The Young and the Restless Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Ashland’s Dead Bobby Confession – Victoria Trip Trouble – Billy Hits Setbacks

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the next two weeks tease that Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will make a “dead” Bobby DeFranco confession while Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) faces some trip trouble and some Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) setbacks strike.

During the week of September 27-October 1, Ashland will solve one problem and quickly face another.

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will pay Jesse Gaines (Jamison Jones) to leave Ashland alone and will throw in a prison threat to make sure the situation is handled.

Ashland will appreciate Victor’s move and will vow to ensure Victoria’s happiness, but Nick Newman (Eric Braeden) will come home from Toms River with shocking information.

After Nick summons Ashland to Crimson Lights for a one-on-one meeting, Ashland will choose to bring Victoria.

This will be Ashland’s effort to prove he has nothing to hide, but he won’t be expecting Nick’s bombshell.

Nick will mention the name “Bobby DeFranco” and suggest that this man supposedly died in a car wreck 40 years ago.

Ashland will get flustered before admitting to Victoria that he’s the “dead” man. In reality, Ashland simply let everyone believe he was killed when he took on the real Ashland Locke’s identity.

The news will unsettle Victoria since it’s yet another secret, but she’ll stand by Ashland once again and rip into Nick for digging up more dirt.

Meanwhile, Billy will battle frustration over the whole Gaines situation.

Gaines was supposed to be Billy’s ticket to exposing Ashland’s sinister secrets, so Billy won’t be pleased about Victor intervening.

Nevertheless, Billy won’t give up on taking Ashland down before this wedding happens.

Speaking of that wedding, Billy will be uninvited as far as Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is concerned. Nikki will blast Billy for his constant pestering and warn that he’s no longer welcome at this family event.

As for Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes), she’ll remain on an emotional roller coaster.

Mariah will once again express excitement over the baby she wants Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) to have. After getting advice from Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case), Tessa will let Mariah know she’s not ready to take such a big step yet.

Mariah will claim to understand, but she’ll face more difficulties along the way.

Once Mariah confides in Sharon, it looks like she’ll make another baby pitch to Tessa. This is becoming an obsession, so that’ll lead to a disagreement and growing concerns about Mariah’s mental state.

As for Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), they’ll clear the air about what Jack told Nick.

Jack will be apologetic for not coming to Phyllis beforehand, but he may worry she would’ve tried to talk him out of it. That confession was something Jack really felt like he had to do for the sake of his friendship with Nick.

Phyllis and Jack will end up getting their friendship moving in the right direction again.

Of course, Nick will fear it’s a bit than that when he spots them together. He’ll come home from his trip and catch Phyllis with Jack, so seeing them in a close moment could spell trouble.

During the week of October 4-8, Y&R spoilers say Nikki will hand down an ultimatum to someone.

That could bring another attempt to put Billy in his place since he just won’t leave Victoria and Ashland alone.

However, Victor will also try to deal with Billy ahead of Ashland and Victoria’s wedding.

Billy may plan to crash if following his banishment from the ceremony, but Victor will likely warn he’d better think again!

Next, Victoria and Ashland will take a trip that comes with a curveball.

They may check out the palazzo in Tuscany ahead of the ceremony, but it sounds like some drama could go down before the actual nuptials take place.

Victoria may find herself wondering if she can actually say “I do” when Ashland just can’t be honest with her.

There’s no trust in this relationship, so entering a marriage with Ashland will become tougher and tougher to commit to.

After Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) bonds with Dominic Newman-Abbott-Chancellor even more, Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) will work out a new agreement with him.

Abby may spell out exactly the role she wants Devon to play in Dominic’s life, but will it be more than the role of godfather?

Chance Chancellor (last played by Donny Boaz) still isn’t back from his mission, so that could be a factor here.

Devon may step up in Chance’s place and essentially serve as Dominic’s dad for a while.

We’ll keep bringing you updates as other Y&R details come in. The Young and the Restless spoilers say several characters will face shakeups over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

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