once again shut down the conversation and exited, Quinn sighed over a framed photo of herself with Eric.

Over with Paris Buckingham (Diamond White), she assured Zoe that she forgave her and wanted to be close again. Zoe wanted that as well and was determined to fix the mess she’d made. She hadn’t had any success getting through to Carter, but she was hoping Quinn could change that.

Quinn came in and admitted Carter wasn’t willing to have that conversation, but she assured Zoe that they’d keep trying. Later, Paris wondered what the deal was with Zoe getting help from Quinn.

Paris thought it was kind of random, but Zoe suggested they’d become friends. Plus, Quinn understood about second chances and had been able to change opinions about herself.

Quinn wound up on Carter’s doorstep on Thursday’s B&B episode, so he reluctantly let her in. Quinn related to Zoe’s ill-advised decisions and how she hurt the man she loves.

Quinn pointed out that Zoe missed Carter and took the look on Carter’s face to mean he missed Zoe, too.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Quinn has more trouble in her future, so don’t miss how she stirs the pot next. CDL’s where you want to be for scorching Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, updates and news, so pop back in regularly.