The Equalizer Recap 10/24/21: Season 2 Episode 3 “Leverage”

The Equalizer airs tonight on CBS with an all-new Sunday, October 24, 2021, season 2 episode 3 called “Leverage,” and we have your The Equalizer recap below. On tonight’s The Equalizer episode as per the CW synopsis, “McCall is hired by a concerned mother who suspects her teenage son has joined a local gang; Delilah faces anxiety as she prepares to speak at her friend Jason’s memorial service; Dante worries about the new detective pursuing McCall.”

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In tonight’s The Equalizer episode, there was a kid in trouble. His name is Malik. Malik is a teenage boy who believes he has all the answers to the world and lately he’s been ignoring his mother. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t go out of is way to ignore everything she taught him.

He started doing things to make extra cash on the side and he’s risking his scholarship. Malik has a district science scholarship to college. He’s good kid and he has a bright future, but that was all at risk now because Malik was doing work for the local hoodlum and so Malik’s mother called McCall. She thought McCall could get her son back on the right path. McCall agreed to do what she could and she tried reaching out to Malik.

Only Malik was grabbed up a few people that didn’t look like drug dealers. They drove off with Malik in a van that was traced back to a man named Mike Scocroft and Scocroft didn’t exist. His name and his address were both fakes and that meant whoever grabbed Malik was someone who didn’t want to be found. McCall called on her old friend Harry the tech wizard.

He traced the van back to the DEA and they learned that the DEA hadn’t charged Malik with anything. Not yet, anyways. They instead wanted to turn him. They have Malik pretending to be a drug dealer to get to someone bigger in the pond and so that’s why he’s been acting strange. Its why he’s been ignoring his mother. Malik has been working for the DEA.

Malik went to a party in New Jersey. He got molly and he put it in his pocket. He completely forgot about it because he didn’t plan on taking but the feds searched him on the train back to New York and they found the drugs. They then threated to file charges against him for carrying drugs across state lines. They told him that if he didn’t work with them, his future would be ruined.

No college and he could spend time in a federal prison for carrying the drugs. Malik agreed to it because he’s a scared kid. But the feds were unethical as hell. They kept moving the line where Malik was supposed to be finished. They wanted him to get intelligence on a local drug lord and his gang. And they recent request could get Malik killed.

McCall visited him at the DEA’s office. She pretended to be his aunt and he went along with it because she told him that his mother sent her. McCall tried to get Malik to back out of the agreement but he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to put his college scholarship at risk.

He agreed to drop off a listening device at a stash house for the DEA. They were supposed to be listening in the whole time. Malik even agreed to a safe word that was supposed to keep him safe. The feds chose to ignore it because they thought he was panicking. They hadn’t wanted to risk six months of their investigation and so Malik was moved and taken to a second location that no one knew about while under their watch.

Even McCall lost him. She showed up at the safe house looking for him and the feds threatened to arrest her for interfering. It was he that informed them that Malik wasn’t at the house. He had been taken and the feds had no idea where because they didn’t put a tracker on him. They were left scrambling for a way to save their own butts. McCall meanwhile was looking for Malik. Malik had gotten her phone number when she visited him at the DEA’s office and so he called it when he was in the car. Notorious gang leader Lamar Starks had sent Malik into a barbershop with a bomb. He wanted to kill a rival leader and poor Malik was sent as a messenger. And so Malik was messing up at the job when McCall pulled him out.

McCall got him to her friend Mel. She also made arrangements for his mother to be collected and so Malik was reunited with his mother and his mother was told about everything. She wasn’t disappointed in her son. As long as he’s alive, she could live with everything else. The bomb thing didn’t work though and so he and his mother couldn’t go back home until everything was resolved with the rival gangs. McCall and her associates planned on using a gang war for ammunition. They were going to make a case for the DEA. The DEA could have everything they wanted in exchange for cutting Malik loose. And they agreed to it because they finally identified McCall as the vigilante the whole city’s been talking about.

Someone wrote an article about the vigilante. It lit a fire under Detective Mallory to find her more than ever and he was starting to suspect that Detective Dante was secretly in cahoots with her. But Mallory knew she was buzzing around the rival gangs. He stayed close to one of them and he saw a meeting taking place. He tried to call for backup when McCall stopped him. She forced him into calling the backup off and she handcuffed Mallory for good measure. Dante took pleasure in releasing him. And Mallory in turn came to suspect him of being one of McCall’s associates.

McCall got the DEA what they wanted. She also got into contact with the journalist who wrote the article about her and she instead pointed him to Malik’s story. Malik’s story was later printed. It cost the feds were messing with him their jobs and so the DEA won’t be quick to force other teenagers into being their snitch now.


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