The Good Doctor Recap 05/10/21: Season 4 Episode 16 “Dr. Ted”

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, May 10, 2021, episode and we have you The Good Doctor recap below. On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 4 episode, 16 called, “Dr. Ted,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Shaun struggles with his role as Lea’s partner after complications arises with the pregnancy and his instincts as a medical professional kick in; Dr. Park, Dr. Andrews and Asher disagree on how to address an elderly patient’s wishes.”

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In tonight’s The Good Doctor episode, the episode begins with Claire examining Lea, at the of the last episode Lea doubled down in pain from her abdomen. Claire is doing an ultrasound, Lea says her OBGYN says it was probably ligament pain. Shaun thinks that the OBGYN was not thorough, he wrote of list of tests that Lea should do.

Asher is with a patient who has shortness of breath, she needs oxygen – her name is Maxine Stanley is 87 years young, she passed out on the dance floor. Alex walks up just as she goes into defib but on her bracelet, she has a DNR and Alex tells Asher they can’t do anything. Alex calls the time of death, then she has a heartbeat but her pressure is rising. All of a sudden, Maxine is back and says she is alive, then she asks which one of the bozos did this.

Aaron drops by to see Shaun, he tells him that Lea is fine and he needs to relax. He tells him that this should be the most amazing moment of his life, if he blinks he is going to miss it and he is blinking. Meanwhile, Lea is still in the hospital and Clare tells her that she is fine. Claire sees the baby’s heart rate fluctuate, she tells Lea that if Shaun were there he would take a vaginal ultrasound, so she orders it.

Alex walks up to Maxine and tells her that arrhythmia didn’t do any damage. She tells him that she can’t stand when her wishes are ignored. He tells her that her wishes were not disregarded. He tells her that she has pumped in her heart, so when the heart stops, it takes over. That is why she was saved.

Shaun is helping Lea pack up to go home when Claire comes in and tells her that they found something. Lea has type 2 vasa Previa, which is when the fetal blood vessels run across the cervix making them extremely vulnerable. They could rupture at any time, definitely when her water breaks but also under other added stress. If it happens, they could lose the baby.

Audrey, Jordan, Claire, and Shaun look at the images of the baby, he makes his suggestions and Audrey says she agrees, but he should not be on this team. Shaun is citing technicalities, he is not married to Lea and he can operate. Audrey tells him no, she will not allow it just to make him feel useful. Shaun runs to Aaron who says he agrees with Audrey, he should not be a part of this team.

Alex, Marcus, and Asher are discussing Maxine, how wants the heart pump taken out, Asher does not agree, Marcus tells him to go speak to her then and see if he can change her mind, or maybe she will change his mind.

Asher is playing mahjong with Maxine, he asks her if she wants to die. She says she wants to die on the dance floor with a drink in her hand.

Lea is in surgery, Shaun and Morgan are watching on from above. She tells him that Lea is in good hands, even if they are not his hands.

Lea is awake from surgery, Shaun tells her the baby is fine, she did very well and the surgery was a success. All they can do now is watch and wait.

Maxine is in surgery, Shaun joins Alex, Marcus, and Asher, he says it will keep his mind off Lea.

Shaun is with Lea, she is having a pulmonary embolism, he pages Claire.

Alex tells Maxine that her surgery was a success, she says he feels like she has been run over by a truck. Maxine has problems putting her lipstick on, Asher helps her. He tells her that his bubby died when he was in med school, he would give anything to have more time with her. She says she has a favorite nephew, it would be great to have more time with him.

Lea has a clot, bed rest can increase the risk of more clots. Shaun tells Lea that they have to insert an IVC filter is a safe procedure with a low complication rate and Claire is a good doctor. He tells her that he wants to make things better, he doesn’t know-how. She sees a man and woman with their baby in the hallway, she tells him that that is going to be them, he doesn’t have to fix anything, he just has to believe.

Maxine holds a going-away soiree in her room, she tells Asher that she is sorry about his bubby, but what he missed was not more time, it was to say goodbye and this is her saying goodbye. She is refusing the antibiotics, which Alex warns against.

Maxine is enjoying her tacos at the soiree, Aaron tells her to enjoy, but just keep the volume down.

Later, Asher sits down beside Shaun who asks him why he is so upset about Maxine refusing treatment, she has terminal cancer and she is dying, doctors can’t fix that. Asher tells him that he lost his bubby and more time would have meant everything, time is hope.

Claire finds Shaun alone, she tells him that she ordered a non-stress test, that is when she noticed that the heartbeat was getting progressively slower. She ordered more tests, there wasn’t just one clot, there were two. Shaun says he read the results, the lungs aren’t responding to the fluids, the baby can’t survive. Claire asks if he spoke to Lea, he says no. He can protect Lea, he can give her more time to hope. She asks him if he would like for her to be there, he says no thank you and gives her the results, and leaves the room.

Shaun goes in to see Lea, she looks at him and she knows something is wrong. He sits on the bed beside her, she looks at his face and she starts to cry.

Maxine wakes up, she says crap.

Audrey is with Shaun and Lea, she tells them that medically she can be sedated and have a D&C or some women choose to induce labor so they can hold their child. Lea tells Shaun she has lost her, they have lost her, this is not about medical questions anymore. But she cannot go into labor and not leave there with their baby.

Maxine is doing remarkable, her body is fighting infection on its own. She tells Asher and Alex that last night was one of the best nights, it brought back memories of her life with her husband and her family. She has had a wonderful life with wonderful people, they are gone. She has to go home alone now.

Aaron tells Asher that it is remarkable that Maxine, ravished with cancer, can get over an infection overnight. He says if Aaron confesses he is going to be upset and if Maxine finds out this could cause a lawsuit. Aaron tells him that he knew it was her decision and he didn’t listen. Aaron says this morning for the first time he saw her pain, he won’t do it again. Aaron tells him that he is going to have to make this right.

Shaun goes in to see Lea, she is in the operating room and about to be sedated. Once she is, he goes outside and Aaron is there. Shaun hugs Aaron, then he walks away.

Asher goes to see Maxine and he tells her that he is sorry things didn’t work out the way she wanted. He tells her that he some forms she can fill out to end things when she wants, there are some regulatory hoops, but he will help her get through them.

Lea is heading home, Shaun is with her, he grabs their bags as they head out of the hospital.

Morgan is leaving the hospital, Alex walks her out.

Shaun and Lea are home, he brings her a glass of orange juice and sits beside her.


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