The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, April 12 Recap – Adam Escapes, Rey Blames Sharon – Chelsea Asks for Rosales

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, April 12 Recap – Adam Escapes, Rey Blames Sharon –  Chelsea Asks for Rosales

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Monday, April 12, teases that Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) will think Sharon Rosales’ (Sharon Case) claims about Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) are crazy.

Rey will argue that Chelsea can’t even move, but Sharon will insist Chelsea set Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) up. She’ll agree to reveal Adam’s location, but Rey has to listen first.

Sharon will talk about Chelsea and her mom pulling schemes in the past. She’ll argue that Chelsea must’ve started to get better at some point and hid it from everyone.

Rey will wonder if Sharon even has one shred of evidence. She’ll bring up the over-the-top texts from Adam, so Rey will be upset over Sharon hiding more Adam contact from him.

However, Sharon will insist the texts were sent by Chelsea on Adam’s tablet. She’ll argue that Chelsea secretly regained her motor skills, but Rey will think all of this sounds ridiculous.

Rey will point out that Sharon’s asking him to believe a recovering stroke victim broke into the house, put thallium in his stuff, took sentimental items and planted them in Adam’s car.

Sharon won’t think it’s impossible since Chelsea obviously had help. She’ll point the finger at Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) on that and insist Chelsea wanted revenge.

Although Sharon will argue Chelsea is wrong, she’ll think Chelsea clearly believes Sharon and Adam will never be able to get over each other.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) will be chatting with Moses Winters (Jacob Aaron Gaines) when Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) appears.

Elena will get an introduction and will insist Moses is learning from one of the best, smartest doctors and men she knows. Nate will credit Elena with talking him into mentoring Moses.

After Elena leaves, Moses will encourage Nate to ask her out. Nate will admit they already tried dating and it didn’t go well. Moses will assume Nate messed up, but Nate will just smile and claim it’s a long story.

Moments later, Nate will get news about Chelsea that sends him to the penthouse. Once Nate arrives, he’ll tell Chelsea not to push too hard. Chloe will lie about this being the first two words she’s heard Chelsea speak.

Nick will be eager to find Adam, so he’ll want to learn what Chelsea meant by “Sharon knows.” However, Nate will feel like Chelsea needs a speech pathologist and will warn this is going to take some time.

Later, Chelsea will get updates on the additional testing she’ll need at the hospital. She’ll manage to whisper that she needs Detective Rosales, so Nate will eventually leave a message about some “interesting developments” and push Rey to call him back.

Back with Rey, he’ll continue to doubt Adam and Sharon’s theory. Sharon will argue that she put her skepticism aside, which is something no one else is able to do for Adam.

Rey will feel like he did his part by hearing her out, so he’ll push Sharon to give him Adam’s location. Sharon will reveal Adam’s at the house by the lake, but she’ll want to come along when Rey confronts him.

However, Sharon will get a text about Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster) being released from the hospital early. She’ll realize she needs to be there for that, so she’ll reluctantly text Rey the location and send him alone.

Once Rey’s gone, Sharon will consider texting Adam to warn him, but she’ll decide against it.

At the hospital, Faith will be eager to head home – though she’ll be nervous about her punishment and everything waiting for her. Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell) will be serving as Faith’s advocate in court, so she’ll give her the rundown on what to expect and offer reassurance.

Once Faith’s back at the cottage, she’ll decide to take a nap in her own bed. Faith will once again let Sharon and Nick know how sorry she is before she heads upstairs. That’ll leave Nick to confront Sharon about what Chelsea said.

Sharon will find it awfully convenient that Chelsea has suddenly regained the ability to speak. She’ll fill Nick in on being in touch with Adam and share the theory about Chelsea.

Nick will be skeptical, but Sharon will think Adam deserves the benefit of the doubt. She’ll mention that Rey’s headed to the lake house, so Nick will insist on going over there, too.

Meanwhile, Rey will burst in Adam’s hideout with his gun drawn, but Adam won’t be there. When Nick shows up, he’ll bring Rey up to speed on Chelsea suddenly regaining her ability to speak.

Rey will find that a bit suspicious, but he’ll point out it doesn’t matter what he believes about Adam’s guilt. What’ll concern Rey in this moment is that Adam’s gone. Rey will think Sharon is the only one who could’ve warned Adam.

At Society, Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) will grill Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) about a former employee named Richard Nealon. She’ll wonder if that rings a bell, so Victor will ask if it should.

Amanda will admit Richard worked there over 30 years ago, so Victor will chuckle over it being ancient history.

Amanda will note that she thought it might’ve sounded familiar because Richard died in a car accident shortly after coming to work for Newman Enterprises. Now there are questions about how much of an accident it really was.

Victor will recognize Sutton Ames’ (Jack Landron) name and admit to dealings with Amanda’s client. Amanda will note that some unknown executive had an illegal arrangement with Sutton’s office, so Newman was receiving favorable treatment.

“Are you accusing me of bribery?” Victor will ask in Monday’s Y&R episode. Amanda will deny it and point out it’s a big company. She’ll feel certain things must happen without Victor’s knowledge all the time.

Amanda will bring up a reporter named Bruce Stansfield, who’s pointing the finger at Sutton regarding the crash. Victor will admit he knows that name, too. Bruce came around asking the same questions and Victor had no answers for him.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Victor will insist he has no answers for Amanda either. He’ll warn that whatever strategy she comes up with to deflect blame from her client shouldn’t involve looking at Newman Enterprises or Victor himself.

As Victor starts to leave, Amanda will reveal she sent a letter requesting the names and titles of every Newman executive who had dealings with Richard. Although Victor may not want to talk, Amanda has to do her job. Victor will tell Amanda to do it then and find the culprit.

Later, Amanda will talk to Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) back at his penthouse. She won’t blame Victor for his intimidation tactics given the way she approached him.

Even so, Amanda will have no regrets about this challenging case and her personal connection to it. It’ll excite Amanda, so Devon will like seeing her light up over it.

After Moses interrupts, Amanda will decide to head out. By the door, she’ll admit talking to Devon like this made it feel like old times. Devon will hope they can get back to where they were, so Amanda will give him a “we’ll see” and point out this case is her focus for now.

Once Amanda is back in her penthouse, she’ll look at Richard’s case files and cry over an old picture of him.

Back with Moses, he’ll talk about the vibes he picked up between Devon and Amanda. Devon will tease Moses about his romantic radar and wonder about Moses’ past girlfriends. Moses will admit he had one last semester, but it didn’t work out since she didn’t get his sense of humor.

However, Moses will gush about meeting Faith at the hospital since she laughed at all his jokes. He’ll wish he could’ve checked on Faith again, so Devon will tease him a bit over all the flirting. Meanwhile, Nate will bump into Elena again and ask her if she has time to chat over coffee.

At the penthouse, Chelsea will remain confident in her plan despite the new speaking development. She’ll argue that if Adam says anything now, he’ll just look crazy. Chelsea will insist they’re in the homestretch and add that it’s all coming together. Chloe won’t look so sure!

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chelsea’s plan will face some other hurdles next week, so don’t miss what’s in store. CDL will have other scorching Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news for you, so drop by often for more Y&R details.