I Am Shauna Rae Recap 01/18/22: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Girl With The Cherry Tattoo”

 I Am Shauna Rae Recap 01/18/22: Season 1 Episode 2 "The Girl With The Cherry Tattoo"

TLC’s reality show I Am Shauna Rae returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, January 18, 2022, season 1 episode 2 called “The Girl With The Cherry Tattoo,” and we have your weekly I Am Shauna Rae recap below. On tonight’s I Am Shauna Rae season 1 episode 2 as per the TLC synopsis, “Shauna heads to a brewery with friends, but her parents struggle with letting go and allowing her to be independent. Worried about her dating life, Patty suggests.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Shuana Rae saying that she is a twenty two years old trapped inside a body of an eight year old.

Shauna Rae goes into a tattoo parlor to consult about an idea that she has, it is for her grandfather who passed away. The tattoo artist, Joel, who is helping her asks how old she is, he looks surprised to hear she is twenty two but welcomes her inside. He starts sketching her vision for her. Meanwhile, Shauna talks about her grandfather and says that he is one of the few people that always stood up for her and had her back, that is why she wants the tattoo to honor him.

His favorite desert was chocolate covered cherries, so she wants a cherry with his nickname. She shows off her other tattoos that she already has, one for her grandmother, one for cancer and one of a polar bear because she likes them. She admits that her first tattoo was taking control of her indepedance for her.

Shauna tis ready to go out, she is going to a brewery with some friends and Mark asks her a lot of questions. Her mom usually asks more, but she wishes they would stop asking and just trust her when she goes out. To her mom, she is like the child who never grew up in her eyes.

In the car, Shauna’s friend Naiyh tell hers that she should spread her wings when they talk about moving out. Shauna doesn’t think telling her mother and step father that she wants to move out will go over well.

Edric & Naiyh, Shauna Rae’s friends say they don’t see her as small, they just see her as their friend. They order drinks and sit down at a picnic table. They talk about school and Shauna is vaping, she admits that she vaped at first to make herself look older. With her sister getting married and her friends talking about their own relationship, Shauna is starting to think about her own dating life.

Shauna’s sisters set up some online dating for her, but she is not interested, she would rather meet someone so they get to see what she looks like. Shauna wants to have more independence, she plans on getting that with driving first, then moving out on her own.

Shauna goes to a new doctor, she hasn’t seen one since she moved to New York. She already spoke to the doctor and got lab work done. Checking on her health is important because there is cancer on both sides of her family. Basically Shauna wants to know if she can be a mom. The doctor says it would be risky because of her size and depending on what chemo has had in the past, that could affect her chances. Shauna then reveals that she has frequent migraines, the doctor wants her to see a neurologist. Her mother worries that Shauna’s cancer could back, in fact she doesn’t think it is if, she thinks it is when.

Shauna is having lunch with her mother and Patty. Her mother asks about her dating apps, she says she gave up on them. Her mother tells her that she should take her advice, and that is how she can avoid getting hurt in the future. Shauna says she always dates toxic people, the last one had a lot of issues. Her mother’s main concern is with guy’s who want to date her daughter is why are you looking at my child, she looks seven.

Shauna is looking for a long term relationship, serious and indepth. Shauna tells her mom that she doesn’t want a guy she would pick. Her mom mentions matchmakers, they know what she wants and they will find a good match. Shauna says she is not against it. In the end, she tells her mother that she will do it for her, even though she thinks it is a little traditional.

Shauna has a video call with a matchmaker. Shauna tells her that her past relationships were very toxic and that is why they ended. There hasn’t been much public dating, she has never been given flowers. Publicly dating she has never done, but physically she has been intimated with other people, all the squares are checked. Shauna says she would like for him to be under six feet so her face is not in his grown. She cares more about personality than looks.