General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Drugged & Ice Princess Diamond Necklace Stolen – Who Stole It?

General Hospital Spoilers: Robert Drugged & Ice Princess Diamond Necklace Stolen - Who Stole It?

General Hospital spoilers (GH) tease Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) is as reliable as they come. The people of Port Charles know they can trust him to get the job done and put everything else in his personal life to the side when there’s justice to be had. So it won’t make much sense to any onlooker when Robert can barely keep his head off the table at the Metro Court restaurant.

It won’t take long for anyone who knows him to put two and two together and recognize that someone slipped something into Robert’s food that rendered him loopy. However, he’ll have bigger problems than his reputation when he sobers up.

When Robert arrived at the hotel, he had a briefcase in his possession carrying the necklace inside that is thought to have belonged to Leopold Taub (Chip Lucia) and contains fragments of the Ice Princess diamond.

When he comes to, the briefcase is gone, and so is something else — or someone.

General Hospital Spoilers — Robert Becomes the Distraction

As everyone rushes to Robert’s aid, the focus is pulled away from Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaugnessy) just long enough for Holly to steal away with the briefcase.

She’s going to feel devastated to have done this to her beloved friend, but Holly truly does feel like she doesn’t have a choice. As long as Victor has her loved one in captivity, Holly is over a barrel.

She knows once she confides the truth in Robert that Victor may find out, and she might never see this secret person she loves again. How will Holly get away with stealing this briefcase without penalty?

GH Spoilers Hint “The Last Thing I Remember…”

As Robert comes to and tries to piece together the last few minutes he was coherent before blacking out, he’s going to remember Holly.

Will he tell the PCPD that she was with him? Word on the street is Robert is going to keep Holly’s crimes on the down-low while he attempts to figure out what’s going on with her on his own.

How might Mayor Laura Collins (Genie Francis) take to that?

General Hospital Spoilers — Who Would Do This?

Laura has been suspicious of Holly since before she even got back to town. When her first order of business caused her to cross paths with Holly, she didn’t hold back in asking her where she’s been for the last two years.

As Holly has continued to fail to answer that question, Laura’s suspicions have grown, and she’s shared them with Robert. He’s not as big of a fool as he appears.

Robert was onto Holly before she drugged him, and he’s going to chase after the truth even harder after he can stand on his own two feet again.

How is Holly going to handle it when Robert tells her he knows she took the necklace?

Of course we mustn’t forget Cody Bell (Josh Kelly)! Nothing says greedy Cody isn’t the one who winds up with the briefcase!

Stay tuned for more GH updates and spoilers as this storyline continues to develop.