The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Thursday, May 13 Recap – Adam Lets Sharon Go, Plays Matchmaker with Rey

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Thursday, May 13 Recap – Adam Lets Sharon Go, Plays Matchmaker with Rey

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Thursday, May 13, reveals Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will let Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) go and decide to play matchmaker for her with Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). In a special standalone show, Adam will play a chess game that’ll determine his fate and leave him with a new perspective.

In his hospital room, Adam will dream he’s waking up to find Sharon crying about how Faith Newman’s (Reylynn Caster) body rejected the kidney transplant. A stunned Adam will argue can’t be true, but Sharon will rant about how Adam is toxic and like a cancer to everyone he touches.

As a storm blows in, things will turn to black and white as Adam appears at the Newman ranch. Adam will sit at the chess board with Victor, who’ll insist that Adam has to play by the rules for once.

Victor will add that this is the most important game of his life – an “all-or-nothing game” to determine Adam’s future.

When the game begins, Adam will contemplate going for the knight. Rey will walk in to symbolize that knight and will note that Adam always wanted to take him out.

Rey will suggest that Adam saw him as someone standing in the way rather than someone who could protect Sharon and make her happy.

Rey will argue that Adam drove Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) to her breakdown by not loving her the way she deserved. He’ll point out that Adam couldn’t even stay away on Sharon’s wedding day, but Adam will argue that he didn’t try to stop the ceremony.

Even so, Rey will feel like Adam should’ve been with the woman he claimed to love and spend the rest of his life with.

“But you’re not capable of that kind of love – the stable, solid, forever kind,” Rey will declare. He’ll think there’s something broken and irredeemable in Adam, so that’s why Adam always runs to Sharon when he needs saving.

Rey will bring up Adam’s obsession with Sharon, so Adam will admit Rey’s right about it being an obsession. From Rey’s perspective, he’ll think the only way Sharon will be free is if Adam gives up his hold on her.

Adam will decide to move his pawn instead, so Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) will appear and talk about how the power of that piece shouldn’t be underestimated.

However, Adam will argue that it’s the piece everyone sacrifices in service of their goals. He’ll guess Chelsea sacrificed Chloe like a pawn when she made Chloe her accomplice, but Chloe will neither confirm nor deny it.

Chloe will talk about how all her attempts to take Adam down have been dismissed as moves made by a “pathetic, crazy grieving woman.” Meanwhile, Adam viewed Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) as a power player.

Chloe will mention how she’s in a strong, supportive relationship with the man of her dreams and two beautiful children. “So compared to you, I’m winning,” Chloe will say with a chuckle.

Adam won’t even think Chloe’s a factor in this game, but she’ll remind Adam that a pawn that makes it to the other side of the board gets promoted. It’s the only piece that grows stronger with perseverance.

Chloe will think Adam might want to take another look at his first move since it could be far more consequential than he realizes. Victor will argue that playing is safe isn’t the answer, but Adam will decide to protect his rook.

Billy will show up to warn Adam that’s a bad move and insist that if Adam doesn’t start thinking about the game differently, he’ll end up with nothing. Billy will argue that building up a fortress of protection means building up walls to good things, too.

Adam will counter that Billy is the last person he’d listen to, but Billy will feel like they’re forever connected by the defining moment of when Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono) died.

Parts of them turned to dust that night, but Billy will insist that if Adam doesn’t start tearing his walls down then he won’t have the slightest chance of winning the game.

After Billy disappears, Victor will talk about the bishop being the most dangerous piece on the board. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) will pop up to represent that bishop and will wonder if Victor is finally acknowledging her as a threat.

As Phyllis leans in close to Adam, she’ll mention all the fun they had with blackmail, espionage and hacking.

Adam will argue that he’s trying to change, but Phyllis won’t think that’s possible and will feel those who try just revert back to who they really are. “It’s an eye for an eye. You have to be ruthless like your dear old dad,” Phyllis will warn.

While Adam’s tossing and turning in his hospital bed, Y&R spoilers say his dream will continue. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will come in next and suggest he’s like the white knight – coming in like the cavalry to save Adam’s sorry behind.

Nick will ask who’s the one person who’ll stand by Adam’s side no matter what, but Adam won’t even know at this point.

