The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Wednesday, January 6 – Adam Bans Nick Visiting Chelsea – Kevin’s Hidden Cam Dirt

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Wednesday, January 6 – Adam Bans Nick Visiting Chelsea – Kevin’s Hidden Cam Dirt

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Wednesday, January 6, teases that Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) has a warning for Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Phyllis thinks Nick should watch out for Jordan (Madison Thompson), who may be a bad influence on Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind).

Nick wants to reward Phyllis for the tip later, but he’s hoping to swing by the hospital first and check on Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan). “Really?” Phyllis wonders. She argues that Nick isn’t really close to Chelsea these days. Besides, Chelsea has Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) to lean on.

Nick blames Adam for what happened, but Phyllis doesn’t think Chelsea is some hapless victim. Chelsea ignored glaring signals and knows what she’s doing when it comes to Adam.

Nick argues that this has no bearing on his relationship with Phyllis. “We’re not doing that. I am not insecure about Chelsea!” Phyllis insists. She’s just so tired of this “knight on a white horse thing” Nick has going on.

Phyllis points out that even Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) doesn’t behave this way with Adam anymore. Nick contends that his history with Chelsea is nothing like Adam and Sharon’s.

“It’s fine! I don’t care! I don’t care!” Phyllis finally says. She tells Nick to go see his ex, but she doesn’t want him to rewrite history as far as Chelsea’s concerned.

At the hospital on Wednesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Adam tries to boost Chelsea’s spirits. He thinks it’s just a matter of regaining her strength and wishes he could know if Chelsea’s even hearing him.

Chelsea blinks hard, so Adam takes that as a sign. He knows he’s responsible for setting all this in motion and hopes Chelsea can forgive him one day.

After Adam promises to stand by Chelsea through this, he notes that he hasn’t told Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) anything. Adam feels Chelsea will get her voice back soon and can tell Connor how much she loves him herself.

Adam needs a sign that Chelsea believes him, so she moves her left hand slightly – and Adam takes it in his own.

Nate talks to Elena at Crimson Lights about Dr. Cavett (Dana Sparks), the specialist Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is flying in. Dr. Cavett is a physical therapist who specializes in stroke recovery. Chelsea has a long road ahead of her, but Elena insists she’s in good hands.

Once Nate comes in Chelsea’s hospital room later, he asks Adam to step out with him. Adam begs Nate to tell him this isn’t more bad news. Nate just wants to fill Adam in on his conversation with Dr. Cavett.

Although Adam thinks Nate’s an excellent doctor, he did have some reservations about Nate working on this case. Adam feels Nate wouldn’t be human if he didn’t have some resentment toward Adam.

This leads Adam to reflect on switching Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) meds, which brought Victor’s elaborate trap to fake his death.

Nate was a huge part of the plan and nearly lost his medical license as a result. After Adam addresses all that, Nate’s surprised that he’s admitting it so openly. Adam doesn’t have time to play games, especially when Chelsea’s future is on the line.

Nate promises Adam that that “episode” has no bearing on how he’ll treat Chelsea. Adam doesn’t have a problem with the team that’s been established as long as they’re willing to do house calls – because Adam’s bringing Chelsea home today.

Nate thinks it’ll take some time before Chelsea’s up for that, but Adam insists he’s already cleared it with the chief of staff. As soon as Chelsea’s room is ready, Adam’s taking Chelsea with him. He’s already got all the proper medical equipment set up.

“What you’re proposing would be a serious mistake!” Nate insists. He points out that Chelsea might need another emergency surgery. The delay in getting Chelsea to the OR could meant the difference between life and death. Adam ignores Nate’s warning and argues that the decision has already been made.

At The Grand Phoenix, Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) updates Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) on working up the courage to call her birth mom, Naya Benedict (Ptosha Storey).

Amanda’s excited since Naya agreed to meet her there today. Devon thinks it’s a good sign that Naya’s willing to come all that way, but Amanda suspects Naya didn’t want her husband and other daughter to start asking questions.

Devon thinks Amanda’s trying to anticipate the worst thing happening to protect herself. Amanda doesn’t really believe in the power of positive thinking, but Devon feels like it works. He also believes it took guts to call Naya in the first place, so Amanda thanks Devon for putting things into perspective.

After Devon offers to be there at the meeting, Amanda turns him down. Devon says that no matter what happens, she’s found at least one new family member in him. Amanda credits Devon with being the best friend she could ask for throughout all of this.

Devon and Amanda are sharing a sweet moment as Elena walks in. Elena gazes in their direction and looks somber. She watches by the bar for a bit while Devon reminds Amanda of her resilience. Amanda agrees that she just wants answers, so if she gets those answers – good or bad – today will be a success.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) spots Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) on the patio and suggests they should catch up. Kevin praises Victoria for the work she’s done at Newman Enterprises since taking over – and without a hint of scandal!

Victoria says she strives to be an ethical CEO, so Kevin wonders if she holds all her employees to that same high standard. Victoria snaps that of course she does. She doesn’t get why Kevin would even ask that.

Kevin downplays it and keeps piling on the phony praise, so Victoria assumes he’s angling for a job. She insists they’re not hiring in the IT department right now.

