The Voice Premiere Recap 03/01/21: Season 20 Episode 1 “The Blind Auditions”

The Voice Premiere Recap 03/01/21: Season 20 Episode 1 "The Blind Auditions"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, March 1, 2021, season 20 episode 1 “The Blind Auditions Season Premiere,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 19 episode 16 “Live Top 9 Results” as per the NBC synopsis, “The talent is exceptional and the competition fierce as Nick Jonas reclaims his red chair alongside returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton as they vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon.”

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In tonight’s season 20 premiere of The voice, Coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Nick Jonas are ready to get season twenty started.

The first contestant is Kenzie Wheeler from Dover, Florida who says he loves his mullet and is never letting it go. Kenzie loves Blake, but his parents say any other coach would do. He has opened up for Charlie Daniels, his biggest fan is his mother. He will be singing, “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” by Keith Whitley. It’s a four-chair turn with Blake being blocked by Kelly.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “This guy has the triple threat mullet. I got screwed, but Kelly lost her block so that makes me happy.” Nick: “Nothing has given me more pleasure than hearing your voice and Blake blocked. I tried to block Blake too, but it was already done. Blake is the best coach on this show, second to me, so it is an obvious choice.” Kelly: “I have won The Voice with two country singers. I used my only block on Blake, so you can’t choose him. My jacket would look good on you.” John: “Last season, I was able to secure a country artist on my team and she made it to the lives. Please give me a shot. If you were to join my team, you have no idea the gift I have for you afterward. Don’t you want to be with a coach that won?” Kenzie chooses to be on Team Kelly.

The next contestant is Dana Monique from Houston, Texas says this opportunity, it’s her air, it’s how she lives, it’s how she shows her children that no matter what you got to do what is good for you. She has done most of her singing on a ship, she is a single mother of two children. Dana is singing, “Freeway of Love.” Nick turns his chair, then John.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “Obviously you got the vocal power which makes me think that you have been singing for a long time. That was unbelievable and you have a choice to make between right and wrong. I’ve got something to prove now I lost to Blake in my last season, but I think we both have a lot to prove and a lot to say. I think you are absolutely exceptional.” Kelly: “We should have turned around for you, but I lose a lot to John Legend.” Blake: “It’s obvious that you are going to choose John, plain as a day. I just wanted to stay out of it because it is obvious what you are going to do. Do the thing that America expects you not to do.” John: “It was powerful, it was energetic and you did it so beautifully. I would love to coach you. Don’t let Blake’s reverse psychology nonsense stop us from working together.” Dana chooses to be on Team Nick.

Cam Anthony is from North Philadelphia, he grew up in North Philly. He got a lot of inspiration from a boom box. There was a lot of violence in his neighborhood. After putting up a YouTube video and having eight million views, he was on the Ellen show, and he performed at the White House. He is looking to get John to turn. Cam is singing, “Lay Me Down.” Nick and John turn, but Nick has blocked John. Then, Blake turns.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “Your voice is so smooth. I mean it was incredible. You are probably thinking why would I pick Blake Shelton when Nick Jonas is there in a fresh Windexed jacket. I would be honored if you would be on Team Blake and I will keep that lane open for you. I will not pick anyone else who is in your lane musically. I want to talk to mom (she is on the screen) I have been doing this for a long, long time and when you can keep a lane open that nobody else will interfere with, I think that is invaluable. So I am just hoping that you can send into his eyeballs the mother vibe.” John: “I really wanted you on my team, but Nick blocked me. You sounded fantastic, your runs were beautiful. If I have a chance to steal you, I will.” Kelly: “That is one of my favorite songs, you sang the hell out of it. I cannot wait to hear you sing more on this show.”Nick: “Your voice just lift me up, it’s the kind of thing where I don’t have to make fun of my fellow coaches to get your support. Please do me the honor of letting me coach you. Blake has been doing this a long, long time, and maybe what is needed is fresh energy.” Cam chooses to be on Team Blake.

Christine Cain is from Pasadena, California and she was so excited to hear that Nick was back, he could maybe take her out of her comfort zone. She always had dreams of being an artist, she was a strong dancer. This is the fourth performance she has ever had, but she is ready. Christine is singing, “Watermelon Sugar.” John and Kelly turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “I thought your whole vibe was really cool, I love this song, I have actually covered it as well, but you did a really cool job at it. When I turned around I even saw you do your shimmy with your shoulders. It’s nice to see someone performing because they are having fun. I would love to have you on my team.” John: “I love that song and that was the most soulful version of that song. I just was captured by your tone, the energy of your voice, and the crackle. I would love to coach you. You don’t want to be on Kelly’s team.” Nick: “You have a choice between the second best and third best coach here, in no particular order. Once you took off, you got the whole audience at home invested, I know that either coach is going to guide you to choose the right song for your voice.” Christine chooses to be on Team John.

Madison Curbelo is from Westfield, Massachusetts and as far as she can remember she has stuttered, that was rough to go through. When she sings, everything comes out smoothly. Her parents are proud of her because singing has given her a lot of confidence. Madison is singing, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Nobody turns their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “I think I needed a bigger sense of urgency in the performance. I could tell you were smiling while you were singing and you were enjoying it and it added so much texture to your voice. You are extremely talented.” Kelly: “There is something really special about you, I loved your head voice it was really pretty.” Blake: “I could tell by your voice that you are very young, you need a touch more strength in there and the only way to get that is to sing for another year. Good luck to you.” John: “Good luck Madison, you are going to be just fine.”

