Little People, Big World Recap 05/31/22: Season 23 Episode 3 “Battle Ground”

Tonight on TLC Little People, Big World returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 31, 2022, season 23 episode 3 called, “Battle Ground,” and we have your Little People, Big World recap below. In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Pumpkin season is underway, but with things still tense between Matt and Zach, Zach and Tori skip it to focus on their move and on Jackson, who needs surgery for his bowed legs. Also, Chris gets off to a rocky start as a wagon tour guide.

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Amy’s husband Chris offered to be a tour guide. He found out over dinner that the farm had to cut back with Zach leaving and he offered to help. Chris knows nothing about being a tour guide. He needed some training first. Matt and Caryn had him go on a practice run with a friend. The friend was supposed to act like a cranky old guy and that’s what he delivered. He came up with all sorts of questions. Questions that Chris might genuinely have been asked on a real tour and Chris wasn’t doing so well. He did not read the script before the practice run. It showed as every time he was asked a question – he stumbled through an answer.

But Chris is a good guy. He knows now that the script was too important to browse through and he’ll do better next time. His harshest critic had been Amy. Amy thought there was room for improvement only Matt and Caryn thought it was funny. They were great friends of Chris’s. There was none of that awkwardness between the new husband and the ex-husband. They were just friends. Everyone was friends. Amy and Caryn were now friends. They like spending time together and they talked about things that mattered to them. They talked about Zach’s moving away. Zach was one of Amy and Matt’s sons.

Zach was the only little person like them. He was married to Tori and they have two children who in turn were little people. Their son was struggling to walk because his legs have begun bowing. They took him to a specialist about it and the doctor said that there were two options. One option would require surgery and it would involve breaking the leg. The second option would require putting a plate in to stop the growth in the hopes that that will allow the legs to straighten out all on their own. Zach and his wife would normally have talked about this with both sets of parents only Zach’s family was going through a period of estrangement with Matt and Caryn.

Zach initially wanted to buy into the farm. He wanted to be a partner. He started to make a deal with the couple and it backfired. The negotiations made Zach feel very disrespected. He no longer wanted anything to do with the farm and he was in fact moving his family further away from it and his father. Zach wasn’t even helping with pumpkin season. The pumpkin season was a big event at the farm and Zach and his family missed the start of it. Everyone, even down to the kids, would have been there normally but they chose to miss it now due to the estrangement. Zach, it seems hadn’t wanted to show up for any part of the pumpkin.

Zach simply wanted to just move with his family. He hasn’t spoken to his dad or his dad’s girlfriend. His mom actually had to go over to his house and ask him if he was going to show up at all during pumpkin season. He told her that they might stop by on the last day. He also talked about estrangement. How he was still sorta angry. Zach said that his dad had acted like he always does and he didn’t see the relationship as a priority. He didn’t see how much he was pushing his own son away. Zach thought he was going into business with his father and his father treated him like he wasn’t family. Like Zach wasn’t important to him.

The truth is that Matt likes how things are right now. He likes that he’s the only boss on the farm. When he bought out Amy’s portion, the first thing he did was do all of the projects that he knew she would say were a bad idea. Matt likes the control. He liked doing whatever he wanted on the farm and he wasn’t going to give that up. Not anytime soon. Only Matt did miss Zach’s family. He missed seeing the grandkids and having them running around on the farm. It was hard once Zach and his family chose to distance themselves. It was great that Matt’s relationship with Amy and Chris had gotten so much better than before.

It meant Matt still had some help at the farm. Chris as it happens was a great tour guide. He was a funny guy and he had people laughing with him as he showed them the farm. Caryn even enjoyed herself. She said it was one of the best tours she’s ever been on. But like he said he would, Zach and Tori showed up with the kids on the last day. The last day was usually when they were all in costumes and so the kids enjoyed got to enjoy themselves. They dressed up as astronauts. They were running around on the farm like they normally did. They’ve since moved into the new house. The new house was a ranch and having everything on one level was great for the kids.

The kids also have a new chicken coop. They have a pond on the new property. They have plenty of space and so the house was great. And being back on the farm, while uncomfortable, went without issue because the kids having a great time was the most important thing.


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