The Resident Recap 11/09/21: Season 5 Episode 6 “Ask Your Doctor”

The Resident Recap 11/09/21: Season 5 Episode 6 "Ask Your Doctor"

Tonight on FOX their new medical drama The Resident airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 9, 2021, episode and we have your The Resident recap below.  On tonight’s The Resident season 5 episode 6, “Ask Your Doctor”  as per the FOX synopsis, “Conrad brings a patient into the hospital who causes a high security crisis; an MMA brawl sends a well-known fighter to Chastain and all hands are on deck; Bell and Raptor vie for the same position at the hospital; Leela gets a visit from her sister.”

The Resident season 5 episode 1 air at 8 PM – 9 PM ET on FOX. Make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our The Resident recap! While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our television recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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The Resident begins tonight with Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) sits on the floor with his daughter Gigi (Remington Evans) as they fold socks together, discussing what they are having for dinner. She notices a scratch on his finger and gets the first aid kit, fixing it as he says she has her mother’s touch. He has a private practice now so he can spend more time with Gigi. Maggie arrives to watch Gigi as Conrad leaves for work, promising to see Gigi for their dinner date.

AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) wakes up to Padma Devi (Aneesha Joshi) commenting on him being the first cover boy she has ever slept with; the two kissing but she quickly dresses to leave. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) and Leela Devi (Anuja Joshi) wake up together and share a coffee, before Leela and Padma greet each other smirking over her spending another night with Dr Austin.

Dr Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenweeod) is interrupted by Rachel’s daughter who thanks him for everything. He says she was strong and never gave up. She asks him if he can get Dr Austin to autograph his book, which obviously bruises his ego. Meanwhile, Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) watches the weigh in for an upcoming MMA fight of one of her patients when Bell calls her. He wants to be considered for chief of surgery, feeling he has a lot to offer. She will consider him as there are other candidates and she needs to consider him as his boss and not as his partner.

Dr Sutton (Jessica Lucas) calls Kit, saying she needs more pain medications when not everyone is doing their job, but all chaos breaks out at the weigh in, causing Kit to drop the call and deal with her patient and the opponent she just injured.

Conrad checks one of his patients at a hotel. He is a stock trader. He tells him in order to avoid a stroke he needs to stay away from cheese boards. Conrad leaves but once outside the hotel he notices a man coughing profusely, asking if he is okay, saying he is a doctor. He says he works in the kitchen and has a wound on his hand. He refuses, saying he was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and this cut is not his biggest problem. Conrad says the wound is something he can treat there and Conrad gives him some money, saying he can go to Chastain, as he used to work there.

AJ and Billie walk down the hallways, discussing her sister when they are interrupted with Kit and her patient from the weigh in. They transfer her to the bed when Billie walks in to access Miss Rodriguez, asking her to be quiet. She cannot feel anyone touching her feet and AJ finds a mass in her abdomen quickly rushing off.

Aj walks in the ED talking to Randolph who congrats him on the book that he didn’t read; both jabbing they are candidates for chief of surgery. Conrad walks into the ED, welcomed by Irving Feldman (Tasso Feldman), Kit and other ED staff, saying he is just bringing in a patient; explaining the situation and they promise to take care of him without the insurance, Devon being the new attending. Devon admits it is way more fun giving the orders as Conrad admits it was fun seeing everyone.

The patients are in the waiting room, when Conrad’s patient sees a commercial for Halcipride, a chemo drug. There is a three to four week referral for it and Dr Feldman says he will give him a referral but is called away as well as Leela who is called away before she gives him a booster. Her sister calls, distracting her with chat about her fling with Dr Austin, but when she returns to the patient for the tetnus shot he is gone.

Dr Bell joins AJ and Billie for the scan on Miss Rodriguez; both feeling this has to do with the possible promotion. The scans come up and Billie calls them to look where they see she has an abdomenal aneurysm and likely ruptured from the fight; she also has a fused spine and it is a miracle she is able to get out of bed. Randolph imposes himself into the surgery suggestion but when they inform her, she doesn’t like that they want to break her spine to fix her spine and don’t believe that one hit the wrong way could kill her. She tells them to find another toy to play with. Billie stands up to her as a fan asks for a photo opt and Ella says she wants to fight like her, saying she would like to fight like her one day. She agrees to the photo but not the birthday, telling Ella to say hit to her doctors so she can get better to get back into the ring for her.

The cook, Conrad saved finds his way into the lab and demands from the technicians that he get the chemo drugs and pulls a weapon on them, saying no one is leaving until he gets it. Devon walks with Conrad, learning about how his private practice is doing. He gets to share how life is with Gigi as Devon admits he loves his new position and there is only one thing he would change; and it is annoying how much he misses them. Suddenly security runs by and there is a code silver; both finding out from Kit that it is the patient that Conrad brought in, wanting some cancer drug he saw on TV. It is out of stock, he barricaded himself inside with the pharmacists until he gets them. Conrad learns this drug gives people weeks at best to extend their life but he feels Jackson is not a danger to anyone and he feels he can keep things from going bad to worse. Kit doesn’t want to agree to it as the drug is still being brought in from Atlantic General, but he doesn’t know that.

