The Family Chantel Recap 10/25/21: Season 3 Episode 3 “Looking for Trouble”

The Family Chantel Recap 10/25/21: Season 3 Episode 3 "Looking for Trouble"

Tonight on TLC their reality show The Family Chantel airs with an all-new Monday, October 25, 2021, episode, and have your The Family Chantel recap below.  On tonight’s The Family Chantel season 3 episode 3, “Looking for Trouble,” as per the TLC synopsis, “River goes on a whirlwind date with his new girlfriend; Nicole is ready to show off her new body; Jah and Winter’s date night takes some unexpected turns; Pedro arrives in New York and gets into it with Nicole’s boyfriend, Alejandro.”

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The Family Chantel episode besgins with Chantel acted as her mother’s chauffer. Her mother Karen hasn’t drove since the 80s and so Karen relies on her family to get around and she needed her daughter to take her to a doctor’s appointment. But as they were driving, the two got to talking. They talked about Winter. Winter was Karen’s other daughter and Chantel’s sister. She was also back with a boyfriend everyone disliked.

Winter and Jah were back together. The family doesn’t care for Jah because he withheld the fact that he had two children and not one from Winter. They were together for years. He never once mentioned he had a son and so it had been Karen and Chantel who found out the truth. They were the ones who told Winter. Winter had been hurt by Jah’s lies. She broke up with him and everyone thought that would be that. And then the pandemic happened.

No one really wanted to be cut off from the world and alone during the pandemic. Winter ended up forgiving Jah for his deception. She was even buying his current story about how he had been robbed of the chance of telling her about his son and that he always intended to tell her. Jah and Winter had again been together for years.

He had also proposed to her before telling her about his son and so Chantel doesn’t think he was ever going to mention the little boy. Chantel and her mother also hadn’t known that Jah proposed. He proposed after two years and Winter turned him down because she had been young at the time. She now is and feels older. She’s ready to settle down now and so she couldn’t wait for Jah to propose to her again.

Her family on the other hand don’t think she should have been so quick to trust Jah again. They still mistrust him and they suspect he might be still be lying to Winter about something. Their belief is that if he could lie about his son, he could easily be lying about other things. Karen and Chantel were also very meddlesome and so they were probably going to continue to look into Jah. Its what they do with anyone dating a family member.

Its why River hasn’t told anyone about Megan. River was dating a young woman named Megan and she’s a model originally from Kentucky. The two of them have gotten close. They just started dating and they haven’t kissed yet and so River wasn’t ready to bring Megan around his crazy family. River wanted to take things slow with her first.

Over in the Dominican Republic, Nicole was enjoying showing off her new breasts. She recently had them enhanced with plastic surgery and she was glad with the way they turned out. Nicole didn’t have much of a chest before. She was flat-chested and now she has a decent size. It didn’t look too big or fake. It fit her body type.

Nicole sent photos of herself trying on nighties to her boyfriend Alejandro. Alejandro hadn’t liked the idea of Nicole having surgery because he said he doesn’t like plastic or silicone. He liked her just as she was and so he was still pretty upset she went ahead with the surgery but Nicole wasn’t going to let that get her down. She was happy with her new appearance. And she was hoping to fix things with Alejandro.

Nicole was worried about her brother Pedro’s trip to New York. She knows that her brother wanted to speak to Alejandro and she thought her brother was going there to cause trouble, but Pedro’s visit wasn’t all about Alejandro. Pedro was also going to New York to meet up with a cousin. Pedro was meeting a cousin from his father’s side and he wanted to ask his cousin about his father. His father was in and out of his life for the first few years before he up and disappeared.

He never heard from his father after that. He was told when he was older that his father had another family and that he has half-siblings and so Pedro wants concrete answers. He was hoping the cousin could provide that for him. And so he only included Alejandro in the trip because he wanted to discuss his sister.

Nicole stayed with Alejandro during the first outbreak of the pandemic. They got serious and Pedro didn’t like it because Alejandro did all of this while still married to another woman. It reminded Pedro too much of what happened with his parents. His father was married when he began an affair with Pedro’s mother Lidia. Pedro later met up with Alejandro.

Alejandro tried to be nice to him and Pedro rejected all overtures. Pedro instead wanted to blame Alejandro for the strain in his sister’s relationship with their mother. Pedro didn’t think Nicole should have stayed with Alejandro during the first wave of the pandemic. He said they left his mother on his own when she needed someone. Pedro got Alejandro angry. Alejandro told him both him and his mother were bullsh*tters. And so that set off Pedro

Pedro was so busy with being angry with Alejandro that he didn’t try to drop it the moment Alejandro began walking away. The two got physical with each other. They almost fought several times and Alejandro tried attacking Pedro from behind.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the altercation. Pedro later called Nicole to tell her what happened and Nicole didn’t care. She had already broken up with Alejandro. She found out that Alejandro was chatting up other women and had even invited one to New York to visit him. And so she ended things with him because there wasn’t going to be a wife, girlfriend, and a lover.