La Brea Recap 10/25/22: Season 2 Episode 5 “The Heist”

Tonight on NBC their sci-fi drama La Brea airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 25, 2022, episode and we have your La Brea recap below. In tonight’s La Brea season 2 episode 5, “The Heist”  as per the NBC synopsis, “Eve, Gavin and others attempt to commandeer a shipment of black rock to gain access to the mysterious Building, where they believe they may find a way to bring Josh and Riley home. In 1988, Josh and Riley must act swiftly to prevent Caroline from altering the timeline.

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In tonight’s La Brea episode, Gavin shows Sam and the others his plan to get their kids back. They need to get into the cave. Levi tells Gavin they need to talk after. Gavin tells him when the time is right. Meanwhile, Eve and Ty also talk. She has choices t make.

Eve and Gavin head to find Izzy. She is saying goodbye to Aldridge. They discuss how they plan to head to the castle and how she needs to stay behind to be safe. Izzy insists she is going too. After some thought, they tell her, yes but she needs to do everything they say.

Lucas offers Scott an ear. He knows he is upset about Aldridge. Scott feels like a failure, again. Lucas wants to know what he means about it again. Scott doesn’t say anymore.

The gang head out to the castle. Gavin tells Eve on the walk that he isn’t giving up on them. Just then, they hear a sound in the woods. A man slides down the side of a hill. Its Virgil. He has escaped the castle. He warns them he has escaped and if they go they will get hurt. They are closing down the mines and there are more guards.

The gang arrives at the castle. They look over the mountainside to see the guards and horses. They decide to split up. They will wait until morning to make their move. As they head to leave, Gavin, Izzy, Eve, and Sam fall into a cave. They look around to see skeletons. Izzy looks down to find a large spider on her. They are everywhere. Gavin finds a hole in the wall to sleep away in. Izzy panics and is frozen in place. Eve talks her through.

Scott is in the other group. They are still on the mountainside. He begins to panic as well looking at the guards. Meanwhile, Ty talks with Paara. Her people look curiously at them. He asks her about her late husband. There is a lot of pain there but she is happy to start a new life with him.

Gavin, Sam, Eve, and Izzy find themselves at a dead end. Izzy gets upset. They are never going to get Josh. She wants them to be a family again. She gets into the fact that her parents aren’t together even though they say they love one another. She points out that it isn’t Gavin’s fault because of his visions.

Back in the 1980s, it looks like Riley discovered that Dr. Clark might be trying to adopt Izea. Meanwhile, Lucas and Scott see that prisoners are being marched to the river. They plan to put them on a raft. They need to stop them. Scott is scared and admits that he watched his younger brother drown when he was little. Lucas supports him, they need to save these people.

Gavin and the others manage to sneak up on some of the guards and take out several of them. Across the way, Scott and Lucas work to save the prisoners. Scott sets a fire to their sails before they run for it. They end up meeting Sam after making a safe escape. Eve, Gavin, and the others manage to get into the castle disguised as the guards they stole uniforms from. After they get by the leader he is informed of their presence. He goes after them but they are able to fight him off. Levi saves Eve during the battle. Gavin witnesses this. Paara and Ty arrive to chase off the leader. Paara has a clear shot but doesn’t take it, revealing the leader is her husband!

Josh and Riley talk to Ms. Clark. She tells them how Izea will be adopted before asking them to help stop a tidal wave. Meanwhile, Paara tells the others the leader’s name is Tommy. He created the exiles, the people they are fighting. They take the horse and carriage back. Gavin looks at Eve differently now. He tells her he loves her and plans to win her back. They finally make it to the castle, all looking nervous


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