The Blacklist Recap 04/15/22: Season 9 Episode 16 “Helen Maghi”

The Blacklist Recap 04/15/22: Season 9 Episode 16 "Helen Maghi"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, April 15, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 15 called, “Helen Maghi,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Red chases a lead that could shed light on both Liz’s death and Cooper’s blackmailing. The Task Force experiences a major shakeup when one of their own is taken into custody.

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Tonight’s episode begins with Charlene who is with Harold, she brings him some clothes and hugs him. She asks if is true about the cop, Mateo said he was killed. Harold says yes, along with his lawyer, they were gunned down. And, it is probably connected to Liz’s murder. She says she lied for him, and he assures her that no charges will be filed against her, Cynthia promised him. Based on his years of service, his attorney told him that he should be released without bail and he can return to work. She tells him that he needs to make this right for Agnes, Liz trusted them with her.

In NY Red meets with Helen Maghi at a restaurant and he asks her why she is hiding in a private room. Then he tells her that he needs to know why the cop was killed and he needs to get into a vault. She says she can’t, she is consulting on a job gone wrong, and if she is not a wanted woman already, she will be soon.

Harold is in court, his lawyer asks for him to be released without bail. The judge set the bail to three hundred thousand and the trial is in six weeks. Cynthia is there, she tells him that she is sorry she couldn’t do more. Aram is there as well, he says they are not stopping until they find out who did this. Harold tells Aram that he has his job for now. Aram asks about Ressler, and Cynthis says Harol choose him, he’s the boss now.

At the bureau, Aram tells the task force that he is the boss just until Cooper is back, he is like Colonel Sanders, the face on the bucket. Red walks in and congratulates Aram, he gives him advice, to take the path with no trail.

Red gives them their new Blacklister, Helen Maghi. Red says he found a key in Reggie Cole’s office, a key to a storage unit in Mount Bastien. He tells them that Helen might be sold out as part of a plea bargain, and they need her if they are going to get into that vault.

Turns out the crew that Helen said was going to sell her out, is a bunch of high school dropouts who stole six crates of RPGs, Helen was shipping them to separatist forces.

Harold is offered a deal, of 2 years, he could get a lot longer if he goes to trial. One condition though, he will not testify against Lou.

Aram calls Red and tells him that Helen is a terrorist and she was the one who hired the crew. Red tells him that they need Helen free if they going to avenge Harold and Liz’s death.

Red meets with Helen again, he asks her if she lied to him. She is arming separatists in a war-torn country. He says he can make her disappear. He can’t make the FBI not look for her, but she can make her disappear.

Cooper goes to see the task force and tells them that he is pleading guilty, two years, good behavior maybe 18 months. Red is the one who paid his bail. Red tells him to repay him by not telling Agnes that he is going to jail. Red tells Aram that Helen denies that she arms terrorists. Red says the important thing is that Helen agreed that she will help them break into Mount Bastien.

Red tells Aram that he is right about Helen and he needs to trust him. If he doesn’t, Cooper will never be able to reclaim his seat.

Helen is with Red, Dembe, and Weecha, she tells them how to get inside Mount Bastien. To stay off the grid, Helen built her own geo thermopower station inside the Mount. The system needs a constant supply of water to dissipate the thermal load. Red has a vault in there, and so does Dembe as his bodyguard. Park and Ressler go in to shut down the water when they get the cue, the guards will be ordered to lock the clients inside the safe. Red ad Dembe gets into the vault that can unlock with the key. Once inside, they find a case filled with CDs.

Cooper goes to see Lou, he agreed to testify against him. Cooper tells him that he never would have sold him out. And, he wasn’t the one who tampered with evidence, Lou did it himself.

Red calls Aram, he is furious because Helen was picked up. Red says he was picking her up to take her into hiding in exchange for her information and he doesn’t break his promise.

The task force gets a little surprised, Red sends in two imposters that nab Helen. Red has her on a plane with him and he says that he just had an interesting conversation with one of her crew, he says she sold him six crates of heavy artillery that are now on the way to a group of extremists. She says she didn’t do it for the money. He tells her that she lied to him twice and poisoned their relationship. She says her son, they killed her son, beheaded him. He was an aid worker. Red says he wishes she had shared this painful story from the start. He tells her that she has proven she can’t be trusted and she knows much too much. In his shoes, he asks what would she do. She asks him what he would do in hers if someone butchered his child for no good reason. He says if he were her, and she was him, he would never ever have lied.

Harold is home, and Agnes is sitting at the table doing homework. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. He says he lied to a police detective, he thought he was doing it to protect his family, but he realizes that it is never good to lie and now he has to pay for it. Cynthia shows up at Harold’s house, his trial is postponed and he is back on the task force. But, he is back only as an agent, until they find out who framed him.