Welcome to Plathville Recap 08/31/21: Season 3 Episode 3 “Her Little Power Move”

Welcome to Plathville Recap 08/31/21: Season 3 Episode 3 "Her Little Power Move"

Tonight on TLC their reality show Welcome To Plathville airs with an all-new Tuesday, August 31, 2021, episode, and have your Welcome to Plathville recap below.  On tonight’s Welcome to Plathville season 3 episode 3 called “Her Little Power Move,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Ethan puts his foot down about his mum coming onto his property. Moriah and Olivia talk about babies, birth control, and boys. Also, the Plath family has an unexpected surprise for Micah on his 20th birthday.

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Micah has been thinking about his career. He’s a model and he loves what he does. But his modeling agency brought up some possible acting classes. They wanted to see if Micah could branch out into more and Micah was definitely interested. He signed up for the classes. He also ran lines with his sister/roommate Moriah. Moriah was perhaps not the best person to run lines with.

She kept messing up her lines and that in turn messed up Micah’s lines. The two siblings continued to work through the script and eventually, Micah got better. Not so much for Moriah, though. Maybe it’s a good thing she wants to be a singer and not an actor because she struggled with reading lines and setting the mood.

Micah and Moriah have a great relationship with both sides of the family feud. Their family was feuding because the elder Plaths didn’t approve of their son Ethan’s wife Olivia. Ethan’s parents Barry and Kim had badmouthed her. They didn’t approve of her and the more they pushed her away was the more that Ethan began distancing himself from his family. Ethan cut off his parents.

He couldn’t forgive them for the way they treated Olivia or how they tried to prevent him from seeing his siblings. Ethan has several younger siblings. Most of them are living under their parents’ roof and so that meant the parents were in charge. Kim and Barry didn’t let their kids say goodbye to Ethan or Olivia the last time they saw them because they didn’t like being cut off from the process.

But Ethan managed to sneak in a visit with one of his sisters. He spoke with Lydia about everything that’s been happening and she also told him that she had been seeing someone. Lydia seems to be getting serious with the guy. Her parents know about him and now she’s telling Ethan about him. Lydia seems to be serious about this guy.

She even believes that the pastor had found out because she connected one of his sermons to what’s been going on and her parents assured her that they hadn’t told the pastor about the boy. Lydia’s parents weren’t that comfortable about Lydia visiting Ethan without one of them present. They chose to drive Lydia to Ethan’s house and then wait for her.

Kim had been worried about Olivia’s influence but the woman in question hadn’t been there. Olivia had been out for coffee with Moriah. The two discussed sex. Neither had been told much by their conservative parents. Their parents had wanted to leave them in ignorance. The only thing they would say about sex is to not do it or else they were prostitutes. The daughters of such parents were never told about birth control or safe sex. They literally kept their daughters in the dark and so the women turned to each other for answers. Moriah had questions. Olivia had answers. Olivia told her about being birth control. She hated being hormonal while on it and so she went off and that’s when she got pregnant.

Olivia was pregnant. She experienced a miscarriage early into the pregnancy and she was so relieved that she felt bad about how relieved she was. Ethan had also been relieved. Neither was prepared to become parents just yet. They also had to work through several of their issues. Olivia and Ethan were rarely on the same page nowadays. She wants to talk.

She wanted him to open up to her and be vulnerable but he’s refusing to give her that level of intimacy. Ethan was holding everything in. He wouldn’t even talk to a therapist because he wrote them off before he visited one. Ethan chose to stick to his old methods of shutting down and that doesn’t help his marriage because Olivia doesn’t want to feel like she’s in the marriage alone.

With the two of them wanting different things, that just left Micah celebrating his birthday with his parents and his other siblings. His parents arranged for a scavenger hunt with money. Micah had loved it. H walked away with hundreds of dollars. It’s probably what paid for the diction classes. Micah signed up for dictation class because he plans on losing his southern accent. He wants to be an actor but he couldn’t be one with a southern accent else he’d end up being typecast as a southern good ole boy in every gig he booked.

Olivia meanwhile when to go look at rental properties by herself. Her husband wasn’t on board with the moving idea because he wanted to stay and Olivia wanted to leave. Olivia liked the property. She thought it was perfect but she also knew that Ethan would shoot it down because everything about it that she loves would be something he hates.