The Walking Dead Recap 09/19/21: Season 11 Episode 5 “Out of the Ashes”

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, September 19, 2021, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 5  called, “Out of the Ashes,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Eugene’s group goes through orientation at the Commonwealth.”

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In tonight’s The Walking Dead episode, Aaron wakes from a bad dream. He had a nightmare of their latest enemy attacking Gracie. Suddenly he hears a breach. He tells Gracie to hide downstairs. Outside, walkers breach the walls of Alexandria. Aaron runs out and helps the others kill walkers and fix the wall quickly.

Eugene, Stephanie, and the others receive their new job assignments. Meanwhile, Aaron, Carol, and the others try to figure out how to make Alexandria safe while Maggie and Negan try to make it back to the satellite post. He thinks they need to trust each other. Maggie cannot do that.

Out on a mission, Aaron and the others see that some of their people like Troy are now walkers. They put them down. Carol tells Aaron they need to keep moving as he looks upset.

Back at Alexandria, Rosita and the others watch the walls while Judith teaches some of her friends some moves with a sword. She sees some older boys teases a walker through the wall. She yells at them. One pushes her and makes a comment about her being weird and her mom leaving her. She threatens him back. He looks scared.

Maggie and Negan make it to the post and wait for the others. Negan thinks they need to take the food and leave. Maggie thinks this is a bad idea. Yumiko finally comes face to face with her brother. He is in shock.

Aaron and the others see a group of walkers. They realize they are being herded by a whisperer. They find the whisperer. Lydia knows him.

Eugene spends some time with his lady friend. He gets ice cream with her. He is in awe of their community but cannot help his friends. They would love a place like this.

Judith discovers someone broke the piece of wood Carl gave her. She sits outside. Rosita comforts her after she says everyone is broken and gone. Rosita

The whisperer tells them he has been on his own. He isn’t a threat. Aaron wants him in the cellar. He doesn’t trust him. As they bring him down the cellar they see he isn’t alone. Aaron gets angry when Keith pushes him and the others run. Aaron plans to get revenge by torturing him.

Yumiko talks with her brother. He is happy, he tells her to make cakes. She sees he isn’t his old self.

Aaron uses walkers to torcher Keith. Lydia is disgusted and surprised. Lydia tells him enough before walking off. Keith swears there is no more. Carol ends it when she kills the walkers. Aaron gets mad. Carol cries. She went down a dark path after Henry and she doesn’t want the same for him.

Rosita is working on fixing Carl’s board with Judith when Eugene radios. She updates him quickly but they lose one another. Eugene is arrested right after for using google property.

Negan tells Maggie he is leaving. He will take the supplies. She charges him. He restrains her. Just then, Gabriel shows up injured with another. They plan to wait for the others.

Eugene’s friend gets him some help as he will face a judge and could be kicked out of the commercial forever. Meanwhile, Keith tells Carol and the others they have changed. He tells them he saw Connie alive. They head out to find her.


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