1000-lb Best Friends Premiere Recap 02/07/22: Season 1 Episode 1 “Supersized Besties”

1000-lb Best Friends Premiere Recap 02/07/22: Season 1 Episode 1 "Supersized Besties"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Monday, February 7, 2021, Season 1 Episode 1 and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 1 episodes 1 called “Supersized Besties” as per the TLC synopsis, “Four obese best friends struggle to lose weight together. Meghan had bariatric surgery, but she has stopped shedding pounds. Vannessa hopes to get surgery but gorges on fast food with her family. They visit Dr. Procter to get back on track.”

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In tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends episode, Meghan and her best friend Vannessa have been struggling with their weight since junior high. They met in the bathroom as some other girls were bullying Vannessa and Megan intervened. Meghan went on to invite her to have lunch with her. They’ve been best friends ever since. At their heaviest, they probably weighed a thousand pounds together. They both dream of being skinny one day and they hoped to do it together. It’s the one thing they could agree on. The besties were opposites in everything else and that was fine because they like to say that opposites attract. Vannessa grew up in poverty. Her mother would often put food on the table as a way to make up for everything else and that’s how she learned her unhealthy habits.

But Vannessa passed on her unhealthy habits to her kids. It tends to work against her as she tries to stick to a diet and everyone around her sabotages it. Her sister was especially guilty of this. Vannessa’s sister Jakie was someone who could eat anything and remain stick thin. It was totally unfair. It also hurts when Jakie actively sabotages her. She does it because she said her sister is a complete b*tch when she’s dieting. Jakie can’t take her like that. She also can’t take Vannessa seriously because Vannessa goes back to junk food whenever she loses even a little bit of weight. And so she wasn’t taking her weight loss as seriously as she should be.

Vannessa also bullcrap her doctor. She’s been seeing Dr. Proctor for bariatric surgery and he wouldn’t give her the weight loss surgery until she fulfills the goal of losing some weight first. He needed some sign that she was taking it all seriously. But so far, Vannessa has been disappointing him. She never sticks to a diet. She calls food her happy place. It was a comfort to her when she and her kids were homeless. It was comfort after her boyfriend died from lung cancer. Vannessa has gone through a lot of suffering in this life, but she also uses that as an excuse to kill herself with food and that was unacceptable.

Meghan seems to be faring better than Vannessa. Meghan was once bigger than Vannessa and then she did what she had to do to lose weight and to qualify for surgery. Meghan did so because she was suffering from various health problems. She’s now doing better in some areas and she wants to continue to lose the weight. But she wanted to lose the weight with her friends. Besides Vannessa and Meghan, there was also Tina. Tina was a married mother of four and she too met Meghan and Vannessa back in Junior High. And Tina was also a big woman who wants to lose enough weight to be skinny again.

There was also a fourth friend by the name of Ashley who also is struggling with her weight. The friends have all been doing their best to support each other during this trying time and they struggle with that because not everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do. Vannessa keeps breaking her diet. She said its too hard. She couldn’t do it alone and she couldn’t get Dr. Proctor to give her surgery and so all she has are her friends. The same friends that she sometimes pushes away. Vannessa gets frustrated when something doesn’t work out for her like she planned. She hates that she can’t hula-hoop because she’s too big for it.

Vannessa hates it when she wants to break her diet in front of everyone and they do their best to tell her to slow down or don’t each as much. She ignores them if not snaps at them when they do so. Vannessa is her own worst enemy when it comes to her weight. Meghan was doing better than her. Meghan had qualified for the surgery and she got it. She was losing weight consistently when out of nowhere she plateaued. She stopped the losing the weight. Her doctor warned her that if she isn’t losing then slowly she’s going to start to gain the weight back. And that’s the worst possible scenario for her.

Meghan doesn’t want to gain the weight back. She had such hard time with moving on from her food addiction that she might have gained a new addiction in the interim.