Survivor Recap 10/12/22: Season 43 Episode 4 “Show No Mercy”

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 12, 2022, season 43 episode 4 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 4 called “Show No Mercy,” as per the CBS synopsis, “One tribe makes a strategic decision in this week’s immunity challenge that sends another tribe to tribal council.

Also, one castaway’s paranoia and overconfidence risk leading them to their downfall.

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Tonight’s episode begins with Cody and the tribe upset they have no flint, no fire, and they need a win. At Baka, Gabler puts a palm on his tribe mates like a blanket, but it doesn’t work. Gabler is starting to rub the tribe the wrong way.

It is time for the reward challenge. One player from each tribe is going to use sandbags to knock blocks off a ledge. That same player will then walk on two of the blocks to get to the finish where the three remaining tribe members must each land one sandbag on a disk. They are playing for 10 fresh fish, and they can go to one of the other camps and steal one item. There will only be one tribe to win.

Vesi wins the reward, ten fish and they can steal one item from another tribe’s camp. They haven’t eaten anything but coconut, so they are really excited.

Vesi also doesn’t have fire, how are they going to cook the fish? They decide to trade their reward for a basket of fruit and a tool kit.

Vesi is planning on maybe going to Coco, they want that fishing gear which would make them stronger if they had food.

Cody thinks his tribe is missing grit, he wants to hit the other tribe in the shins and not everyone is on board. Cody is the one to set off in a boat and he goes to Coco. The tribe shouts that they don’t have anything. They all go to greet Cody and joke about how they are eating their fish without fire. Cody tells them that he is stealing his machete. James doesn’t want to lose it, it is their most useful tool. The tribe tries to negotiate. They agree to give him fishing gear and food for two days. Karla doesn’t trust Cody at all. She doesn’t like that they strengthened the enemy and she believes Cody played them.

Time for the immunity challenge. They are going to race to knock off a series of sandbags. They are looking for a ring of keys that they will use to unlock a net and drag four large puzzle pieces underneath the net. They will arrange the pieces into a square and once they have done that they will take those pieces, go up a cargo net to another platform and rearrange them into a triangle. The two tribes that complete it first will win immunity. The losing tribe goes to the tribal council.

Vesi and Baka win immunity. Coco is going to tribal council for the first time this season. A very clear division, Vesi helped Baka, that is a first.

Geo is excited about the tribal council, he thinks he is calling the shots. Cassidy feels like Geo is getting on her nerves and she wants the tribe to vote him out.

Time for tribal council. Geo and Ryan seem to be the two who are providing food. Lindsay says she has learned what works, and what it takes to win. But today was a wake-up call for the tribe. Time to vote, no idols are played. The first vote, Cassidy, then Geo, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.

Lindsay is voted out.



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