Conrad calls Jackson saying he has a 3 months supply and Jackson tells him to slide it to the door. Conrad agrees to go inside, Devon goes with him; only agreeing for him to let the pharmacists to be let go. Jackson demands the bags but won’t allow them to leave. He sees the drugs and knows they are not real. Conrad asks him to talk and find a way out of this before the police get there, and they begin talking about Jackson’s son as he holds his knife to his throat. He talks about trying to make things right and stock piling money as Devon knows getting cancer is out of his control but this is up to him. Conrad says he can keep this promise but police ask if everything is okay and he stabs his neck. Conrad is holding his throat as they try to save him. They are going to take him to the OR, no time to stable him as Devon says he has fresh clothes in his office and they both decide they are going to devise a plan to give Jackson more time with his family, while he is in surgery.

AJ sees Bell as he is going into emergency surgery, promising he is going to make it into their surgery too. Leela comes to see Devon, who assures her that he is okay, hugging him tightly. Padma interrupts them, saying she got scolded by a Dr Nolan and didn’t like the way he talked to her. Padma couldn’t remember what he said, just that he was mean. Leela is angry that she showed up but Devon assures her that it has just been a day and she will be okay.

Irving joins Devon and Conrad, where they review Jackson’s medical records, saying they concluded it was cancer but not diagnosed. It might be possible that he doesn’t have cancer and he was misdiagnosed.

Billie and Bell are walking with Miss Rodriguez who is struggling to breathe because her aneurysm did rupture. She quickly clears her schedule for the procedure. Meanwhile, Devon and Conrad work hard as he has an hour and a half to two hours before his dinner date with Queen G.

AJ arrives as him and Bell bicker on who has the better angle for the procedure, something Dr Paul Chu (Vince Foster) is caught in the middle of; Bell even joking about being woken up when Austin is done his graft. Billie walks in and Austin asks to stay, which she agrees to, working quickly.

Padma has Leela meet her outside, she finds out that her sister bought a van; thinking she can live the van life. Leela confronts her, saying it is time for her to put down some roots or even one root. Leela begins to walk away as Padma tells her she threw her milk out as it was 5 months old. She says she only sees her boyfriend at work and she has been staying with her for months and all she talks about is medicine and she is saving lives but what about her own life. She is proud of her but she remembers a girl who did crazy other things; Leela defends herself as Padma asks when is the last time she took 5 minutes to herself and her pager goes off as the sisters part ways.

Jackson’s results are negative, all three of them. Devon promises to continue searching but Conrad has a dinner date with a very special lady. Conrad suddenly sees Jackson Tellenbaum’s ID and notices something about him. Devon remembers Conrad’s look.

Billie works hard on her surgery as she gives AJ her two cents about him and Bell competing. She says the best chief is the one who commands the most respect from their peers and that is AJ. She has heard more skeletons of Bell’s closet than his. Alarms sound and her spine is compressing and if they don’t relieve the pressure she could permanently paralyze her if she doesn’t relieve it, paging Dr Voss.

Kit rushes into the OR, learning they need to do the wake up test and they are running out of time. Dr Chu brings Ms Rodriguez out of unconsciousness. She is able to respond but they need to work quickly to improve her spine. She blinks and can feel her leg, pressure is relieved, they are able to put her back under and complete the surgery.

Conrad and Devon speak to Jackson, showing the video of medications, saying how biased they are and how not all drugs are for everyone. Conrad explains that Jackson doesn’t have cancer and their labs confirmed their suspicions. He has tuberculosis. They can treat it, need to be on several medications and it is very affordable, but he sees the handcuffs and knows he will be under arrest but will remain a patient. He thanks them.

Conrad misses it, but Gigi is his everything and she comes first. Devon is sorry for all of it as him and Nic are missed every day; they two men hug as Devon says it was good work today Dr Hawkins; which is returned with a You too Dr Pavesh. Devi and Irving say goodnight as Leela asks Devon for a minute. The two go into a shower at work and have sex in the shower, like old times.

Billie, AJ, Kit and Randolph meet with their patient, who knows she won’t be in the ring for a while but she will be back. She is able to high five Billie. Kit meets with Bell and Austin, telling them neither of them will be the chief of surgery. She says Austin doesn’t need another feather in his cap and Bell doesn’t need it to be too time consuming. She respects they are competitive but she has made her decision. AJ says it is the wrong decision but he respects it. Bell thinks it could be for the best because there is a woman he has been seeing for a while and they have a good thing going and a little less time at work would be good. He feels she is worth waiting up for and they kiss, but he wants to know who it is.

He asks who the next chief is. Kit sits with Billie in the cafeteria who is flattered but shocked as Kit explains how she is bossy but not overbearing and she will have a real hand in shaping this place, she doesn’t pause, saying she is in.

Leela walks outside, seeing the van and knocks on the window. Padma opens the door as she asks how cozy it is and says only one way to find out. She opens the door and she sits in, saying it is really cool. Leela says Padma is not wrong but Padma says she knows but Leela shouldn’t take advice from a girl who lives in a van. They are going to spend the day together tomorrow; Padma will drive and Leela will sleep.

Conrad comes home to find out that Gigi was perfect as always. There is a restaurant set up right in their dining room ready for the two of them. In the meantime, Randolph and AJ share a drink saying they are beyond the complaints toasting each other. Conrad serves ice cream with the spaghetti, just this once as Gigi shows that she learned how to draw a Rhino. She asks how his day was and he admits it was the best day he had in a long time, patting her forehead.

The END!