Magnum P.I. Recap 02/25/22 Season 4 Episode 14 “Run, Baby, Run”

Magnum P.I. Recap 02/25/22 Season 4 Episode 14 "Run, Baby, Run"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, February 25, 2022, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 14 “Run, Baby, Run”,” as per the CBS synopsis, “A bail bondsman hires Magnum and Higgins to track down a woman who skipped out on her $250,000 bond.

When they locate the body of another P.I. who was previously searching for her, they partner with Det. Lia Kaleo (Chantal Thuy)on the case. Also, T.C. and Katsumoto team up on an emotional search for Cade’s mother.

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Magnum and Higgins’s flirtatious behavior has increased lately. They were playing with some swords and they were fencing each other when suddenly they found themselves breaking the rules to let their bodies touch. Higgins quickly put a stop to it. But it happened. It, unfortunately, ended a little too soon and they were back at work only the hope remains. Both with the fans and with each other. Magnum and Higgins had to stop their flirting because they caught a case. Magnum’s old friend Melvin Machado contacted him. Machado was a bail bondsman whose client skipped her court date and he couldn’t take the loss. Her bail was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And Machado risks losing his business if the perp was found.

Machado had already hired a bounty hunter. He even gave him front money and it was no good. Jimmy Wu disappeared. He was gone and so was Stella Torres. She was the skip that seems to have skipped town. Magnum and Higgins took the case and the first thing they found was that Torres has been posting photos of herself all around the country. They seemingly indicated that she left the island. But Magnum noticed something odd in the photos she posted on social media. The photos were taken months if not years before she allegedly claim they were. This would mean that Stella never left the island. She just wanted people to think she did.

Stella was once a criminal informant. She was turned after she was found with enough drugs to make a distribution charge stick and the detective working the case could have gotten her off the latest charge if she hadn’t assaulted the cop that arrested her. That’s why the bail was so high. Stella disappeared months ago. No one has seen her since. Magnum and Higgins went to her apartment and they found Jimmy Wu. He had been shot. He couldn’t call for help because the apartment had bad reception. Magnum had to go outside to call for help. And once Wu was charged by the responding cops – his message to Machado went through.

It was a plate number. The plate number belonged to HPD Sergeant Wayne Nix. He was also known as Stella’s handler while she was working as a CI and so why would Nix try to kill Wu? The private investigators didn’t know the answer to that question and they needed to find it. They kept looking for Stella. They also split up. Magnum took Rick with him as he searched for Stella and Higgins talked to Lia. Lia was working on the case. She saw the message about Nix’s car and she knows now that a fellow officer hasn’t been entirely truthful about his past relationship with a skip. This was made even more clear once Magnum found Stella.

Magnum found Stella heavily pregnant. She said she ran because she had to protect her baby. Stella was pregnant and it was Nix’s. Nix used her as a criminal informant to rip off drug dealers. He and his entire crew in the drugs task force were shady. They were the ones that planted the gun on Stella and claimed she assaulted them when they arrested her. They did this after they found out she was pregnant. Her “relationship” hadn’t been entirely consensual. Hence why Stella knew instantly that she had to go on the run. She posted bail fast and disappeared. She didn’t want something to happen to her or her baby.

Magnum assured her that they were there to help. They called Higgins and Lia to tell them they found Stella and that they were bringing her back to Robin’s nest, but before they could, a police car showed up and the officer claimed he was arresting Stella for Wu’s murder. Magnum instantly spotted the lie. He pulled his gun. He found out the officer set up a signal blocker. He also learned he didn’t come alone and so he, Rick, and the very pregnant trekked out into the forest to get help. They made it to a neighbor’s where they called for help. They would have run again if Stella’s water hadn’t broken. She was going into labor with the dirty cops right outside.

Nix and his men tracked her to the neighbor. They wanted Stella. They didn’t care about anyone else and they planned on killing everyone else. But Magnum stopped them. He even did it with a crossbow and several arrows. It’s a good thing the military is trained to handle several weapons and not just guns. Stella’s baby was later born free of any danger. It turns out it had been Nix’s plan to take her baby and give it to his wife because they couldn’t conceive. Now, he was dead. The FBI was getting involved to root other dirty cops and that was going to be it. Stella got to keep her brand new baby boy thanks to Magnum and Higgins. And all charges against her were dropped.

Higgins went out for drinks with Lia afterward because she saw that Lia was handling the breakup with Magnum badly, but it put a kibosh on her, and Magnum went back to flirting.

And TC managed to find out what happened to Cade’s mother. She died. She’s been dead for years and he just didn’t know it because her body went unclaimed.