Prince Charles Visits Rwanda With Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles, Comments On Slavery At An Unfortunate Time

Prince Charles and Duchess Camila Parker-Bowles just visited Rwanda, and the future King felt deeply and “personally” very “sorry for slavery.” However, that didn’t appeal to a lot of people who disagree that migrants should be sent there while Rwanda takes money for them. To many, it amounts to modern-day slavery. Additionally, it seems like he picked an unfortunate time to address the subject.

Prince Charles Pays A Visit To Rwanda

As the future King, with his wife Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles possibly becoming the Queen Consort, Prince Charles is under scrutiny.

Actually, when the  Queen announced the news, not a lot of people raved with joy. Clearly, folks who hoped for a younger generation to take over felt saddened that Prince William was overlooked.

Prince Charles isn’t in his dotage yet, and he does come from a long-lived family, as evidenced by Queen Elizabeth. Camila once described his fitness levels as similar to a “mountain goat.”

However, people often perceive him to be a bit odd. In the past, he watered his garden with his bath water and started banging on about the climate years before Greta Thunberg’s birth. So, it’s only natural that some people think his speech about slavery was oddly timed.

The Reson Prince Charles Went To Rwanda

CNN noted that “Rwanda, only joined the [CHOGM] group in 2009 and has no historical ties to the UK. In fact, this will be the first time a member of the royal family has set foot in the country.”

However, the main reason for the visit was because this year, the country hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). It, unfortunately, coincided with the decision to send migrants there. Of course, Rwanda will be handsomely paid for the privilege.

When Prince Charles started talking about how “sorry” he felt about slavery, people ripped into him. On Twitter, it twisted the narrative because they think “selling” people to Rwanda for money is akin to modern-day slavery.

Whether Charles disagrees with the government’s decision or not, it’s not his place to discuss government policy. After all, the royals are meant to stay away from that.

Critics Slam Sending Refugees To The County

While a lot of people agree that it’s a good thing that Prince  Charles spoke about slavery, others can’t get over the hypocrisy of the timing.

Others also saw the connection and seemed unhappy with it:


What do you think of Prince Charles talking about slavery just after the government sent migrants there and paid Rwanda to take them? Sound off in the comments below.

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