Kevin insists that he just wants to see Victoria succeed at Newman. After Victoria leaves for a meeting, Kevin sips his coffee and mutters that Victoria has no idea how much he’s done to help her.

After Victoria shows up in The Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis is irritated to find out Victoria’s set up another lunch meeting there. Victoria insists that “we Newmans like to support each other.” Since Nick is the majority shareholder, Victoria expects Phyllis will be seeing a lot more of her.

Phyllis insists this is HER hotel, so Victoria notes that it was a lovely gift. Phyllis fires back that it was a loan. “So, a no interest loan that never has to be paid back… Yeah, that’s a gift,” Victoria quips.

Phyllis vows to pay Nick back sooner than everyone expects. Victoria is curious how, but Phyllis isn’t interested in spilling.

Victoria thinks it must be hard knowing Phyllis will never live up to her lofty standards for herself. Phyllis acknowledges that she has “larger than life” goals sometimes.

She doesn’t always achieve them on the first try, but at least she has someone to come home to at night – someone to hold her in his arms and support her. Phyllis pretends she’s sorry for being so insensitive since Victoria is all alone.

Afterward, Phyllis finds Kevin at the coffeehouse working on his laptop. Kevin shuts it and gets grilled about Gloria Fisher Bardwell (Judith Chapman). Phyllis claims that there was some internal scandal that Nick told her about, so she wondered if there was a connection to Gloria’s drama.

Kevin calls Phyllis out for making the Nick part up, so she admits she did. Phyllis just wanted the scoop, so Kevin says he was able to talk Gloria out of what she was mixed up in. Phyllis gets Kevin to admit that Gloria had dirt on a high-level exec at Newman.

The guy was embezzling big money, so Gloria’s plan was to blackmail him and take a cut.

Phyllis thinks that’s gutsy, but Kevin feels it was stupid and wasn’t worth the risk since Gloria probably would’ve landed in prison. The guy was a CFO of a Newman branch in Los Angeles, so Phyllis marvels at this happening right under Victoria’s nose. Kevin corrects that Victoria knew all about it.

Although Kevin doesn’t know for a fact, he found out the guy retired suddenly after 20 years with no fanfare. The money was replaced right around the same time. Kevin suspects the dude got busted and was allowed to slink off quietly with his reputation intact.

Phyllis doesn’t think it makes sense for vindictive Victoria to give the guy a free pass. It suddenly dawns on Phyllis that Victoria doesn’t want her father to know.

Phyllis thinks Victor would blame Victoria and remove her as CEO over this. She gets excited about having a secret to hold over Victoria and insists “we” are going to exploit it.

“We?! What ‘we’?! We’re not a ‘we’!” Kevin insists. Phyllis shushes Kevin so she can think. She wonders what proof Victoria might have of what went down. Kevin admits there’s video from a hidden camera of the CFO handing over cash to be shipped offshore. He’s giving instructions on this video, which Gloria put on the flash drive.

Phyllis is elated, but Kevin argues with her since he just talked Gloria out of a blackmail scheme. Phyllis insists she’ll take care of Kevin – he’ll have something extra to pad his kids’ college funds with. However, no one has to know he’s involved.

Phyllis wants Victoria to know SHE got the upper hand on HER. Kevin feels this is a lousy idea, but Phyllis tells him to hold onto that flash drive for her.

Nate meets up with Elena and explains how Adam’s taking Chelsea home though the move’s ill-advised. Elena eventually admits there’s somewhere she wants take Nate, but she won’t tell him where they’re going just yet. Adam has an awkward moment with Nate and Elena as they’re heading out.

While Adam’s picking up a to-go order, Nick spots him and asks about Chelsea. Nick offers to pitch in with Connor, but Adam’s perfectly capable of handling his son. Adam wonders what contact Nick’s even had with Chelsea lately other than to tell her she shouldn’t be with Adam.

They bicker as Adam talks about how smug Nick is.

To Adam’s surprise, Victor is the only Newman who’s willing to offer any genuine sympathy at all. Nick knows Adam will use that to his advantage – so much for cutting himself off from the family!

Nick wonders if Adam’s headed back to the hospital. Although Nick wants to see Chelsea, he’d rather Adam not be there. Adam says Nick shouldn’t bother since Chelsea’s headed home – and Nick isn’t welcome.

Elena ends up taking Nate to a suite, where he seeks assurance that this is what she wants. Elena has realized that they can’t let the past hold them back from living their lives. They feel how they feel and it’s up to them to forgive themselves. Nate puts the “do not disturb” sign out so they can enjoy this.

Chelsea is quite still in a wheelchair at home, where she meets her new nurse and learns the den has been converted into a bedroom. Adam’s priority is helping Chelsea recover. He assures Chelsea that he’s going to bring ‘Chelsea’ back to him.

Back with Amanda, she’s impatient at The Grand Phoenix bar in Wednesday’s Y&R episode. Naya texts that she doesn’t think she can do this and isn’t ready, so Amanda sighs and guzzles wine.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Amanda and Naya’s meeting will still happen down the road, so stay tuned to Y&R! CDL will have other great Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news for you in the meantime, so stick with us.