The Walking Dead Recap 10/03/21: Season 11 Episode 7 “Promises Broken”

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, October 3, 2021, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 7  called, “Promises Broken,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Maggie learns a survival tactic from Negan, Eugene’s group clears walkers, and Daryl hunts with Leah.”

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The episode begins with Maggie and Negan, she wants to keep going and he asks her what army. Negan asks Gabriel to back him up, they are walking into their deaths for a sack of beans. Maggie tells him that he is just concerned about himself not the people back home. Negan tells her that if he does this for her, then they are even, he doesn’t want to be looking over his shoulder, or she will be short a soldier. He assumed she is a woman of her word, he has always been a man of his. He puts his hand out and she shakes it, briefly.

Gabriel hears something, it’s a walker, Maggie takes care of it, the walker was just a kid. More walkers are coming. Elsewhere, Eugene is showing Stephanie how to take kill walkers. Then we see Ezekiel killing as well – they are all paying of debt and Ezekiel is having a hard time breathing, the dust is getting to him while they kill walkers outside the Commonwealth for being caught snooping by Mercer.

Yumiko is being treated like a queen since the new community found out that she is a Harvard grad. She makes it clear that she is not going to be there long and finds out that the rest of the group she came in with is being punished, they are clearing buildings of the dead. Yumiko says she wants to speak to Ms. Milton right away.

Daryl and dog are walking, he is out for a smoke. They hear some noise, it sounds like patrol has arrived back. Pope is angry that the patrol came back empty-handed, so Daryl and Leah go out on the hunt. Daryl asks her if they have the walls and food, why keep hunting. She tells him that they have a whole community to protect.

Maggie has a mask on, a face of a dead walker. Negan is trying to show her how to walk and pretend to be a walker but she trips and almost gets herself attacked by a real walker.

Yumiko is with her brother, he tells her that nobody can know that he was a doctor, he like this place, it makes sense. She tells him about her meeting with Ms. Milton, he says nice for her, he would never get a meeting with her. All of a sudden, guards walk up to them and take him away as he is shouting that he did nothing wrong.

Negan is sitting by a fire, watching Maggie with the mask on, walk among the walkers. He tells her that he told her she would get it right, he congratulates her. She hopes she can keep her promise to Negan.

Daryl and Leah are still out hunting, he sees a cabin and takes it to her attention. She tells him that this area should be cold, the patrol had already been there. Daryl sees some brush that is trampled on, he knows somewhere is there. They find a guy, Leah asks him how he avoided the patrols. He says his wife is hurt bad, he was just looking for food. The guy says ok, puts his hands up. Leah calls Pope who tells them to kill the guy.

Negan cooks some meat for them, he tells her that he is not a robot, it sucks to see her friends as walkers. He then tells her that if he could do things over again, he would have done it differently, he would have killed every single one of them. She asks him why he would say that, he says they have to do whatever they have to, to protect their families.

Stephanie and Eugene are sent to the north line to clear more area, but Ezekiel, after a hospital stays to help him with his breathing, is called to another area with Princess. Eugene and Stephanie walk near a park and two people are sitting on the ground and kissing. Eugene and Stephanie kill a bunch of walkers that are coming on to them. The guy gives Eugene a hard time, then another walk comes near the girl and almost attacks her. Stephanie kills the walker, blood sprays all over the girl and the guy freaks out. Elsewhere, Ms. Milton reschedules Yumiko because someone just attacked her son.

Eugene finds himself in a jail cell after his confrontation with the governor’s son. If Eugene doesn’t give up where they came from, he will stay in the jail cell forever.

Leah and Daryl are brought to the man’s wife and child, he turns to them and says he told the truth, he begs for them not to hurt him. Leah tells him to take his son and run never come back there. His wife is hurt, she is bleeding from her stomach, she tells her husband that she loves him and tells him to go. She tells Leah that she answered her prayers, they were never going to leave as long as she was alive. She begs Leah to kill her, she says she is ready, but Leah can’t do it. Daryl does it instead.

Negan and Maggie are walking amongst hundreds of walkers.


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