Little People, Big World Recap 06/07/22: Season 23 Episode 4 “We’re Gonna Pop Out That Baby”

Tonight on TLC Little People, Big World returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 7, 2022, season 23 episode 4 called, “We’re Gonna Pop-Out That Baby,” and we have your Little People, Big World recap below. In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode as per the TLC synopsis, “It’s not all rainbows when Matt visits Zach’s new home for the first time. Meanwhile, Amy babysits Jackson as Chris adjusts to being a grandparent, and the entire family prepares for Lilah’s second birthday. Also, Zach and Tori have a big announcement.

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Zach and his family visited the farm. They came on the last day of pumpkin season. They didn’t really talk to either Matt or his girlfriend Caryn, but they also didn’t keep their children away from them and so Matt got to spend time with little Jackson. Jackson loves the farm. He loves his grandpa and Cha-Cha. He went with them to view the amusements they had for the season. He also got to enjoy dressing up. His sister Lilah was still pretty shy. She needs time to warm up to people before she interacts with them and she didn’t really get that either Matt or Caryn. She just stayed with her parents.

The kids missed the sheer amount of tension there was. But the adults picked up on it. Neither Zach nor his wife Tori was willing to do much talking with the other couple and the most talking they did was when Zach asked for an old lawnmower. He needed one. He got one from his neighbor that was so old that it wasn’t really functional and so he asked for one and Matt offered it to him as well. One would think those two things couldn’t be combined, only Zach started out by asking his dad if he still uses the lawnmower which resulted in Matt then offering it to Zach. Either way, Zach got the lawnmower.

Zach didn’t take it with him right then. Matt had to drop it off later. Things were so tense between the two men that Caryn suggested to Matt that he should offer an olive branch goes to drop the lawnmower off. Everyone believes that Zach will ultimately forgive his dad for the alleged disrespect when he offered to buy into the farm, but what Zach and Tori have said is that they needed space. They knew how Matt would react. They just didn’t think he would act like that with them and so finding out that he was going to treat them like anyone else had hurt. Zach was particularly close to his father before all of this happened.

Zach was the only child that stayed on to help with the farm. His siblings all went on to marry and move away with their families. It was just Zach that stayed. Zach had loved the farm. He wanted to take it over one day and now he barely wants to visit. There was no bigger sign that Zach was still angry at his father than the fact that he didn’t run to his dad to tell him about the new baby. He told everyone else. He even told the cameras before he told his dad. Zach and Tori are expecting their third child and they were excited. They were happy. They couldn’t wait until the baby was born and they shared that with Zach’s mom, Amy. They didn’t share with it, Matt.

They also didn’t share news about their son Jackson’s surgery. Jackson was going to get surgery that was supposed to help his legs become straight. He was bow-legged. His legs were curved and the doctor talked to them about a couple of options they had. Zach and Tori chose the least invasive one. They didn’t want Jackson to be in bed for days if not weeks. They chose the option that will allow Jackson to get up and walk on the same day as the procedure. They chose this because Zach himself had required surgery to correct his own legs and it had been a lot. People don’t talk about all the surgeries that little people need.

Zach hadn’t wanted to put his son through that. He talked about it with Amy and her husband. The couple was the first to know about the new pregnancy and they also got to watch the kids whenever Zach and Tori needed a break. In spite of not hindering the relationship between the kids and Matt, Matt wasn’t given the option of watching the kids. Matt and Caryn didn’t even know about Lilah’s birthday party until late in the day and by then Caryn had already booked tickets to go out of town with her daughter. Lilah’s birthday was near Thanksgiving. Her parents should have given advance notice if they wanted people at the party.

Matt tried taking Caryn’s advice. He reached out to Zach while dropping off that lawnmower and he found that his grandkids were already forgetting him. They usually would have run to him when he entered the house, but now they don’t run. They were instead grumpy. They were grumpy. Tori was grumpy. The only one willing to really take Matt up on talking was Zach. Zach told his dad in a text that they were pregnant again. When Matt dropped off the lawnmower, it was the first time that Matt got to see them since learning they were pregnant and so he asked questions. He asked Tori if she was doing okay. She was. But her focus was on the kids.

The kids didn’t interact with Matt at all. Matt said that he would just have to keep coming back and eventually the kids will get used to him again.


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