Unpolished Recap 02/09/21: Season 2 Episode 5 “The Maid Of Horror”

Unpolished Recap 02/09/21: Season 2 Episode 5 "The Maid Of Horror"

Tonight on TLC their reality show about The Martone’s and their glitziest family-owned and operated salon, Unpolished airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 9, 2021 episode and we have your Unpolished recap below. On tonight’s Unpolished Season 2 episode 5, “The Maid Of Horror,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Old wounds are reopened as Jen and Lexi fight about financial tensions at the salon.

Meanwhile, Bria focuses on throwing an extravagant bridal shower as Lexi works hard to finish a challenging 3D nail set, causing the divide between the sisters to grow..”

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In tonight’s episode, Lexi storms off after fighting with her mom. Jen chases after her. They fight about their struggles over the years and how Lexi feels like Bria has always received the attention.

The next day, Jen decides to let Lexi cool off. She calls her parents to use her dad’s truck to bring stuff to Bria’s bridal shower. Her parents cannot below the stuff she has for the shower; corsages, bouquets, and more. Jen gets emotional about Mike missing it all.

Lexi heads to work. She is working on a project; amusement park themed nails. She really gets into it with nails with rides on them. Meanwhile, the twins and their mom Jade come to see Bria and Jen. They all have been co-parenting for 2 years.

At the salon, Lexi gives her client amusement park nails. Her client is thrilled. She nailed it. Bria sees the clown on the nails and freaks. Lexi is happy she made her client happy.

Jen brings Lexi a gift, a fortune teller’s hand, to her home. She wants to talk about their issues. Jen wants her to be open always. They delve into her being alone and without Joe. Lexi gets upset. She tried everything and it didn’t work out between them. Jen tells Lexi she needs to talk about her feelings more. It is okay to be emotional and upset.

Lexi thanks her mom for the hand. They need to focus on the business. Jen tells her they need to talk to Bria after the shower. Lexi hopes so because the business is suffering. They need to make money. The business is losing money and Bria is spending way too much on her wedding.

The next day, Lexi does Bria’s nails for the shower. She wants pink flowers. Lexi doesn’t want to do it but she gives in for her sister. She teases Bria she is going to be dressed like a dragon.

At the shower, Bria arrives in a room full of flowers and flower girls. She is dressed in white. Lexi cannot believe how lavish it is. Most people don’t go all out like this for their weddings never mind a shower.

Taking photo after photo and all of the talk of a wedding makes Lexi sad. When they call her for more pictures, she runs off for a break. She misses Joe. Jen calls her to show up for the toast but doesn’t let her make the toast because they think she will insult Matt. Lexi is even more insulted.

Lexi takes off while they open gifts. Her head is somewhere else. They look for her.