The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, June 23 Recap – Phyllis Thinks Tara’s Nuts – Summer’s Evil Stepmom Excuse

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, June 23 Recap – Phyllis Thinks Tara's Nuts - Summer’s Evil Stepmom Excuse

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for recap Wednesday, June 23, reveals that Summer Newman (Hunter King) will use an “evil stepmom” excuse as part of her explanation to a relentless Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). As for Phyllis, she’ll trust her instinct when it says Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) is “nuts.”

At Newman Media on Wednesday’s Y&R episode, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will get a visit from Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), who’ll hand over some cheap bubble bath as an office-warming gift.

Adam will think it’s good that Billy came since his face has been seen on the security cams and they can have a meeting about not letting him in again.

Billy will argue that he just came to check out the new digs, but Adam will think it seems more like a fishing expedition. However, Billy will hint that both things can be true.

When Adam assures Billy there’ll be no hatchet job against ChancComm, Billy will be skeptical. Adam will admit they’d be well within their rights considering what Billy published, but he’ll insist they’re taking the high road.

“Adam, you wouldn’t know the high road if it bit you in the ass,” Billy will declare. When Nick backs Adam up, Billy will be surprised over Nick taking his shady brother’s side.

Nick will argue that he’s seen changes in Adam that seem real and will think maybe there’s a lesson in there for Billy about moving past mistakes.

Afterward, Adam will thank Nick for having his back as they share a sweet moment. Meanwhile, Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will stop by the Abbott mansion to spend some time with Harrison.

There’ll be a little lingering tension between Ashland and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), but Jack will admit that Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) is a great kid and that Ashland has raised him well.

Once Harrison leaves the room to get a toy, Tara will tell Ashland that he doesn’t have to put on a show in front of her. She’ll know Ashland is dealing with a lot and will want to try being on good terms for Harrison’s sake.

Tara will add that she doesn’t want Ashland to be in pain, so he’ll admit it’s a good day – and he intends to treat every day as if it’s his last one. Ashland will talk about how he’s used to being in control, so Tara will hint that some of that has rubbed off on her.

Next, Ashland will take Harrison to Crimson Lights for a cookie. They’ll run into Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), so Ashland will make introductions before Victoria entertains Harrison with the suggestion of frog hunting.

Ashland will comment on how quickly Harrison warmed up to Victoria since he normally doesn’t do that with strangers.

Victoria will step over to fix her coffee the way she likes it, so that’ll give her a chance to talk business with Ashland. She’ll have a plan related to the merger that’ll keep the sharks at bay, but she’ll spot Billy looking curious on the patio and shut down the conversation.

Ashland will think they could pick it back up over dinner, so Victoria will agree before taking off.

Billy will eventually corner Ashland and take the opportunity to greet Harrison. After Ashland sends Harrison up to the counter for another cookie, he’ll wonder when Billy’s going to ask him about his discussion with Victoria.

Billy will suggest he’s not fishing, but he’ll want Ashland to know where he stands. If Ashland hurts or embarrasses Victoria, Billy will promise to come after him hard.

Ashland will argue that Billy’s protective side is sweet, but he’ll think Victoria is the last person who needs protecting. Ashland will suggest he’s surprised Billy hasn’t noticed that.

Once Victoria’s at the office, Billy will drop by with a fair warning about the story on Ashland’s divorce that ChancComm intends to publish.

Since Victoria is involved with Ashland now, Billy will note that he can’t keep her name out of it. He’ll argue that whatever is going on between them is news and add that people are curious.

Victoria will think perhaps Billy is just trying to pry into her personal life. She’ll hint about some actual news that’s coming soon, but she’ll leave Billy in the dark for now. Victoria will plan to enjoy watching Billy drive himself crazy wondering what it is.

In Summer’s suite, she’ll get another call from Angelina Marchetti. Summer won’t have an answer about the job offer yet, but she’ll promise they’ll talk again when she’s got a clear picture of the future.

