The Good Doctor Recap 04/19/21: Season 4 Episode 14 “Gender Reveal”

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, April 19, 2021, episode and we have you The Good Doctor recap below. On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 4 episode, 14 called, “Gender Reveal,” as per the ABC synopsis, “After finding out the gender of their unborn child, Lea’s enthusiasm prompts Shaun to make an effort to be a more supportive partner.

Meanwhile, the team treats a navy pilot whose previous doctor’s misdiagnosis compromises her chances at a full recovery.”

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In tonight, The Good Doctor episode, the episode begins with Alex and Morgan, she tells him that sex with him is like hot yoga. Then she finds his charger and goes to give it to him, he says leave it there for next time and tells him that she doesn’t want him to think a next time is guaranteed. And, if they are going to keep hooking up, he needs to sleep with other women. HE tells her that she is a very strange woman.

Lea tells Shaun that they have the birthing class that evening, then she says she has the results of the fetal DNA test, they will know the gender of the baby. She asks Shaun to come close, she wants them to look together. It’s a girl, Shaun asks her if she wants to paint the nursery pink, she says no, this is not the 50’s.

Asher and Morgan are with a new patient, Bradley who is an MMA fighter. Morgan tells him that he has a pretty large hematoma and they have to drain it.

Claire and Shaun are with another patient and Claire tell her that her pre-op tests came back normal, they can go ahead with the hip replacement. Shaun tells her not to rush her recovery.

Alex is with Bradley, in a room and checks his peck implants; Bradley says if his fans found out, his career would be over. Asher tells him the pecks don’t have anything to do with him knocking out a guy. Bradley says plastic surgery is not popular amongst fighters. Bradley says he had man boobs as a child and after the weight loss, that is the reason for the plastic surgery.

Alex asks Morgan why he has to see other women, he promises that he won’t get attached to her.

Jean is in surgery for her hip replacement and goes into distress, her pressure dropped and they don’t know why it happened. Meanwhile, Bradley is getting the fluid drained and they find that there is not just fluid, looks like a mass, breast cancer. Alex tells Asher to do a biopsy.

Jean is awake and recovering from surgery and they do a test on her heart. Meanwhile, Morgan and Alex tell Bradley that he has breast cancer, but the good news is, they caught it early. Morgan says they recommend surgery and chemo. Bradley tells them that at the end of this, his body has to look the same, otherwise, he will lose his sponsors.

Lea is in her birthing class with Shaun and he is applying a little too much pressure to her back while he doing a massage. She tells him just to stop. Shaun interrupts the instructor and gives his advice, Lea tells him to let her talk and be quiet. The instructor tells Shaun to hold his comments to the end of the session, she looks very upset with him. Afterward, Shaun tells Claire that there won’t be another class, they were thrown out.

Jean has nothing wrong with her heart, they think she had a reaction to the anesthesia. Claire gives Jean a walker, she gets up and then faints and falls on the floor.

Shaun sees Lea in the cafeteria, she introduces him to Teresa, she is a trained doula. Shaun tells Teresa that they won’t be needing her, he will be Lea’s doula. Lea tells Shaun that she is excited about their baby, but she has to know that she will get what she needs, a soft massage. He says he can get better at massages, she tells him that that is really not his strength and it is a setup

Heather drops by to see Alex, she tells him that she has a ten-year-old patient who would go insane to have a signed photo of Bradley. She thanks him in advance for the autograph.

Shaun talks to Aaron about getting a doula. He says he wants Lea to have everything she wants but he doesn’t want her to have a doula. Aaron asks him why he can’t give her what she needs.

Bradley is in surgery, he is going to need a total mastectomy.

Shaun buys Lea a device to give her a massage, she tells that’s nice but she wants Teresa to be there. He tells her that she doesn’t need her. She says maybe not, but it is her body and her experience and they are going to have a doula there.

Shaun goes to see Jean, he tells her that he has to do s spine massage to see what is going on back there. All of a sudden, Jean looks like she is having a seizure. Shaun goes to see Jean’s family doctor who told her that her symptoms were caused by menopause and didn’t chart them. The doctor says her symptoms were also caused by her being anxious about retirement, Shaun gets upset and tells him that her blood pressure dropped during surgery, she wasn’t anxious.

Alex goes to see Bradley, he tells him that he shouldn’t have people tell him who he can be or what he is capable of. He needs the surgery, Bradley gives in.

Claire found something, a woman had the same symptoms as Jean and it took years to diagnose her with Parkinson’s disease.

Bradley is healing well, thanks, Morgan and Alex. He shows Morgan that he told his fans the truth on social media and he had a million views.

Claire and Shaun tell Jean that she has Parkinson’s disease, she is a pilot and she can no longer fly. Claire tells her that the delay in diagnoses stops them from doing anything to help her. Jean tells her daughter that she wants to go home, she wants her to get discharged. She tells her daughter to go and she won’t, she gets on the bed with her mom and hugs her, tells her it is ok.

Alex sees Morgan, she asks him how his phone battery is, she has a charger at her house. He tells her that he is busy, he has a date and Morgan looks sad.

Shaun tells Lea that he wants their daughter to have everything she wants, and he wants her to have everything she wants, but he can’t by himself. He opens the door to their apartment and Teresa is there. Lea is thrilled. Shaun tells her the world is harder for women, he wants to change that but he doesn’t know-how. She tells him he can do it by being an amazing dad to their daughter.


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