1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/14/22: Season 1 Episode 2 “Large and In Charge”

1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/14/22: Season 1 Episode 2 "Large and In Charge"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Monday, February 14, 2021, Season 1 Episode 2 and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 1 episodes 2 called “Large and In Charge” as per the TLC synopsis, “With bonus scenes — After disappointing weigh-ins, Meghan and Vannessa want to do better. All four besties attempt to conquer a massive waterslide. Then, meeting with a nutritionist and therapist motivates Vannessa to confront her enabling sister.”

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In tonights 1000-lb Best Friends episode, Vannessa and Meghan paid a visit to Dr. Proctor. He was the bariatric specialist that was helping them and he actually gave Meghan her surgery. But Meghan hasn’t continued losing the weight. She was supposed to and instead she was slipping back into unhealthy behaviors. Meghan was warned that she could gain back all the weight that she lost. She doesn’t want that to happen and so she promised to do better and Vannessa even said the same. Vannessa didn’t get the weight lost surgery. She never qualified for it because she never stuck to a diet long enough to qualify for it. Vanessa was so bad at dieting that the doctor had given up on her.

Dr. Proctor told her that there was no point of her making the appointment if nothing changes. Vannessa was so afraid of his reaction that she didn’t want to go the appointment and she only did so for her oldest son Jacob. Jacob was on the heavy side. He was a teenager and he was also overweight. Vannessa could see it in an instant. Its why she brought him along with her to see Dr. Proctor because she was worried about her son’s health. She saw the doctor and she talked to him about her son. The doctor weighed them both. He determined that Vannessa weighed four hundred and forty-one pounds which was around the same weight as her son.

Vannessa was a woman in her forties. She shouldn’t be weighing the same as a teenage boy and so she broke into tears at the thought that her son was going down the wrong path. The doctor told both mother and son that they needed to make better life decisions. Vannessa agreed to try dieting again and she said that her whole family will do it with her. She wanted them to all eat healthier. She also tried exercising. Vannessa went to a water park with her friends and she climbed up a lot of steps just to be told that she’s too big to go down the elaborate water slide. And so she had to climb down in tears.

You would think her friends would climb down with her. Meghan if no one else and yet they all chose to go down the slide. They still wanted to have fun and so they ignored Vannessa’s tears. They later tried to cheer her up but by then she was already depressed. Meghan and the others told Vannessa to focus on losing the weight. They said the incident at the water park should encourage her to lose the weight. Vannessa did try to change her behavior following the incident and she met with a nutritionist. It was Dr. Proctor’s idea. He wanted Vannessa to hear from an expert on what she could do to change her eating habits.

Vannessa heard what the woman had to say. She even tried to do some of it and it was her sister who was sabotaging her. Usually, in these cases, it’s the patient that sabotages themselves. Only that wasn’t it with Vannessa and it was Vannessa’s sister who tries to destroy any chance of her losing weight. The friends suspect that Jackie does this as a way to keep Vannessa dependent on her. Vannessa later brought over junk food. She claims that she was helping out when really she admitted to hating her sister dieting and has said that she doesn’t like seeing her sister like that because Vannessa gets temperamental.

Jackie also brings junk food for the kids. This was the breaking point for Vannessa because she told her sister that she’s killing her by bringing in all that unhealthy food and Jackie tried to play dumb. Like she just wanted her sister to be happy when that was the furthest from the truth. Then there was Meghan. Meghan heard what the nutritionist had to say and then went about ignoring it all on her own. She didn’t need anyone else to help her along the way. Meghan began snacking on potato salad of all things. She called it a light snack but it was loaded with calories and carbs. The nutritionist also told her not to use mayonnaise or real potato. It was suggested she try cauliflower and Greek yogurt. And Meghan ignored this.

Meghan has Dr. Proctor’s picture all around her place to remind her to lose weight. Yet, she still secretly snacks on the worst things possible and so she agreed to see a therapist. Both Meghan and Vannessa have had troubled childhoods for albeit different reasons. They went to a therapist together for a joint appointment for moral support and it went well. They talked about how they viewed themselves. They also acknowledge the problems in their lives. Vannessa mentioned her sister. Meghan mentioned the abuse she experienced at home and why she now has little self-worth.

And the therapist gave them pointers.