Law & Order SVU Recap 11/17/22: Season 21 Episode 8 “A Better Person”

Tonight on NBC Law & Order SVU returns with an all-new Thursday, November 17, 2022 episode and we have your Law & Order SVU recap below. In tonight’s Law & Order SVU season 24 episode 8 “A Better Person,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The SVU hunts for a violent suspect who killed a detective’s child. Rollins ponders a potential opportunity.”

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On tonight’s Law & Order SVU episode, a young girl walks into the bar, and takes a Aiden’s drink, he gets annoyed. His father and some friends of his arranged the whole thing, it is his 21st birthday. Aiden goes to leave, his ride is outside and he and his father start to argue. His father tells him to wait, he has his suit for his aunt’s wedding in his car. Aiden tells him if he wants him to wear the suit so bad, he can drop it off to him in Manhattan.

Carisi pops a bottle of champagne with Rollins he tells her that she is going to get approached for a job as a teacher. She is surprised, he tells her not to say no right now, promise him that she will sleep on it.

Aiden’s father decides to drop the suit off, when he gets there Aiden doesn’t answer the phone but he hears it ringing. He looks the window and sees Aiden on the floor and blood, so he smashes in the door.

Aiden is the kid of Mack McDaniels, one of their own, he works in grand larceny division. When SVU gets there they find that Aiden has bite marks on his genitals. His father asks what kind of monster does this. Benson offers to call someone for him, he says his ex-wife Laura.

Rollins notices that have the drawers and closets are empty.

Ay the chief medical examiner’s office they notice a lot of injuries, head injuries, he was beaten, tortured, sodomized. They checked everywhere, no DNA. There was evidence of a lot of sodium stearate, it is used in dish soap. Fin says they are looking for a sex predator. Muncy says that Aiden had plans to meet with a friend, Brian Donnelly at the old neighbourhood. Muncy and Fin head to the bar and Aiden never showed up, but Brian did, he had some kind of a date and after 20-minutes the date stormed off. Rollins compares a photo of the date with Aiden, it is actually Aiden, unless he has a twin sister.

Brian is Brough in, he admits that his date was Aiden, he was his best friend since second grade. His name was now Aida, he knew nothing about it, the bartender didn’t even know about it. She asked Brian if he would accept her for who she was ad he said no. His wife was in the middle of breast feeding when he got home, they can speak to his wife about where he was when they left the bar. Brian says if he were to do it all again, he would have shared a beer with Aiden and told him that he loved him.

Fin tells Benson that Brian’s cell phone puts him at home at the time of the murder. Aiden’s cell phone puts him in the West Village at 1:00am. Benson tells Rollins they need to speak to Mack and his ex to see if they knew anything about Aiden’s private life.

Rollins and Benson speak to Mack and his ex, she knew about Aida, he refuses to accept it. Benson tells them that the pieces don’t fit, there was a maticulases and level of care to the murder. They went to great lengths to cover their tracks, there was no DNA. Mack gets upset and feels like he is being accused. Benson tells him right out if she thought he killed Aiden, he would already be in cuffs.

There has been another assault, Chelsea, same MO, sodomy, attempted murder, covered in bite marks. They head to the apartment of Cora Jones, she is the victim. She says the man from the bar tried to kill her. She maced him on the fired escape, but he got away.

The guy’s name was Lucas, he had dimples and an accent, said he was a project manager for a month. She told him that he was trans and he was intrigued. The second they got into the door a switch went off and the guy went into beast mode. He tore off her clothes and started biting her. He raped her with a wine bottle. She pretended to go along with it so she could spray him with her mace.

Muncy is on the street looking for the perpetrator near Cora’s place and a woman walking her dog starts to cry. Muncy looks to see what is grabbing the dogs attention and it is a guy hiding under a grate. Muncy goes after him and he starts to run, Fin shows up and they got their man, his name is Lucas Peters.

Lucas’ prints were on the wine bottle. At the station Mack comes in furious, Benson asks him if there is something that he wants to tell them. Mack wants them to swab this guy, do a match, something, anything. Mack says they have missed something, the guy had to have left something, they missed it and need to go back to the beginning and if they don’t, he is going to report them.

In court, Rollins is on the witness stand and says transgender people are often targeted and too many times it is not reported. Lucas purposely sought out Cora because she was a transgender woman. The opposing attorney says this was probably consensual rough sex. Cora goes on the witness stand and recounts what happened, she pretended to go along so she could grab her mace, so she could survive, otherwise he would have killed her.

Benson goes outside the courtroom and chats with Mack and gets him to admit that he is the one who cleaned up his son’s crime scene, he didn’t want the cops to see him like that. She reminds him that her name was Aida, that is what she wanted to be called.

The next day, Mack brings all Aida’s clothes in, the ones she was attacked in. Benson tells him that Carisi can indight Luca for murder, but he has to go on the witness stand and ell the truth, that he tampered with evidence and that is a felony. She tells him to hire a good lawyer, he may lose his badge.

Mack is on the witness stand. He says he moved her body, to put her to bed one last time. She was wearing jeans, a blouse, red high heeled shoes, fake nails that he removed and makeup. He acted on instinct, he knew it was wrong, but he knows what happens in a crime scene, photos and detailed reports. At the time he didn’t accept that his daughter identified as a woman, and he is ashamed. He put all her things in two garbage bags and put them in his garage. Lucas is convicted, 15 years for manslaughter 1 and 10 years for Cora’s charges. And they heard from Interpol, eight other murders in Germany where he was a project manager.

Muncy is eating pizza with pineapple on it, and he tells her people in Harlem don’t put fruit on their pizza.

Mack and his ex-wife hold a memorial for Aida, he says it is his loss that he didn’t accept her, but he loved her. Benson tells Rollins, nice work.