Blue Bloods Recap 11/18/22: Season 13 Episode 6 “On Dangerous Ground”

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, November 18, 2022, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 “On Dangerous Ground”,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny and Jamie clash over a gang-related shooting after Jamie oversteps as part of his new position and Danny empathizes too closely with a victim.

Also, Erin and Anthony search for answers when a lawyer in their office jeopardizes a case involving Erin’s nephew, Joe Hill (Will Hochman); and Frank grows concerned when he’s not invited to speak at a policing forum.”

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Tonight’s Blue Blood episode begins with Manny Vargas, the DA office is late and his lawyer wants to dismiss the case. Erin shows up, her ADA didn’t show.

Frank and Garrett are talking about an event at a college where Frank doesn’t want to speak, Garrett asks if he is sure. Furthermore, when he turned them down, they asked for Sid to replace him, and he really wants to do it. Garrett say safety in numbers, maybe he she join him and Frank replies, no is no all day long.

40-year old Maritza Lopez owns a store with her husband and was shot while stocking shelves and her husband is pretty shaken up. No witnesses, nobody is talking. Danny and Maria show up just in time, Maritza is dead and her husband grabs a gun from the register and puts it to his throat, Danny tries to talk him out of it and says his wife was murdered as well, give him a chance to catch Maritza’s murderer.

Anthony and Jamie go to to ADA Davis’ apartment, he is passed out on his couch. Jamie shouts that he ruined a case that too two years to work on. Davis says he has no idea what happened, he was on a date the night before and he doesn’t even know how he got home, he didn’t even have a drink.

Sid goes to see Frank and says he is excited to speak on his behalf at the college, he is going to be ready to support all his brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Frank tells him that he appreciates the gesture but tell them he changed his mind. Sid said they asks Frank to do it and he didn’t want him there alone. Sid tells him to to worry about it, he is Henry’s backup and he will fill in all the blanks.

Anthony and Jamie go to the bar and look at the cameras, they see the blond woman slip something in Davis’ drink, he is a victim.

Danny tells Maria a guy came up in a scooter and shot Maritza. Jamie comes in and says he just interviewed a woman on a gun charge, she says she knows the guy who shot Maritza, his name is Elijah Morton and he has his address. Jamie tells them that they should jump on this immediately, he wants in on it, to follow up n his lead. Danny says ok, but he rides in the back seat.

Anthony finds Monique on the street and she has drugs in her purse.

Danny and Maria go to Elijah’s house, when he sees them he makes a run for it, and Jamie is outside, nowhere to go. Danny handcuffs him while his mother is asking what he did.

Elijah is in custody, he says Panos runs the neighbourhood, he told him to kill Marco, but he killed Maritza instead, it was an accident. Danny wants to close the case, Jamie wants Elijah to make a deal so they get Panos and his gang. Danny doesn’t think Elijah is good bait.

Monique says she got a call from Manny who told her to stop ADA Davis from making it to court. And, she is not afraid of jail time because if Manny finds out, she is dead. Erin breaks her down and Monique says that Manny caught wind that Davis was in to some guy in Yonkers for 100 grand, Manny offered to pay it in exchange for the occasional favor. Davis threw previous cases in Manny’s favour.

Frank goes to see Henry and asks him why he is so excited to speak at the college. Henry tells him that the commissioners office needs to be represented and if he is not going to go, then he will, somebody has to back up Sid.

Erin tells Davis that she knows he is in cahoots with Manny. Joe is there and he starts to get heated about the whole think, Anthony tells him to leave before he puts him through a wall. Davis denies everything. She tells him to leave his explanation for court and this is the last time he will step in her office.

Jamie went to central booking and spoke to Elijah behind Danny’s back and he is upset, he calls Jamie and embarrassment to the whole family.

Jamie tells Elijah that he wants him to wear a wire, set up Panos, but his mother is worried that it is risky. Elijah says it is his fault an innocent woman is dead, he wants to do it, its the right thing to do.

Erin finds out that ADA Davis hung himself. She says this on her, Anthony told her not to go there.

At the family dinner, Jamie and Danny start to have words over case, Erin tells them to stop, they can do this at romper room. Eddie says she will cheer them up, they are having cake. Danny gets up to leave, he has had enough. Eddie brought cake and tells him not to leave. Jamie runs after Danny and tells him to take a step back. Danny says he will agree to disagree, but he is to never go over his head again. Then Danny asks Jamie if he ever asked himself why his source gave up Elijah so easily.

ADA Davis left a sworn affidavit and recorded conversations with Manny, left everything for Erin before he committed suicide.

Elijah meets with Panos and he knows something is up. Panos starts to get rough with Elijah, Jamie is there and he arrests Pano. Elijah is taking into custody as well and when they go outside, Maritz husband is there and tries to shoot Elijah, but it fails, he gets taken in as well.

At the college, Henry is honoured and takes the stage. He says he is not worthy of any high praise, he is just a cop. Although it is a special day, 50 years ago Francis Xavier Raegan first walked the beat for the NYPD. And putting him in the commissioner’s seat put him in the right place at the right time and he is proud to call him his son. Frank goes up on stage and hugs his father.

Jamie bought Danny is favourite pizza, he wants to talk. Jamie says he is sorry. Danny says Maritz’ husband is now in jail and their two kids have no parents. Jamie tells him that he can’t put that on him. Danny says he has a lot of work to do and sits down, Jamie leaves.