“Well, you’re the last one to figure it out then, slick. Because everyone knows who your queen is: It’s Sharon,” Nick will insist. He’ll argue that Adam has somehow convinced Sharon that there’s a better man inside of him.

Adam will promise he truly wants to be better, but Nick will think they’ve been down this same road before and nothing changed.

As Nick exits, he’ll announce that Adam’s queen is there. “I am nobody’s queen,” Sharon will counter. She’ll insist both Nick and Adam are wrong to think of her that way.

Sharon will add that Adam may think he wants her by his side, but she shouldn’t be there. She’ll think she’s Adam’s crutch – a way to avoid dealing with things and changing the way she knows he’s capable of doing.

After Sharon moves pieces on the board, she’ll thank Adam for saving Faith’s life and push him to do what’s best for both of them once and for all. “Let me go,” Sharon will plead.

Once Victor is alone with Adam, he’ll tell his son that it’s still possible to regain the upper hand. Victor will think the move’s right in front of Adam, but Adam won’t see it and will feel he’s left himself too vulnerable. He won’t think there’s any way to win this game.

Adam will ultimately forfeit, but Victor will argue that his son doesn’t mean that. Adam will insist he’s done and will push Victor to tell him what move would’ve won the game.

“Allow me,” Chelsea will insist as she appears and sashays toward the chessboard. She’ll rant about Adam bringing Sharon in as a therapist when all she could do was blink.

Adam will argue that he never meant to hurt Chelsea and only wanted to help with her recovery. Chelsea will declare that Adam triggered a reaction of rage.

Chelsea will rant about the kiss between Adam and Sharon next, but Adam will claim that was all a mistake. He’ll talk about how all he wanted was to get their family and life back.

Chelsea will wonder if Adam really thinks that’s still possible. She’ll note that even if she was willing, Adam would have no idea how to get there because he can’t see the move.

“I was all you needed! I was your queen! You could have won! You could have had everything you said you ever wanted, but you threw it all away – and now you’re alone!” Chelsea will yell.

Chelsea will insist it’s too late since she’s lost her mind because of Adam. Chelsea will tell Adam to enjoy his lonely life and will add that he deserves it before she struts away.

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will pop up next to wonder if Adam really thinks he should get a reset. She’ll wonder if Adam’s really buying all this “crap” about how the game is played.

Victoria will think winning is all it’s really about. She’ll tell Adam that he’s underestimated her when she’s the one he should fear the most – and Adam will suddenly wake up startled in his hospital bed.

In the waiting area, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) will give Sharon and Nick positive updates on Faith. If things continue down this path, Nate will believe Faith’s body will accept the donation and make a full recovery.

Adam will be up walking around nearby, so Nick will ask Nate if he should really be up and about. Nate will insist it’s a good sign that Adam feels able to walk, so Nick will approach his brother and give him the good news about Faith.

They’ll discuss Connor Newman (Judah Mackey), but Adam will mention losing the game and needing to make amends first.

That’ll concern Nick, who’ll feel like Adam’s out of it and should probably get back in bed. Adam will tell Nick he’s sorry for everything before he walks off. When Sharon walks over to Nick, he’ll admit Adam was acting a bit strange and suggest maybe it was the drugs.

However, Nick will mention that he saw a different side of Adam in Kansas. He’ll suggest that Adam truly wants to change, so maybe he means it. “Maybe,” Sharon will reply.

When Sharon joins Adam in his room, she’ll get confirmation that it wasn’t the meds talking. Adam will insist that he wants to make amends and intends to change.

Adam will make it clear that he has to let Sharon go and stop using her as a crutch. Sharon will acknowledge that what happened between them wasn’t one-sided.

Adam will want to help Rey and Sharon find their way back to each other, but Sharon won’t think that’s possible anymore.

When Adam insists it’s going to happen, Sharon will ask if he’s playing matchmaker now. Adam will argue that he’s making some changes, but he can still be relentless.

Sharon will guess this is the new Adam with a little of the old mixed in. Adam will agree he’s using his powers for good instead of evil.

While Nick tells Phyllis that he’s cautiously optimistic about his brother’s turnaround, Adam will get a visit from Victor. He’ll assure his father that he won’t let him down this time.

Back at the ranch, Victor will pour himself a drink and notice a chess move that was there all along. He’ll move the piece and declare checkmate.

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