You, Me & My Ex Recap 08/01/21: Season 1 Episode 6 “Ex-Pect The Unexpected”

Tonight on TLC their reality show, You, Me & My Ex airwith an all-new Sunday, August 1, 2021, episode and we have your You, Me & My Ex recap below for your enjoyment. On tonight’s You, Me & My Ex season 1 episode 6 called, “Ex-Pect The Unexpected,”  as per the TLC synopsis, “Facing the harsh reality of Jerry’s bond with his ex-wife, Kayee gives him an ultimatum. April asks her husband’s ex-wife to be her maid-of-honor. Caroline draws the line when Alex’s ex-boyfriend Stephen interrupts a very special Valentine’s dinner.”

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In tonight’s episode of You, Me & My Ex, Jerry and his girlfriend Kayee enjoyed their time away. They loved being alone and not having to deal with any outside influence. Jerry especially enjoyed it because he loved the way Kayee takes care of him. But their time together came to an end when they returned to the house. They lived with Jerry’s ex-wife Jessica and Jessica doesn’t like Kayee.

She doesn’t like Kayee because Kayee reminds her of the girls Jessica used to cheat on her with. Those young women don’t care about the families or the connection that Jerry has with Jessica. It’s why Jessica was resentful of Kayee. She said she wasn’t a great fit because she was too into herself and not into Jerry. This is a lie. Kayee was into Jerry. She wants to be with him and she wants to share a bed with him. They didn’t share a bed together because Jerry said he didn’t want to rush things.

Which is a lie. Jerry didn’t want to share a bed because he didn’t want to upset anyone and not because he was afraid of rushing things. Jerry literally has Kayee sleeping in the basement by herself. This wasn’t what she signed up for. She signed up for an adult relationship and she thought she was going to get it when she finally had Jerry agree to let her sleep in his bed, but then surprise surprise he wasn’t going to be there. He was going to be sleeping with his daughter in her room. Jerry was so worried about offending his ex-wife that he was pushing Kayee away. There were only so many times one woman can handle rejection. Kayee wasn’t a child and she knew what she wanted.

She wanted a relationship with Jerry. Kayee has been trying to get that relationship and his previous relationship with his ex-wife is getting in the way. Speaking of being in the way, Alex’s ex-boyfriend Steven is a problem. He called literally on Valentine’s Day. He interrupted a chef-prepared meal that Alex and Caroline were enjoying.

The couple was having fun and relaxing when Steven called. Alex put him on facetime. He put the screen on the dinner table. The guys started talking and Alex failed to notice how quiet Caroline was being. Caroline and Alex have been together for two years. She believes she has owned the right to share Valentine’s Day alone with her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to eat with her boyfriend and his ex.

His ex should have known better than to call. Alex also should have known better and he shouldn’t have answered that call during a romantic meal with his new partner. It’s one thing to be friends with your ex and it’s another to openly talk about your new relationship with the ex when the current girlfriend is right there. Caroline got snappy with Alex.

She let her displeasure show and he didn’t get it. He didn’t know why she was upset with him. Alex remained oblivious and unfortunately, it’s catching. April had also been oblivious when she announced she was going to marry John again in a big wedding and she invited her ex-husband to it. Roy refused the invite. He said he wasn’t going to the wedding. He also flew out of town that very same day.

Roy later sent April a message. In it, he told her that she has ruined him for all women and that he was never going to love anyone else again. Roy wasn’t over April. He wasn’t over how she broke things off with him to be with John and he sure as hell wasn’t going to celebrate their marriage

. He wasn’t John’s ex. John’s ex-wife was happy for the couple when she found out they were getting remarried. She even agreed to help with the wedding. The couple wanted a grand wedding because they sorta married in secret last time and so now is the time to celebrate it. April went dress shopping. She brought along her daughter and her husband’s ex-wife Loren. Loren was in fact the maid of honor.

Their relationship didn’t start out great. Loren had even attempted to murder April and so to see how far they’ve come is shocking. They were the greatest of friends now. Loren went with April to pick out a wedding dress and Loren was a big help. They soon settled on a mermaid gown.

It was beautiful and it went really well with the veil. April had been happy picking out dresses, but she couldn’t help mention Roy and so the salesperson that was helping her came to admit in her confessional that she thinks April is still in love with Roy. Maybe she is. Maybe that’s why she secretly needed Roy to be at the wedding. She needs to show Roy that she’s committed to John now and that there was no going back.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day proved to be the breaking point for Caroline. She spoke with her friends about him and they all said he needed boundaries. Caroline tried to issue those boundaries to Alex. Alex played dumb for a bit. He pretended like he doesn’t need boundaries with his ex-boyfriend. He tried to say Steven was just a friend but he was more than that. He was there all the time. He called all the time. He never gave Caroline a moment of peace to just be with her boyfriend without worrying about his gay past.

Kayee was also being weighed down because she suspects Jerry still occasionally sleeps with Jessica and that the two of them didn’t want her there if she was going to have opinions. And so Kayee told Jerry she was leaving.

Jerry’s ex was happy that she was leaving and so Kayee stopped caring. She left.


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