FBI: Most Wanted Finale Recap 05/24/22: Season 3 Episode 22 “A Man Without a Country”

FBI: Most Wanted Finale Recap 05/24/22: Season 3 Episode 22 "A Man Without a Country"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 24, 2022 season 3 episode 22 finale, “A Man Without a Country,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 3 episode 22 as per the CBS synopsis, “When a wealthy East Hamptons couple is killed by a female con artist posing as a personal trainer, the team works to find out her true identity and track her down. Also, Ortiz is put in a tough place when Hana’s brother asks a favor.”

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An armed crew pulled off a heist. They stole a very expensive painting. They also killed several security guards and even two US Marshalls before they made their escape with the painting. It turns out the paintings were being seized from a Russian oligarch by the DOJ as part of their sanctions against Russia. But someone found out about the acquisition. They stole a painting that was worth a hundred and sixty million dollars. The one painting could fund who knows what on the black market and so finding the people involved were given to the FBI’s best fugitive task force. Everyone with authority wanted the people involved to be found.

They also wanted to know who hire those people. They suspected it involved the billionaire who first owned the painting and if not him then Russia directly. Maybe Russia wanted to reclaim some of its lost wealth. There really was no telling who stole the painting and so Scott and his people went looking for the billionaire. They couldn’t find him. They also couldn’t get answers from the Russian Consulate on where Sarkov could be and so the team asked his daughter. His daughter was born in Moscow and grew up in Ukraine. She identifies as Ukrainian. She’s against the invasion and she’s had nothing to do with her father for the past several years.

The last thing her billionaire father paid for was her college education in the West. She’s since cut ties and she’s doing her best for Ukraine. Her father tried to stay out of politics, but he was sanctioned and so he must have sided with Russia. Only now Sarkov was on the warpath. He revealed he was involved in the robbery when Jane Moore was killed. She was the woman in charge of the sanctions against Russia. She signed the paperwork to take back everything Sarkov built and now she’s dead. She was killed outside of her office. Her security guard was also shot. The team came to believe Sarkov was involved once they saw Moore’s body.

But the proof was when he called Scott’s personal phone to brag about it. As it happens, the FBI eventually got the painting back once they realized it was being smuggled out of the country and they put a stop to it. They killed off the men protecting it. They also arrested the pilot and recovered the painting. Sarkov was now killing people willy-nilly because he wanted the painting back. He told Scott that he would keep killing if he didn’t get back his property. Scott couldn’t comply with that because they don’t give in to terrorists and so he instead focused on what he could do. He realized that Sarkov had access to his private phone. And that meant there was a mole in the FBI.

Scott called his bosses. He informed about the mole as well as Sarkov’s demand. The man wanted back his painting and was willing to kill anyone to accomplish it. The team didn’t even think his own daughter was safe. They tried to convince her to go into hiding. She refused. She said if her friends in Ukraine could be brave then so could she. She was staying in New York. She didn’t want to leave and the FBI couldn’t take the chance with their own families. They put their families into protective custody while they continued to look for Sarkov. And as they were looking for him, he made his next move.

Sarkov had one of his people dress as a transit cop. This person dropped off a bag inside a subway and then walked away. The FBI got called about the suspicious bag. It, unfortunately, went off while a homeless man was still inside and killed that man. Sarkov went truly off the deep end after that. He wasn’t just killing people. He was committing acts of terrorism and the FBI put out a two million dollar bounty on his head. They wanted Sarkov dead or alive. It didn’t really matter in the end and so the team kept looking for Sarkov. They later got a tip from the tip line that a man matching Sarkov’s description was staying at a neighbor’s house while the neighbor was away.

The team went there, but by then, Sarkov and his men were gone. Something else that happened was Sarkov’s daughter went to the media and she used her father’s actions to condemn Russia. She said he wouldn’t have done any of that if Russia had endorsed his terroristic attacks. The Russians were so angry at the daughter that they made a deal with Sarkov. They agreed to help him if he gave them his daughter. Sarkov later kidnapped his daughter. He tried bringing her to the Russian Embassy and the FBI managed to stop him. They rescued the daughter. And Sarkov escaped into the consulate.

But Sarkov was killed minutes later by the Russians. They didn’t want him. They wanted his daughter so that they could take a lesson out of her and so Sarkov was of no use to them. If anything, he was just making them look bad.