The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Thursday, February 25 – Chance Return Doubts – Amanda Says Uncle Devon Needs Baby Rights

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Thursday, February 25, reveals that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) has a chat with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) ahead of picking up Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind).

Phyllis surprises Nick by blaming Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) instead of Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) for her relationship troubles. For Faith’s sake, Phyllis hopes Adam doesn’t succeed in sabotaging Sharon and Rey Rosales’ (Jordi Vilasuso) marriage.

At the cottage on Thursday’s Y&R episode, Faith mostly ignores Sharon and gives terse responses to questions. Faith assumes she missed Rey this morning, but Sharon secretly looks at a text she received last night about Rey sleeping at the station.

Nick arrives while Faith’s out of the room, so Sharon admits things have been sad and subdued around there.

Sharon also confesses that Rey didn’t come home last night, but she notes that Faith is out of the loop. Nick promises Faith won’t hear it from him. Talk turns to the kiss photo, but Sharon insists Rey got the wrong idea. Nick thinks this is about a “hell of a lot more than a reckless kiss.”

When Nick finds out Adam stopped by last night, he grumbles about it. Sharon argues that Adam wouldn’t have felt the need to check on her if Rey hadn’t confronted him. Nick mentions that he talked to Rey, too. “Are you kidding me?” Sharon exclaims.

Nick contends that he ran into Rey and pushed him to work things out with Sharon. The way Nick sees it, Sharon has to figure out how to get through to Rey and Faith.

The conversation shifts to Faith’s bullies, so Nick insists there have to be consequences for their behavior. Faith comes down with a huge suitcase since she doesn’t know how long she’ll be living with Nick.

After Nick goes to put Faith’s bag in the car, Sharon says she’ll miss Faith. However, Sharon likes that Faith feels comfortable advocating for herself.

The tension lifts slightly as Faith talks about Sharon being “such a therapist.” Sharon hopes she can come out stronger on the other side with Rey, so Faith says she’ll keep her fingers crossed.

When Faith goes to get her plugged in phone, Nick’s already got it. He holds it hostage since he wants the names of Faith’s bullies. Faith’s concerned about retaliation and doesn’t think Nick’s being fair.

It’s decided that Nick will buy Faith a new phone with a new number and hang onto this one to see any future messages from the bullies.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) talks through her donor dilemma with Nina Webster (Tricia Cast). Abby likes the idea of having a donor that she knows along with Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz).

However, they’re two white people from sheltered backgrounds. Abby wonders what they really know about raising a biracial child.

Nina understands Abby’s concerns, but she feels like Abby and Chance could figure it out. Abby admits part of her is thrilled at the thought of one of her best friends being part of this child. However, Abby doesn’t know if she can go through with this unless Devon agrees to be part of the baby’s life.

After Abby sends Nina some links to articles about raising a child from a different race, Nina thinks this kid’s connection to Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) would be “kind of cosmic.”

Abby feels like Katherine would give them her blessing and decides to call Devon over.

Once Devon shows up, Abby wants to know his honest feelings on white parents raising black child. Would that child feel like an outsider in his or her own family?

Devon doesn’t think so and mentions how Lily Winters’ (Christel Khalil) twins don’t have the same skin color as Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard). It didn’t matter since there was always love and acceptance in that household.

Devon thinks what matters is that the child has someone to relate to on different things – someone who can help navigate any negativity. Abby insists this child will need Devon in his or her life.

Abby wants this kid to know Devon’s the donor when he or she’s old enough. “Are you ready to be a part of this family?” Abby asks with a laugh.

Devon replies that he’s more than ready; he’s honored. Later on Thursday’s Young and the Restless episode, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) comes to the Chancellor mansion and gets the good news about Devon being the donor.

Abby brings out Champagne, so they toast to “soon-to-be Baby Chancellor.”

Abby wants to focus on the legal side of things now. They’re all going to need their own contracts, so they each need their own lawyer. Nina says they’ll be glad to pick up the tab.

Devon appreciates the offer, but he can take care of it. “Uh, I will take you up on that,” Mariah says with a sip of her Champagne.

This is about making sure everybody’s rights are understood and protected, but Abby wants to keep the spirit of mutual support throughout this whole process. Abby hopes Baby Chancellor will be surrounded by love from the very beginning.

At The Grand Phoenix, Naya Benedict (Ptosha Storey) is happy to see Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan). Although Amanda doesn’t like all the secrecy, she’ll try not to take it personally.

