Dancing With the Stars Recap 10/31/22: Season 31 Episode 7 “Halloween Night”

Dancing With the Stars Recap 10/31/22: Season 31 Episode 8 "Halloween Night"

Tonight on Disney+ we have DWTS Halloween Night and the return of the team dances as our favorite reality TV show finally returns to the ballroom when Dancing With The Stars season 31 episode 7 airs. Tonight, we have your all-new Monday, October 31, 2022, season 31 episode 7, “Halloween Night”, Dancing With The Stars recap below!

On tonight’s spookalicious episode, each couple performs one unlearned dance and participates in a team dance to Halloween themes. So sit back, tune in on Disney+ and enjoy a great show accompanied here by an amazing real-time DWTS recap!

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Tonight’s episode begins with Tyra Banks announcing that Val Chmerkovsky is positive for COVID and Alan Bersten will be filling in to dance with Gabby Windey.

Jordin & Brandon are dancing the Tango to “Oogie Boogie’s Song” by Ed Ivory & Ken Page.

Judges Comments: Len: “Just like your name sparks were flying. You cast a spell on me, your best dance so far.” Derek: “I believe you deserve to be at the top of the pack. But you need more consistency. Overall well done.” Bruno: “Your radiance can light the darkest night. A little more consistency but a fantastic job.” Carrie Ann: “That was very good. I feel like you improved but there are still little slips ups. I want more character in the team dance.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, Derek 9, Bruno 9 = 36/40

Charli & Mark are dancing the Argentine tango to “Tanguera” by Fabio Hager Sexteto.

Judges Comments: Len: “It was like a ghost, you moved across the floor with effortless ease, it sent a chill down my spine, well done.” Derek: “Can you hear the applause in this room it is crazy. I love that piece of music so much. This soft smooth interpretation I loved.” Bruno: “My head is spinning like Linda Blair in the Excorcist. Genius.” Carrie Ann: “You are so incredibly talented, it was perfect. This is about growth and pushing yourself. I think you could have had a little more intensity. You are brilliant.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann. 9, Len 10, Derek 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Daniel & Britt are dancing the Paso doble to “Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilish.

Judges Comments: Len: “It lacked some of the key elements in a Paso double. You came out and gave us a proper performance.” Derek: “I love the concept, the use of the other dancers, I love the hips, well done.” Bruno: “Wow, you really played this game really well. You only missed only a fraction of one step, you had all the elements, fantastic.” Carrie Ann: “Two more shows to the semi-finals, some of the shaping was broken, the footwork flat, but you amaze me all the time.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, Derek 9, Bruno 9 = 34/40

Shangela & Gleb are dancing to Jazz “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift.

Judges Comments: Len: “Plenty of tricks and plenty of treats, it scared the pants off me. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” Derek: “That was the creepiest, I am going to have nightmares tonight. The execution was so fierce and so strong, sensational.” Bruno: “You are the psycho killer queen of the night, you make Chucky look like a saint.” Carrie Ann: “I love you, you emerged into that dance, your best performance. The best choreography left.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, Derek 10, Bruno 10 = 40/40

Vinny & Koko dancing the Paso doble to “Get Ghost” byMark Ronson, Passion Pit & ASAP Ferg.

Judges Comments: Len: “Halloween is about the supernatural, this wasn’t super and it wasn’t natural. But there were no mistakes during the routine, it wasn’t all bad.” Derek: “There was texture in your movement, you are getting the steps and now you need more texture. Keep doing your thing.” Bruno: “You did everything, you were on time. You have to work on your musicality.” Carrie Ann: “I so appreciate you, everything you get feedback I feel your heart. I feel the choreography was too blocky for him.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, Derek 8, Bruno 8 = 30/40

Heidi & Artem are dancing the Tango to ”I Wanna Be Your Slave” by Måneskin.

Judges Comments: Len: “You come out week after week and give strong performances. I would like you to push it a little more, you are on a little bit of a plateau.” Derek: “That was your best dance. I loved the bungee cord, you came out so confident.” Bruno: “Bondage becomes you, power and precision, drive and pure instinct.” Carrie Ann: “You and your daughter have this beautiful precision. I disagree with Derek, I felt the beginning was the weakest, I wasn’t convinced.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, Derek 10, Bruno 9 = 37/40

Gabby & Alan are dancing the Argentine tango to ”Shivers” by District 78, featuring Mikayla Lynn.

Judges Comments: Len: “Every move you make, every step you take, I am watching you. I was too hurried.” Derek: “That tango did not suck, it was bloody brilliant, fantastic. I love your power and your impact.” Bruno: “Love at first bite, it was a feast of the senses. Those legs, work wonders. This tango was so difficult.” Carrie Ann: “I am so proud of you, I felt you pour your heart into that dance. That requires so much vulnerability.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, Derek 9, Bruno 10 = 38/40

Wayne & Witney dance Contemporary to “Halloween Theme” by District 78.

Judges Comments: Len: “It was full of energy and attack, but I would have liked to see a different side of it, but you have to go with the music you get.” Derek: “You get this audience going, your texture and your movements are unparalleled. That was fantastic.” Bruno: “Those cyborgs were loaded with talent, it was clever, it was superb. The value was fantastic.” Carrie Ann: “I give you so much credit, that was intense. You are challenging yourself. I was missing, you have to mean it a little more.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, Derek 9, Bruno 10 = 37/40

Trevor & Emma dancing Contemporary to “Ghost (Acoustic)” by Justin Bieber.

Judges Comments: Len: “You come back stronger than last week. It was lyrical and musical.” Derek: “It was so fantastic, you had this phobia of dance, it was such a beautiful thing, the growth in you.” Bruno: “It was the most beautiful gothic romance. I have goosebumps. That was brilliant.” Carrie Ann: “That was amazing, I can watch dances all day long, but when a dance does that, you stepped on that dance. That was amazing, the partnership is amazing.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, Derek 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40.

Team Wicked: Mikayla Lynn, Gabby & Alan, Heidi & Artem, Jordin & Brandon, Shangela & Gleb, Vinny& Koko dance freestyle to ”The Witches Are Back” (from Hocus Pocus 2) by
Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker & Kathy Najimy.

Judges Comments: Len: “I liked the mix of tango and jive. I thought the individual dances were very good. I would have liked a little more choreography.” Derek: “The lines were clean, the formation was together, the solos were strong, and it was a solid team dance.” Bruno: “You know how to party. You were so singled out in the individual dances, some of you missed a step.” Carrie Ann: “I would never put this group together, but I loved it. A few mistakes but a fun dance.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, Derek 9, Bruno 8 = 33/40

Team Scream: Charli & Mark, Daniel & Britt, Trevor & Emma, Wayne & Witney dancing freestyle to”Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Judges Comments: Len: “Another song performance, Charli went wrong on a solo part.” Derek: “Team Scream let’s go! The formations, and the choreography, I absolutely loved it. Daniel, you came out so strong.” Bruno: “A gripping whodunnit. There was a seamless blending. You did it majestically.” Carrie Ann: “That was really amazing. This is strategy, and you all came in with a clear strategy. Most valuable player, Charli.”

Judges Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, Derek 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Time for results, the following couples are safe Daniel & Brit, Trevor & Emma, Gabby & Alan, Wayne & Witney, Vinny & Koko, Shangela & Gleb, Charli & Mark.

Jordin & Brandon, Heidi & Artem, are in the bottom two.

Carrie Ann votes to save Heidi & Artem, Derek votes to save Jordan & Brandon, Bruno votes to save Jordan & Brandon.

It comes down to Len’s vote, he votes to save Heidi & Artem.

Jordan & Brandon are eliminated.