Pete Mroz is from Nashville, Tennessee and he is a sales rep for men’s golf apparel. When he was nineteen he started to pursue country music and he thought he was going to be the next Garth Brooks. He was in a group called the Young Riders, under the name Pete Mitchell. He still plays music, he is in a Blue’s band in Nashville and plays once a month, but very difficult to get to the next level. Pete is singing, “Can’t Find My Way Home.” John turns, then Blake.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “I was also in the group called the Young Riders with Pete, I haven’t seen you in twenty-five years. When you first got to Nashville you were more of a blues guy. We should get the old group back together. (Pete says Blake stole his bass player) We would have a blast if we worked together again.” Kelly: “I am totally going against Blake.” John: “I think you have a nice energy, you were fully into the music and we felt that. The interesting thing is that Nick and Blake have been against me this season.” Nick: “Did you hold resentment for twenty-plus years? Right now would be the time to settle that score, how perfect is it that John Legend turned his chair. And, I am not against Blake, he is a buddy of mine.” Pete chooses to be on Team Blake.

Devan Blake Jones is from Denver, Colorado and he feels he could learn a lot from Nick. He is inspired by him and his story. Devan is a client manager for a tech firm. He has a plant collecting hobby. It’s been a long journey to get to this point. He learned so much about singing with your soul and your heart. He feels like he took it for granted how hard his parents worked, they have pushed him to succeed and they are his cheerleaders. Devan is singing, “Hard Place.” Nick turns his chair.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “Congratulations Devan, you’ve got one of the Jonas brothers here, the least of them all but he is still a Jonas.” Kelly: “I loved your performance, there was one thing I was waiting for, one extra level, but I think it is amazing that you are on the show.” Nick: “That was phenomenal, I think these other coaches are insane for not turning their chairs. The top of your register when you opened up the chorus really spoke to me, I feel like there is so much there and I look forward to working with you.”

Raine Stern is from Madison, Wisconsin and she has a nine-piece band that she writes and arranges all the parts for, creating is her most favorite part. She grew up in a small town and was always a black sheep. Writing songs started her journey with music. Playing live shows where she was needed somewhere made her feel amazing. Music helps her communicate effectively. Madison is singing, “Electric Feel.” John, Blake, and Nick turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “I am not speechless that often. You really know how to milk a performance, you are a rare find and you are about to have your moment in the music industry and you deserve it.” Kelly: “I am a fool for not turning around, but maybe I will be able to steal you.” John: ”Even without a live audience in this room, you were working the audience. That is so rare that we get an artist that can do that and play their instrument. You have so much creative energy flowing from you and we are just lucky that you brought that to The Voice.” Nick: “That was so electrifying, no pun intended. I am going to fight for you because you are the most unique and creative that we have seen on the show. My favorite part of the process is the creative process, if I could spend all my time making arrangements and dreaming big, that is where I feel most inspired and it would be a perfect home for you on Team Nick. Raine chooses to be on Team Nick.

Madison Marigold is from Santa Clarita, California. She recorded a song that became one of the biggest songs in China and she opened for Demi Lavato, the coolest moment in her life so far. Madison sings, “If The World Was Ending.” Nobody turns their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “That was a lot to bite off for a blind audition, your voice was really powerful and great.” Kelly: “It’s ok to sing conversational songs, but you don’t have to say every word every time, pick it up. I kept waiting for you to go up.” Nick: “There were moments where you showed a lot of vocal technique, your runs were well executed but for me, it never took off.”

Corey Ward is from Hartsville, South Carolina, he was on season 19 and didn’t get a chair turned for him. Looking back, he could have done things better and he has been practicing every day. His mom has been diagnosed with lung to brain cancer. The Voice is an opportunity for his family to have something to celebrate and he is humbled to have a second chance. Corey is singing, “Dancing On My Own.” John and Kelly have turned their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “I love a passionate performer and you are that. I am looking for someone to move me, I would love to have you on my team.” John: “Your performance, made me really focus on passion and emotion. It made me really feel it and gave the song a whole new meaning to me. If we were to work together I am going to follow your heart and help you be the best performer you can be. We are glad you come back, that is a really good sign that you were not discouraged.” Corey chose to be on Team Kelly.

Victor Solomon is from Peoria, Illinois and he loves stepping. He grew up in a single-parent home and his father was never present. Everything wasn’t good growing up, but his mother made sure they were good and they participated in church. He will be singing, “Glory.” John, Nick, and Blake turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “You had this old man voice, I had an artist on my team and we did a lot of gospel music and he won. (Blake didn’t know it was John’s song)” John: “When we wrote that song, it was meant to evoke the hymns that we grew up listening to. I have zero times turned for someone singing my song. You did some things that were better than I do for that song, you were better than me.” Nick: “I grew up in the church as well, my dad was a pastor, I went to church and sang every Sunday and that is what gave me my musical roots. Obviously, you are inspired by John, why don’t we work together to make John proud.” Victor chooses to be on Team John.