Survivor Recap 10/19/22: Season 43 Episode 5 “Stop With All The Niceness”

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 19, 2022, season 43 episode 5 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 5 called “Stop With All The Niceness,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Two castaways get caught by another tribemate while opening a Beware Advantage.

Also, one person from each tribe must take a journey together where they can risk their vote or play it safe.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with the end of tribal council, at first they were getting rid of Geo, but when Lindsay got paranoid, they sent her home. Ryan and Geo think they have the numbers right now. Geo put a vote on Cassidy, just in case.

Baka, day 10, Elie is looking for the hidden immunity, she feels like she has looked everywhere. But then she sees a tree that looks strange, she is with XXX who goes over to take a look ad Jeanine finds it and it’s the Beware Advantage. They decided not to tell Owen about it, but then he walks up and they have no choice but to tell him.

Owen gives her his bead, a symbol of his trust that he is giving her. Then Elie tells Sami about the Beware Advantage, he tries to act happy, but he is not. So, everyone knows about the Beware Advantage except for Gabler. In the end, Jeanine convinces Gabler to give her his bead. Sami goes to tell Gabler that those beads just gave Jeanine an idol.

Gabler is ticked off, if he had known he would never have given that bead to Jeanine.

Time for the Immunity Challenge, four tribe members will be tied together, on Jeff’s go, they will work together to get through a series of obstacles. They will then grab a bucket, fill it with water and make their way over a giant teeter totter, transferring whatever water is left into another bucket.

When that bucket is full, it will lift the gate, they will then race to roll three balls on a platform. First two tribes to win get immunity. The first tribe to finish gets a large tarp, the second tribe to finish gets a smaller tarp. The Losers go to Tribal Council and lose their flint.

Vesi is the first winner and Baka wins the second. Coco is going to Tribal Council. Jeff tells Vesi to choose one person from Coco to go on a journey, they will return for Tribal Council. They choose Geo, then they have to choose someone from Baka, they choose Jeanine, and finally one person from Vesi, Jesse.

Ryan threw the immunity challenge, he wants Cassidy to go home. The whole thing is a mess, both are targeting each other.

The trio who are on the adventure together have to get into a row boat in choppy waters are row to an island. On the way there they have to get to know each other and be ready to make a decision when they get there.

On a table there are three bags. Geo says he is on the outs so he is risking it, Jeanine is not believing his underdog story. If they risk their vote they have a chance at an advantage. They all take the risk and won’t find out until they get back at camp if they got the advantage.

Jeanine arrives back at camp, she lost her vote in the risk. Jeanine tells her tribe what happened.

At Coco, Geo doesn’t want Cassidy to know that he risked his vote, he wants the vote to remain the same so he says he didn’t risk it. Later, he tells his alliance that he risked his vote. He shows Karla and he did get the advantage, the knowledge is power. Geo is so excited, he can ask someone if they have an idol or advantage and they have to give it to him. Karla tells James and now they are rethinking things, maybe get rid of Geo because he could use the advantage on them.

At Tribal Council, Geo say she is uneasy because he was not a part of the conversations at camp about the vote. James says Geo told them what happened when he went away. Cassidy says if she survives, they will be more unified. Time to vote.

First vote Cassidy, then Cassidy, Geo, Geo, Geo.

Geo is voted out, and he is shocked at the blindside.


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