Little People, Big World Recap 06/28/22: Season 23 Episode 7 “My New Husband Helping My Ex…”

Tonight on TLC Little People, Big World returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 21, 2022, season 23 episode 7 called, “My New Husband Helping My Ex…,” and we have your Little People, Big World recap below. In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Amy and Chris head to Arizona to visit Matt and Caryn! The fearsome foursome explores Sedona, go off-roading, and get a little too close for comfort.

Zach and Tori worry about getting Lilah to sleep in her big girl bed before baby number three arrives.

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In tonight’s LPBW episode, Chris’s wedding ring was an odd fit on his finger. Sometimes it was too tight. Sometimes it was too loose. It was just an odd fit and Chris tends to play it even when it’s on his finger. He suggested ditching the ring to his wife. She shot that down. Amy wants him to wear his ring and she thinks it would fit better if he doesn’t take it off every night before bed. Amy also discussed their trip to future trip to Arizona. They were going to Arizona to visit Matt and Caryn. It was Chris’s idea because he considered Matt a friend and yet it was weird for Amy because she used to be married to Matt. And she didn’t necessarily want to take a trip to visit her ex and his girlfriend.

Amy only agreed to the trip for Chris’s sake. She still thought it was weird to hang out with her ex and she didn’t really like Matt. Not even after their divorce. Their divorce took a toll on her. They were married for a long time and they had four kids together and then the last few years their marriage felt like a dying animal that needed to be mercy killed. It also didn’t help that Matt and Caryn quickly got together. He moved on before she did. Which was something that seemed pretty big to Amy. It’s like she’s never forgiven him for that and yet she was married now. She was married to Chris. And Chris was such a great guy that even Matt wanted to be his friend.

Chris didn’t have any of Amy’s baggage. He was a good guy who simply wanted to be on good terms with everyone and he was willing to do the heavy lifting with Matt that Amy didn’t want to. Amy and Matt are still grandparents to several grandkids. They had to be on good terms or else their kids would have to feel like they were on their side. So, Chris helped in that area. He and Matt had a lot in common. It’s why they were such good friends and Chris helped Amy to overcome some of her anxiety around Matt and Caryn. Matt and Caryn meanwhile prepared for the visit. They put in the effort to arrange a fun time for Chris and Amy and Amy seemed set on wasting their efforts.

Amy later went to Arizona with an attitude. She said it felt like Twilight Zone when she went into Matt and Caryn’s house. The house was arranged to be little people accessible. The bathroom’s counters were low. The shower was a walk-in shower. It was all very cozy and very neat. Amy felt absolutely uncomfortable in the setting. She didn’t really want to be there and so that caused the attitude. Amy and Chris were still being shown around while Zach and Tori got their daughter a new bed. They were transitioning their daughter Lilah out of the crib. She was two years old. She needed a big girl bed. And it works out better if they transition her before the new baby came.

Zach and Tori were pregnant with their third child. They knew that Jackson would take the new baby in his stride because he was pretty chill about Lilah and so there was just concern for Lilah. Lilah had to go into her new bed months before the baby came because that way she wouldn’t feel like the new baby “stole” her crib. But all their worries aside, Lilah didn’t seem to understand the concept of what the big girl bed would mean. She was excited about it. She was ready to play with it when they took it out of the box. Tori got her something very simple. She did that because she knew her husband and because Zach complained about Jackson’s bed for months. And her getting the bed was supposed to be simple.

Only Zach still found a way to complain. It reminded Tori of Zach wanting to use his twin bed for their marital bed and she had to shut it down. They then had to set up the bed. Jackson offered to “help” and he instead kept whacking his sister with the pieces of the new bed. His parents had to tell him to sit still. Then once they got the bed together, it all worked out. Lilah left her bed once and that was it. She didn’t cry or throw a tantrum. She fell asleep after they returned her to her bed and so Lilah was pretty chill. She didn’t complain like Jackson. Jackson cried all night when he got put in his big boy bed.

Jackson thankfully doesn’t do that anymore. He was adjusted to his bed and, with Lilah now being in her bed, it left the crib free for the new baby. Tori felt good about her pregnancy. She didn’t have many complaints like she did when she was pregnant with Lilah. This latest pregnancy was very easygoing and she and Zach were celebrating a great night with Lilah as Amy finally came around on her trip to Arizona. She and the others enjoyed themselves on a tour. They all had fun. They laughed together and overall it turned out to be a great visit. Chris couldn’t wait to do it again next year.


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