Prince William’s Man Of The Homeless Reputation Torpedoed By Failure To Reconcile With Prince Harry?

Prince William's Man Of The Homeless Reputation Torpedoed By Failure To Reconcile With Prince Harry?

Prince William prepares to step into his dad’s shoes as the Prince of Wales. However, might his brother, Prince Harry torpedo his efforts to be seen as a man of the people? Prince Harry’s far removed from the throne right now.

Additionally, Prince Harry’s unlikely to ever take over as the head of the British monarchy. However, that’s not necessarily something bad for his wallet. After all, he writes a book and it could tarnish his brother’s efforts.

Prince William Seems Reluctant To Be King

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle and went from being the boys’ boy in the military to a dad. Actually, some folks think he’s a man whose wife definitely wears the pants in his home.

When The Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided that royal life wasn’t their cup of tea, they dished a lot of alleged racial dirt on the Royal Family. Recall, they groused it out with Oprah Winfrey. Not that it helped their popularity in the USA.

Prince William, on the other hand, wanted to be in the military and see action on the field, Sadly for him, Queen Elizabeth thwarted his plans.

Groomed to be the next King, it seemed Prince William had fewer alternatives than his brother. So, when the British people found out that her majesty nominated Prince Charles as the next King, a lot of people felt angry. Mind you, it also seems that Will doesn’t really want to rush into the job, anyway.

Prince William Is All About The Homeless

Yahoo carried a story by The Daily Beast on June 24 and it covered the fact that William turned 40. Well, off he went to have his official birthday photo and meet the people.

The outlet noted that he wore “the outfit of a vendor of The Big Issue, the British magazine sold by the homeless.” Clearly, he makes an effort to think about the homeless: as he should, given the critics who slam the family for removing them from the streets on special occasions.

@andrews_ange / Twitter

Did that impress the people of England? Apparently, not all of them are convinced that Prince William should become a man of the people. After all, he can’t seem to manage his relationship with his own sibling at the moment.

Harry Could Hurt William’s Image

Prince William and Prince Harry seem very far from those two cute kids who seemed to adore each other when their mom was still alive. Nowadays, plenty of speculation runs around that Prince Harry’s outspoken attitude formed a wedge between the two brothers.

Duncan Larcombe, who used to be “the royal editor for the Sun told the Daily Beast,” told the outlet: “If William wants to be a future king, a great leader…to two billion people…then [he should] be able to sort out a frankly pretty minor dispute with his brother.”

Notably, Prince Harry’s not leading anyone anywhere, if he so chooses. Will Prince William make a move to reconcile their differences? Perhaps that depends on how badly he really wants to be a King known as the man of the people: especially, the homeless ones.

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