The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, May 4 Recap – Adam’s Secret Wish – Nick’s Life-saving Move – Lily’s Discovery

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, May 4 Recap – Adam’s Secret Wish – Nick’s Life-saving Move – Lily’s Discovery

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Tuesday, May 4, reveals that Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will get off the phone and bring Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) in the loop on a new lead. Billy will point out that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) boarded the Newman jet and took off in a hurry.

Billy will suspect Nick knows where Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) is and will want to jump on the story before the cops make an arrest. Lily will feel like maybe Billy just wants this to be about Adam since he has no proof.

However, Lily will ultimately allow Billy to have someone pursue the story as long as their other projects move forward.

At the hospital on Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will talk to Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) about Faith Newman’s (Alyvia Alyn Lind) amazing bravery during such a difficult time.

After Nikki steps away, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) will appear and note that Sharon looks upset. Once Rey gets updates on the kidney situation, he’ll be relieved to know there’s a match for Faith’s rare blood type.

Rey will ask if it’s anybody he knows, so Sharon will seem hesitant as she shares that there’s exactly one match within the family. “Not Adam…” Rey will say as he processes the news. Sharon will confirm that Adam is the one person who could save Faith’s life, so that’s why Nick took off to find him.

It’ll dawn on Rey that he was kept in the dark on Adam’s location, so he’ll lash out. Sharon will wonder what she was supposed to do. She wasn’t about to risk her daughter’s one shot at survival, but Rey will angrily ask if Sharon really thought he’d stand in the way.

Sharon will note that Rey always plays by the rules and won’t know anything for sure when it comes to their relationship anymore.

After Sharon sits down in the waiting area and cries, Rey will soften and truly hope things work out with Adam’s kidney. When Rey asks if he can go see Faith now, Sharon will promise she’d never try to keep Rey from seeing Faith – no matter what’s going on between them.

At Society, Nikki will tell Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) about Sharon being in touch with Adam – and Billy will eavesdrop nearby. As Billy listens, he’ll learn that Adam is the best kidney donor match for Faith since it’s less likely to be rejected from a family member.

Nikki will hate that they have to depend on Adam to do the right thing – and Victoria will point out there’s nothing to stop Adam from taking advantage of the situation. However, Nikki will insist she’ll give Adam anything he wants since she’ll do anything to save Faith.

Soon after, Billy will approach Nikki and Victoria’s table to let them know Nick leaving on the Newman jet isn’t as secret as they think it is.

Billy will admit he was listening long enough to hear the Faith situation. After Victoria asks to speak with Billy alone, she’ll find out Billy has someone hot on Nick’s trail.

Victoria will gripe about ChancComm’s page views being more important than her niece’s life. She’ll wonder how Billy can even entertain the idea of messing things up for Faith. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Victoria will snap on Tuesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless.

Billy will promise he’s not going to put Faith’s life in danger. He’ll insist he’s only trying to tell Victoria that he’s going to pull the plug on the story. In fact, Billy will vow to throw anyone who gets close off the scent.

A grateful and apologetic Victoria will share a tender moment with Billy – just in time for Lily to spot them and look stunned over this unsettling discovery.

In the Kansas storm cellar, Nick and Adam will try to break down the door they came down through. When that proves futile, Adam will pop open a bottle of wine and suggest they should relax until the storm passes.

Nick will refuse to give up and will warn Adam that the last thing he should be doing is drinking since he may have to prep for kidney surgery.

After Nick finds the cellar doors that lead to the outside, Adam will point out that they’re probably padlocked. He’ll be adamant that they can’t go anywhere in this weather, but Nick will want to make sure they’re ready to go as soon as they can.

Adam will help Nick hoist a wooden beam at the cellar doors repeatedly, but they’ll ultimately take a quick break. That’ll give Adam a chance to reflect on how Nick was right about how he’d fight the same way if Connor Newman’s (Judah Mackey) life were on the line.

Adam will admit he’s been doing a lot of thinking about who he was as a boy and the person he’s become.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Adam will wish for a pill or a magic potion that could wipe away the past. He’ll wish he could get rid of all the reasons people have for wanting him to disappear.

“That’s a hell of a pill, Adam,” Nick will insist as he gets back to working on the cellar doors. Adam will contend that even if he saves Faith, he’s not going to change anyone’s mind about him.

Nick will argue that change takes hard work, so Adam should start making some effort – and then they’ll talk.

After Adam helps Nick with the doors briefly, he’ll push Nick to tell him what this magic thing is that’ll convince everyone he’s changed.

Nick will suggest Adam could start by facing the consequences of his actions. He’ll yell that Adam poisoned Rey and will think Adam should face the music.

Adam will note that he already did time for another poisoning he wasn’t to blame for. He’ll reiterate that he wasn’t to blame for Rey’s suffering, but Nick will sarcastically wish his brother luck convincing everyone of that.

Adam will tell Nick to “have fun” as he lets him handle breaking down the door on his own.

Back at the hospital, Rey will give Faith a pep talk in her room. Faith will point out that Sharon told her Rey was working nights, but she’ll suspect he moved out. Rey won’t think that’s important right now and will assure Faith that he still loves her mom.

Nothing would make Rey happier than if things worked out with Sharon, but he’ll note that they can both agree on Faith’s health being what matters most. Sharon will listen in on Rey’s heartfelt words from the doorway before returning to the waiting area.

Once Rey joins Sharon there, she’ll admit Faith’s being taken for some tests soon. It would be a good time to get some rest since there’s still no word from Nick. Rey will reassure Sharon that Nick will get in touch soon. In the meantime, Rey will want to take Sharon home.

In Faith’s hospital room, she’ll get a visit from Moses Winters (Jacob Aaron Gaines). Moses will get updates on Faith’s kidney dilemma and will offer plenty of support.

After Sharon’s back at her place with Rey, she’ll end up snapping at him before apologizing. Rey will reveal that he’s got a confession to make: that he’s been having some doubts about Adam’s guilt.

Rey will acknowledge that part of him wanted Adam to be guilty, but he’ll know he has to look at the facts and get to the truth.

In the storm cellar on Tuesday’s Y&R episode, Adam will insist that he ran from Genoa City because he was being framed. What Adam knows he needs now is a fresh start – if that’s even possible.

Adam will want a new beginning somewhere so he can raise his son in peace and be a decent man.

Nick will argue that all he can focus on right now is Faith, so they’ll get back down to the business of trying to escape. After Adam and Nick finally break the cellar doors open, the ceiling will start to cave in. Nick will shout at Adam and shove him out of the way as debris falls.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say there’s much more drama to come in the storm cellar, so stay tuned to Y&R! CDL will have lots of other great Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news for you, so stop by frequently.