Kyle will appear and wonder what that was about, but Summer will distract him by complaining about how early work calls are getting these days.

Kyle will wonder if Summer’s OK and will feel like she seems stressed. He’ll also note that Summer didn’t want to be alone last night and just wasn’t acting like herself.

Kyle will worry this is about Harrison, but Summer will admit it’s about her, too. She’ll suggest she feels guilty for pulling Kyle away from his son last night, but he won’t think it’s a big deal since Harrison was asleep.

Even so, Summer will worry about there being a next time. She’ll confuse Kyle as he asks if Summer’s worried about getting in the way of his bond with Harrison. Summer will contend that it’s just really important to her for things to work out between Kyle and his son.

Kyle will insist it’d kill him if this became some sort of issue between them. He’ll argue that he loves both Harrison and Summer, so he won’t want his fiancée to forget that.

Summer will suddenly claim she’s running late and have to take off, but she’ll agree to meet Kyle at Society for lunch later so they can talk.

At the Abbott mansion again, Jack will praise Tara for how well she’s handled things with Ashland so far. Tara will be leaving for a spa day right as Kyle arrives.

After Kyle notes that Tara’s dealt with a lot, Jack will point out that Tara’s going to need all the support Kyle can give her – as long as it doesn’t make Summer uncomfortable.

Kyle will maintain that Summer is always going to be his priority. Jack will state that Kyle would be a fool to lose Summer after all they’ve been through. He’ll admit he’s come to think of Summer and Kyle like a package deal.

When Phyllis finds Summer in The Grand Phoenix lobby, she’ll hope her daughter was honest with Kyle about what’s going on. The look on Summer’s face will tell Phyllis that she hasn’t.

Phyllis will run down the list of possibilities – like Summer still being on the fence about Italy or being afraid to tell Kyle that she’s not marrying him in August.

Summer will try to shut down all Phyllis’ speculation, but Phyllis will feel like she has to guess since Summer’s not giving her anything.

Summer will finally wonder if maybe that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love Phyllis talked about isn’t the love she shares with Kyle. Summer will think maybe it’s what Kyle and Harrison have and will add that they’re never going to get this moment again.

Phyllis won’t understand why Summer can’t be part of the picture, but Summer will argue that she doesn’t want to be the “evil stepmom.” She’ll confess it’s a lot of pressure entering a marriage with a kid she didn’t ask for.

Summer will acknowledge that might be selfish, but she won’t think she can’t ignore that feeling.

Phyllis will still think there’s more to the story and will note that Summer seems like someone who’s already made up her mind.

After Summer leaves, Tara will show up to see if she can squeeze in the spa schedule. She’ll note that she’s got some time since Harrison is spending time with his father this morning.

Phyllis will wonder which father that would be, so Tara will clarify that it’s Ashland – though she’ll know Kyle is going to be a great parent as well. Phyllis will scoff over Tara being able to tell that in such a short time.

Phyllis will think everything is just coming up roses for Tara, who’ll gush over the Abbotts and admit Genoa City is the perfect place to start the next phase of her life with Harrison.

Once Nick meets up with Phyllis, they’ll discuss how weird Summer’s change of heart about marrying Kyle is. Phyllis will push Nick not to say anything to Summer since he’s not supposed to know.

They won’t think any of this makes sense and will debate Summer’s motives for potentially taking the job in Italy.

Phyllis will also admit that her instinct tells her Tara is “nuts.” Nick will feel like Summer will eventually realize it was a mistake to walk away from Kyle, so he’ll wonder if there’s any way to pump the brakes on this.

“It’s 100-percent Summer’s choice…or maybe it isn’t,” Phyllis will say mischievously.

When Summer meets up with Kyle at Society, he’ll suspect this is about more than just their earlier discussion about Harrison. Kyle will beg Summer not to keep secrets and will push her to just tell him what’s going on.

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