Survivor Finale Recap 12/14/22: Season 43 Episode 13 “Snap Some Necks and Cash Some Checks”

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, December 14, 2022, season 43 episode 13 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 13 called “Snap Some Necks and Cash Some Checks,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The remaining five castaways must find the perfect balance in the immunity challenge to make it to the final four.

Also, two castaways will have to make a fire in order to earn their seat in the final three, with one player being crowned the title of Sole Survivor on the two-hour season finale, followed by the Reunion Show hosted by Jeff Probst.

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Tonight’s Survivor finale episode begins with the end of the tribal council when the idol was played for Owen by Jesse, which sent Cody home. The final five were taken to a new beach, in the final push to the end.

Day 24, Gabler thinks he has a strong chance of winning if he can make ti to the final three, nobody is looking at him. Owen is shocked that he has made it to the final five, but now he knows he has to be perfect to make it to the top.

Jesse can’t believe the historic move he made, and he can punch his ticket to the final four because he has another idol and nobody knows. Cassidy thinks she has done everything perfectly and wants to push to the end to plead her case for the million dollars. Karla thinks she has a heart of a warrior, she is still there and she is not going out without a fight.

When they arrive at camp they all find the Final Advantage Clue, one for each of them, “solve the phrase to find the advantage, you cannot search for the advantage until you have correctly unscrambled every word.”

Karla is the first to figure it out and she couldn’t be happier because she is at a disadvantage because of her ankle. Owen finishes as well and saints past Karla. The two are feverishly looking for the clue, and Owen realizes that it has to be a tree. He starts counting the trees and Karla follows him, he is looking for it, is inches away from it and Karla grabs it. Owen is furious.

Karla has won a slight advantage in the final five immunity challenges.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Karla reveals that she has he advantage. Today they are going to maneuver a boy through a series of obstacles, in the water. They will then use handles to transport puzzle blocks over a hinged balance beam. Once they have all their blocks will use them to solve a word phrase. The winner wins immunity and cannot be voted out. They will either win their way there or fight with fire. The winner will also enjoy steak, potato, veggies, wine, and cheesecake,. A protein boost. Karla will start with ten of her puzzle blocks already at her puzzle table.

Karla gets a quick lead but she has to walk up a beam and it proves difficult with her ankle. Everybody is getting the rythim but Karla is in the lead. Owen does it, he is guaranteed immunity and a spot in the final four. Owen gets to choose one person to go with him to the sanctuary, he takes Cassidy.

Owen and Cassidy are talking, he leaning towards Jesse because of his big move, but Cassidy would like to see Karla go. Both don’t think Gabler is a threat. Meanwhile, Gabler is crushed, he was hoping Owen would take him, mentally he feels like he is breaking down. It is really important to have nourishment in the final hour, he hopes he can hold it together for a few more days. Karla speaks to Jesse about flipping the vote to get rid of Cassidy, speaking to Owen and getting him on their side. Truthfully, Karla wants to put a target on Jesse’s back. Gabler wants to get rid of Karla and Jesse, he wants to go to the final three with Owen and Cassidy, he thinks that is his best bet to win.

It’s time for tribal council, Jesse announces that he has an immunity idol, he is punching his ticket to the final four and there are a lot of people in shock.

Cassidy says that Karla is trying to downplay her threat level. Karla tells her the floor is open, anyone who wants to make a big move. Karla gets up and asks Karla if she wants to dance, he says yes and they go to the side and talk.

Gabler and Cassidy then speak to Jesse, leaving Owen sitting down by himself. Owen gets up and joins.

Gabler says it can be anybody, there have been many great plans throughout the day. Time to vote.

Jesse plays his immunity idol. First vote, Jesse, then Karla, Karla Karla. Karla is voted out.

Day 25 and time for the final immunity challenge. They are going to use a long fork to manoeuvre a bowl through a channel, when they get to it to the top they will go back and get another one. What makes it tricky is that the entire structure sits on a spring. Which means, if they hit the structure too hard, it will wobble and fall, they need to start again. The first person to stack 15 bowls wins the final immunity, they decide who sits down beside them and has to fight with fire.

Gabler gets a good lead, Jesse is in last place but can they all stand the wind. Gabler loses most of his stack because of the wind. It is now Cassidy win the lead. Owen drops. Cassidy wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final three.

Back at camp, everyone is separately speaking to Cassidy. Jesse is ready to crack, he keeps trying to focus on the win and how he can secure his family’s future. Cassidy asks Gabler if he can beat Jesse at fire, he says yes, she wants him to show her. Gabler welcomes making fire, he wants to win and to donate 100% of the winnings to veterans in need.

At the final tribal council, Cassidy says it feels good to have the immunity necklace rounder back, she earned. She says everyone tried to pitch their case to her, but this decision can make or break her.

Gabler reveals that he wants to make fire, if he goes into the final three he wants to in a blaze of fire. Owen welcomes it as well, he would rather go out swinging. Cassidy is going to take Owen to sit next to her in the final spot. Gabler and Jesse are going to compete over making fire. Gabler and Jesse both take a spot.

It doesn’t take long for Gabler to have a clear win, and he does it with the fastest fire that has ever been made. Jesse is heartbroken, he is fighting back the tears. He says he thinks he set a good example for his kids. Cassidy says the only reason is in this position is because he played a great game, and she means it with all respect.

The final three have their celebratory breakfast to refuel before they have to plead their case to the jury.

Time for the final three, Owen, Gabler and Cassidy to plead their case to the jury on why they deserve to win the million dollars.

Gabler says that his game was relationship based, he was never seen and belonged to many groups to get to this place. His name was never been written down. Cassidy says she always knew where the votes were going, and she had close bonds that saved her. Owen says he got his name written down on night three and he thought he was going to be sent home he scratched his way out of a hole. Cassidy says she built her relationship with James and Karla, pre-merge and that propelled her into the merge. Gabler says after the Elie takeout, he was an alligator, went down under water, got deeper in the game.

Cassidy says she was in the trenches in every vote, and she had a mental checklist on who tried to get rid of her, so she got them out of this game before they went after her. Gabler had a few alliances, he also had some final twos, he was in ride or die to ride or die. Cassidy says that maybe nobody wrote down Gabler’s name because they didn’t perceive him as a threat. Jesse jumps in and says that Gabler’s intention was not to come off as a threat. Cassidy says she played a good game, she didn’t make any mistakes, she worked her ass off, won the last immunity fair and square, so she decided not to make fire against Jesse.

Owen says the final five immunity challenge, he gets to the correct tree and Karla snatches it up, he has never been more mad and it drove him to win immunity. Owen says he regrets losing his cool with James, he is ashamed of it and wishes it didn’t happen. Mistakes – Gabler says when he played his shot in the dark it wasn’t a good idea. Cassidy says her last conversations with Karla, she regrets them, she wish she handled them better, Owen says it is hard to choose one mistake, he doesn’t regret choosing the sides that he did because the got him through this journey and where he is now. Cassidy tires to take credit for Ryan getting voted out, but it wasn’t hers to take credit for, it was the ride or die.

Three very different games, now it is time to vote on who should be the sole survivor……

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