Naya tells Amanda a story about college, and there’s a pleasant vibe between them. The mood shifts a bit when the topic of Naya’s pregnancy comes up, but Naya admits she was so young and unprepared.

Amanda talks about how hard she worked to go to college. She became a summa cum laude graduate and went on to law school.

Naya knows she had nothing to do with Amanda’s success or achievements – and maybe she doesn’t have the right to say or think this, but… “Amanda, I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of anyone in my life,” Naya insists.

Amanda gets choked up and admits it wasn’t the wrong thing to say. Naya’s also amazed over Amanda being the general counsel for Chancellor Communications. Amanda talks about how she had no relatives or support.

Amanda had to do everything on her own, so Naya says she’s sorry. She had no idea what Amanda was going through.

Amanda feels like Naya told herself a story she believed to avoid the truth. Naya suggests that if she had known, maybe she could’ve made things easier for Amanda. Amanda wonders if Naya’s talking about money.

Naya gets uncomfortable and says she isn’t really sure, but Amanda keeps pushing. She wonders if Naya could go back and do things differently, would Naya have gone home with a baby in each arm and loved them? Would Naya have protected them from the world?

Amanda gets increasingly agitated and wants to cut to the chase. If Naya had seen the way Amanda was living – without family and painfully lonely – what would she have done? Naya doesn’t know how to answer that question. “I think you just did,” Amanda declares angrily.

Once Amanda calms down, she knows she’s asking Naya a lot of difficult questions. Naya doesn’t regret coming and understands why Amanda feels the way she does.

Imani Benedict (Leigh-Ann Rose) calls, so Naya decides she’d better go. Amanda agrees to meet up again soon, so they part ways on an emotional note – and Amanda smiles slightly as Naya leaves.

Faith heads to the Grand Phoenix and learns Phyllis has arranged a spa day. The surprise seems to lift Faith’s spirits. Faith goes to get her new phone set up while she waits.

Nick and Phyllis reflect on how Summer Newman (Hunter King) was a bully once upon a time – how she was just immature and misguided. Phyllis gets Nick to consider the possibility that’s what’s happening with Faith’s bullies, too.

Nevertheless, Nick knows this is deeper than bullying. He blames all the Adam drama, but Phyllis feels like Sharon will get her act together. Phyllis admits Sharon is a good mom and that there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her daughter.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah wants to talk to Sharon about the kiss photo. She asks how that even happened. Sharon quickly explains and promises it meant nothing, but she admits Faith’s upset and confused.

Mariah learns Faith will be living with Nick for a while and agrees to check up on her.

Talk turns to the surrogacy, so Mariah reveals that Devon stepped up as a donor. Sharon thinks that’s fantastic, and Mariah gushes over the support system this baby will have. “Am I crazy? Because I have never felt more grounded and excited,” Mariah admits.

Sharon thinks it’s easy to get caught up in it all. She wants to make sure Mariah’s being realistic about what being a surrogate involves. Mariah says she’s doing her homework and rattles off physical changes, but Sharon’s talking about more than that.

Suddenly, Sharon gets a text from Rey about talking at home later. All Sharon can do is open her heart and pray that’s enough.

Back at The Grand Phoenix, Devon gets updates on Amanda’s meeting with Naya. Amanda says the relationship is fragile, so they’re just taking it one step at time.

Devon lets Amanda know Abby’s moving full-speed ahead on the donor situation, which surprises Amanda. Devon notes that Abby wants him to remain in the picture as “Uncle Devon,” but Amanda seems skeptical about all this working out.

Devon thinks it’ll work out just fine and needs a good lawyer, so that’s why he came to see Amanda. She’s OK with helping and suggests they can discuss goals, expectations and Devon’s participation in this child’s life.

Amanda notes that the father isn’t currently around, but Devon pipes up that Chance will be back. “Well, we don’t know that,” Amanda insists.

Devon contends that Chance is just on an assignment – that Chance will be the one and only father. Devon reiterates that he’ll simply be the fun uncle. Amanda thinks it’s important to nail down exactly how much time Devon wants to spend with this child and prepare for once this baby becomes a reality.

Amanda warns Devon will be doing heavy-lifting without any rights. Devon doesn’t think he needs rights since they’re like family to him. Amanda warns that “things change, people change, what people want changes.”

Somewhat ominous music plays as Amanda pushes Devon to trust her. Amanda insists that a solid contract is what will ensure they all remain friends.

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