Unexpected Recap 04/05/21: Season 4 Episode 11 “The Foley Bulb”

Unexpected Recap 04/05/21: Season 4 Episode 11 "The Foley Bulb"

Tonight on TLC their reality show looking at teenage pregnancy and parenthood UNEXPECTED airs with an all-new Monday, April 5, 2021 episode and we have your Unexpected recap below.  On tonight’s Unexpected season 4 episode 11 called, “The Foley Bulb,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Lilly and Lawrence take a vacation before the baby comes; the Ybarras head to the hospital to pick up Myrka, Ethan, and their new grandbaby.

Tyra hopes that moving back in with Alex and Layla will mend their relationship troubles; Jenna gets induced.

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Jenna went to the hospital to be induced. They injected something into her to help her cervix and it was going to take some time to work and so she was allowed to return home. Jenna wasn’t comfortable when she left the hospital. She experienced some pain and it only got worse as time went on. She eventually became miserable.

Jenna couldn’t get comfortable no matter how much she moved around and what she needed from her boyfriend Aden was support. However, he was in a bad mood. Aden said he was suffering from a headache because he worked a long shift and he was tired. He also thought that Jenna brought this on herself because she chose to be induced. Aden was quite unsympathetic and it annoyed Jenna.

Jenna said she would never have treated Aden like that if their positions were reversed. She believes she would be checking up on him and asking him how he was feeling. He didn’t do either of those things with her. He just drove. Aden did ask her what she wanted to eat and she had to repeat herself twice to be heard. She shouted the second time as well and so he called that rude. He said she was the rudest person he knew.

He was being an absolute jerk to her. He also didn’t change his behavior when they went home and so the remainder of Jenna’s pregnancy was unpleasant. Aden simply didn’t get why Jenna was being so fussy or why she was making noise. She was going through the early stages of labor and he showed his age by thinking it was annoying.

School is out for the summer for Tyra. She now has free time and so she chose to spend that time with her family. She moved back in with Alex. She was going to try and work on their relationship while they raise Layla. Layla just turned one. They had a party for her and Tyra had noticed at the party that Alex was consumed by his phone.

She came to believe he was messaging other girls. She even asked him about it and he claims that he wants to be with her. He told her he wants to raise a family with her. This is the only reason why Tyra is still in a relationship with him and so she moved back in with him. She packed up her life at college. She fit everything in a couple of boxes and she returned with him.

Only this wasn’t enough for Alex. He missed her when she went away to college although she was only two hours away and so he could have visited her and he chose not to. It was always Tyra driving to see him. It was never the other way around and now Alex said it doesn’t matter if Tyra comes back with him.

He’s been thinking about what’s like without a girlfriend. He already has one foot out the door and Tyra could tell. She’s deeply unhappy. She doesn’t know how to fix their relationship because at times it seems like she’s the only one who wants it and so Alex is really playing games with her. If he doesn’t want to be with her, he should say so instead of giving her hope and then acting spiteful she wants to stay.

Alex’s family has noticed the strain between Tyra and Alex. Alex’s mother and grandmother were worried because they feared what would happen if the two broke up. They suspect Tyra would take her daughter Layla and move back in with her mother. Which would break their heart. They love having Layla every day and they don’t want to lose her.

They’re also attached to Tyra and it hurt to see how much the young girl’s relationship with Alex has corroded. Alex’s mom uses to be worried about coming into his room because she never knew what she would see. And now, she walks in and she sees Alex on his phone and Tyra on the bed by herself. The two weren’t doing anything together and it didn’t even seem like they talked.

Myrka and Ethan didn’t have to worry about things like that because they were still in the happy stage of their relationship. They just had their daughter and they brought her home for the first time. Myrka and Ethan were still kids themselves. They’re in high school and so it’s his parents who have taken on the responsibility of caring for their little family. His father Charlie got a second job. He’s now so tired that he doesn’t notice when the car was redecorated in pink to celebrate the new baby.

He also has been experiencing some difficulties in his marriage to his wife and so this new baby has added stress. Myrka and Ethan don’t see it because they’re not dealing with it like his parents are. They’re not worrying about hospital bills or the price of diapers. And so the two of them still need some growing up to do.

Lilly and Lawrence meanwhile had a babymoon. It’s when an expectant couple takes a trip before the baby is born as a nice break and that’s what these two did. They didn’t even take their older child. Lilly left her daughter with her mother and she went on vacation with her boyfriend Lawrence, but Lawrence has a surprise.

He bought an engagement ring. He had talked about it with his mom and they both thought it was a good idea for him to pop the question to Lilly. He planned on doing it during the babymoon. Only Lilly had her own plans as well for the weekend. She put together a maternity photoshoot and the photo shoot was supposed to happen on Day 1. And Lawrence didn’t know about it until after he was driving.

Then the two were soon lost because neither of their phones had a functioning map app. They had to guess their way there to the photoshoot and the whole time Lawrence was losing his temper. He was acting like that because he had a ring in his pocket. He also had no clue how he’s going to propose and the longer he holds onto this secret the more he’s stressing out. And so he proposed by chance.

He proposed during the photo shoot.