The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mariah Wants Noah as Tessa’s Sperm Donor – Drags Brother Into Baby Drama?

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) may want Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) as a sperm donor for Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks). Will Mariah drag her brother into her baby obsession drama?

Y&R fans know Tessa tried to talk some sense into Mariah and help her see that it’s too soon to start their family.

Tessa knows Mariah’s hurting over this separation from Dominic Newman-Abbott-Chancellor – and that’s driving this desire to have a baby quickly.

It’s not a good idea to rush into this for the wrong reasons, but Mariah can’t understand that when she’s in so much pain.

Of course, Mariah shouldn’t get pregnant again for at least 12 months according to her OB-GYN, so she’s turned to Tessa as the one to carry the baby.

Tessa already expressed reluctance, but Mariah’s still pushing hard. During the week of September 27-October 1, Tessa will open up to Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) about her concerns.

Tessa will admit she’d rather focus on her career right now than get pregnant – and it obviously isn’t healthy for Mariah to seek a replacement baby anyway.

Sharon will encourage Tessa to be honest with Mariah about exactly where she stands, but that’ll be tough when Mariah once again shares her over-the-top enthusiasm.

It may lead to Tessa actually considering a pregnancy – at least for a while.

Regardless, Mariah has latched onto this idea and seemingly has no intention of letting go.

Mariah’s probably going to start considering sperm donors for Tessa soon, so Noah might be a likely contender. Noah is headed back to the show in recast form this fall, so the timing fits for him to be involved here.

Since Tessa obviously can’t have Mariah’s baby, perhaps Mariah will decide having her brother be the father is the next best thing.

Mariah might like the idea of sharing some DNA and creating a child with biological ties to her family.

This might be where Tessa draws the line since it’d be awfully weird to have her ex’s child and raise him or her with Mariah.

Tessa may think this has gotten out of hand and try to shut Mariah down at that point.

Bottom line, Mariah is fixated on raising a kid when she needs to heal her broken heart over this Dominic situation first.

Let’s hope Sharon puts that degree of hers to good use and helps her daughter!

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Mariah will create more complications through her baby mission, so stay tuned.

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